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Live Royal Rumble Updates!!!

January 30, 2011

We’ll be here giving you fine folks live updates of the 2011 Royal Rumble! Keep refreshing!

Edge is out!

Edge defeats Dolph Ziggler via the Unprettier/KillSwitch!!!!

Great Puma – Good opener with a HOT HOT crowd. Props to Boston for holding it down. A great crowd always makes a match better! I like Zigglers rope assisted neck breaker. If there’s anything that Dolph does well, it’s selling his ass off.

Mascara de Fuego – Great opener. It moved fast and the crowd was into it. I think a rematch would be just as entertaining. Cool to see Edge hit the Killswitch/Unprettier.

Miz defeats Randy Orton via CM Punk run in and GTS.

Mascara de Fuego – Solid WWE Title match and a good win for Miz. Sets up Punk vs. Orton for WrestleMania.

Great Puma – Decent match. Orton hit an Angle Slam. What’s-up-with-that? Punk saved a pretty lackluster title defense. The Flying Alex Riley spot was a sight to see.