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UFC 116 Reflections, The Rock, Jim Ross and a Double Crab Claw Punch

July 4, 2010

*Update:  Due to Zuffa taking down the youtube video and wordpress not being able to embed videos from foxsports, I’m just going to have to leave you with a link.  Sorry, folks!

I stayed up late last night posting more than I should have about the great event that was UFC 116.  Marvel at the barrage that Brock Lesnar took below.  It’s a shame they didn’t include the finishes because Brock’s arm-triangle choke submission has to be seen to be believed.



Here are some of my favorite points:

@ 0:10  Brock’s first take down attempt that was countered by very alert and ready Shane Carwin.  This was like watching two giant mastodons or prehistoric frackin’ bulls run at each other head on.  It was pretty amazing to see, if not scary.

@ 1:10  Shane Carwin’s wink and a  smile before he and Brock tapped gloves at the start of round 2.

@ 1:25  Brock’s takedown of a very gassed Shane Carwin

@ 2:15 The uncanny double crab claw punch by Leben.  I believe Rogan said something like, “Is this a movie?”

@ 2:35 Sexyama and Chris Leben show the world what “toe to toe” and ‘stand and bang’ really means.  Awesome moment that tore the house down.

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Brock Lesnar’s Victory Headlines

July 4, 2010

Here’s a few snapshots of Lesnar headlines around the web.  Click on the pic to see the larger version.

Brock Lesnar UFC 116

Jim Ross on Lesnar vs. Carwin, Fedor’s loss and Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson)

June 28, 2010

Jim Ross shares his thoughts on Fedor’s loss, Strikeforce’s production value, Lesnar vs. Carwin, Daniel Bryan and a whole heap more from his latest blog post!  Here’s an excerpt:

Fedor’s Loss

Werdum’s upset of Fedor was obviously a shocker. Fedor’s ‘people’ lost a good deal of negotiating leverage but that’s not to say that Fedor Emelianenko isn’t still a bigger than life character but his mystique has been lessened somewhat. The Russian made a simple mistake that found him in BJJ skilled individual’s wheelhouse. Strategic error plan and simple that Fedor, exhibiting a great deal of class and humility, admitted in his post match interview.

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Jim Ross on Lesnar vs. Carwin

May 16, 2010

On Sunday, Jim Ross had this and much more to share on his blog.  Jim Ross also gives some thoughts on Alistair Overeem’s dominating performance and the possibility of seeing Brock vs Bobby Lashley.  His MMA insight is always an excellent read.  Here’s a snippet:

Prediction…Brock vs. Carwin…I’m a Lesnar guy but I will guarantee you that this will be a war and will be Lesnar’s toughest test to date in MMA. Shane Carwin has many of the same physical tendencies and comparable athletic background that Brock possesses but until someone gets it done, I’m going with Lesnar. The mental makeup of Brock Lesnar is something to behold and one has to fully understand the man to know just how much he hates/detests losing.