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WWE Extreme Rules – Thoughts & Predictions

May 17, 2013


WWE Champion John Cena vs. Ryback

Mascara De Fuego: Cena. What else is there to say, super Cena ain’t losing this title anytime soon. They got the belt around their (boring ass, no one gives a shit about you) hero. He’ll “rise above” the monster that is Ryback and move onto another ppv match or two with him before Ryback is moved into some other shit. Yeah, I’ve heard the rumors of him being a fourth member of the Shield but I don’t want to see that at all. The Shield doesn’t need him (tho he needs the Shield right about now).  The Shield can’t be used as a crutch to get Ryback over. They had something going with him before they turned him heel and now they have to figure out how to make it work on their own. As for the match, eh its not going to be great.

Great Puma: Ryback. Every now and then I like to go full mark with predictions and do some wishful thinking shit. The bad part about this prediction is that if Ryback wins, I think they go ahead with the “Ryback being the fourth member in the Shield” angle. It wouldn’t make sense at all, but it’s the only way they would allow Ryback to beat their beloved golden goose.


July 16, 2012

Sorry for not recapping the ppv last night as I haven’t watched it yet due to returning from the mountains of Burma. I hope to watch it this week and get the recap up. ***ALSO, just so you all know… I unfortunately have DirecTV which means that currently I am not getting Spike TV. So it might be a while before I can get a TNA recap up… unless someone has any suggestions how I can watch (and drink) TNA.

Thanks, Mascara De Fuego


Over the Limit Predictions

May 22, 2011

I  Quit Match

WWE Champion John Cena vs. The Miz

Mascara De Fuego Prediction: Cena. Superman will make an against all odds comeback and never say I quit cause he’s not a quitter. They’ll make us think Miz has something up his sleeve but it wont work and it will be a stupid match. Can you tell I am excited to see this shit.

Great Puma Prediction: Cena wins by STF or some ridiculous and contrived finish involving a chair, handcuffs and Junior Mints…don’t ask. However, Miz will definitely kick out of an AA just to let you all know that the ‘E is still behind him, while he’s behind your personal savior and all around good guy, The Wack Emcee.

World Champion Randy Orton vs. Christian

Mascara De Fuego Prediction: Orton. They’ve shit on Christian once what makes you think they won’t do it again. Watch for the newest member of the WWE Superstars internet show to be Christian after this bullshit. At least it should be a good match.

Great Puma Prediction: This should be a dope match. My inner-mark…wait, my inner child that’s still a fan for all things pure really wants Christian to win this thing. Are they going to milk this storyline for more than a few pay per views and finally let Christian win the title in the final blow off match? My magic 8-ball says “C’mon, son!”

Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Mascara De Fuego Prediction: Jackson. Yeah, they’ll put the title on Jackson instead of building up Barrett as a worthy and credible champion. Wont be a good match.

Great Puma Prediction: Ezekial. If I say that they’re giving Ezekial the Bobby Lashley title treatment am I being (read with echo here) racist – racist – racist – racist? Ezekial is the perfect mold for the WWE champ scene. Count on it.

WWE Tag Team Champions Big Show & Kane vs. Mason Ryan & CM Punk

Mascara De Fuego Prediction: Show & Kane. They’ll most likely turn Ryan against Punk in the match which will cost them the match. yay….

Great Puma Prediction: Winner? The Big Red Ma-Show. Punk will make this match and Ryan is going to break this match. Mason Ryan is as green as Mascara De Fuego’s favorite seasoning. And you do know what I mean by seasoning, brotherrrrrr.

Kiss My Foot/Hall of Fame Ring Match

Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole

Mascara De Fuego Prediction: I really don’t care. This feud should have ended at WrestleMania and I honestly do not care how it ends good or bad.

Great Puma Prediction: If TOOL isn’t accidentally injured here, this match will be considered a failure. Nah, I jest. Wishing legit injury on a person ain’t cool, kids. That being said, this whole feud is meaningless if TOOL does not get beat down and walks away with a loss. This has to end tonight.

Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero

Mascara De Fuego Prediction: Sin Cara. This feud should have been Cara vs. Bryan. Chavo should have been the in the matches building up to this match at the ppv not the other way around. It will be an ok match just used to showcase Cara.

Great Puma Prediction: Sin Cara. Am I the only one not feeling Sin Cara anymore? I hope this is just a slow beginning to Sin Cara’s eventual rise to super stardom. But when you think about it, Alberto Del Rio got to feud with Rey at the start of his WWE tenure, while Sin Cara gets to feud with Chavo. While I love Chavo, he’s not Rey Mysterio and he’s got more the Superstars television time than Zack Ryder. You know it, bro.

R-Truth vs. Rey Mysterio

Mascara De Fuego Prediction: Truth. I have high hopes for this match and I hope it delivers. They’ve been doing a unique job of putting over Truth as a heel. He is definitely different and that’s great but I do hope that because this is different they don’t fuck it up.

Great Puma Prediction: Truth. Rey loves putting his boyz over so I expect this match to be no different in quality than the excellent Rey vs. Cody matches.

Diva’s Champion Brie Bella vs. Kelly Kelly  

Mascara De Fuego Prediction: Kelly. It will be a super short match and my magic 8 ball is telling me Kharma costs Brie the Diva’s title basically giving it to Kelly so that Kharma can kill her at a later date.

Great Puma Prediction: Kelly Kelly. I think Mascara De Fuego means “eat her at a later date.” Yes, I expect another Kharma sighting here and I’m psyched about it.

Extreme Rules Almost Live Updates

May 1, 2011

Join for almost live updates of WWE’s Extreme Rules. We’re starting an hour late because, well, if the WWE doesn’t really care about this pay per view, why should we? Kidding.

Last Man Standing Match
Randall Orton defeats CM Punk

Great Puma: Good match with an amazing finish. Orton RKO’s CM Punk from the top turnbuckle! The kendo stick shots were brutal. Probably one of the better opening matches to a pay per view in a long time.

Mascara de Fuego: More entertaining than I thought it was going to be but then again Punk was in the match so maybe I underestimated it. Nice build up to the highspots and kept them to a minimum to make them strong. Good shit to start the ppv.

United States Championship Tables Match
Kofi Kingston wins the United States Championship from Sheamus

Mascara de Fuego: Short match but did a great job of teasing both going through the table. Ending was solid with Kofi coming off the top rope with the leg drop, good ppv so far I have to say.

Great Puma: Wow. This match was way better than expected. Really incredible finish with Kofi launching from the top turnbuckle and legdropping Sheamus through a table on the outside. Also lots of convincing false finishes courtesy of Kofi’s great athleticism. This was a really fun match.

Country Whipping Tag Team Match
Jack Swagger & TOOL defeat Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross

Mascara de Fuego: I have no words for this shit. That is all.

Great Puma: To quote Booker T, “Tell me that did not just happen.” I really don’t want to see TOOL in the ring anymore. I really don’t. That being said, JR got his licks in and even got his Dusty Rhodes on and managed to destroy TOOL with an Oklahoma Pounce!

Falls Count Anywhere
Rey Mysterio pins Cody Rhodes

Mascara de Fuego: Not usually a fan of matches that end up in the arena because they usually end where the live crowd isn’t so you miss that pop but this shit ended in the ring AND Rey spits green mist?! Fuck man!

Great Puma: Brutal and entertaining match with some interesting spots all around the arena. Cody had Rey in a Boston Crap with Rey’s knees bent over a handrail at one point. Also, Rey gave an homage to the Great Muta. You’ll have to see it to believe it. Heel turn ala Tajiri? Kudos to the live crowd for some very appropriate chants throughout the match.

No Count Out No DQ Loser Leaves the Company Match
Layla pins Michele McCool

After the match, KHARMA debuted in grand pay per fashion by giving McCool an Implant Buster.

Mascara de Fuego: 1 – good win for Layla 2 – fucking good riddance to McCool 3 – Solid debut for Kharma

Great Puma: Big ups to Booker T for trying his hardest to make the TV viewing audience care. Nice and short match which is what it should have been. Layla wins with a roll up. So good to see Awesome Kong/Kharma debut in such an awesome way. Very impressive pay per view debut!

World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match
Christian wins the World Heavyweight Championship and defeats Alberto Del Rio

Great Puma: Wow. Match of the night so far. Seeing Edge there celebrating Christian’s first major title in Vince-ville was priceless. Alberto Del Rio and Christian defined their solo careers with this match tonight. A great match that featured some sick hardcore ladder spots that were centered around the awesome storyline of Alberto Del Rio trying to injure Christian’s arm.

Mascara de Fuego: Good match with a lot of stiff hits. Really glad the WWE went with the storybook ending for this match. Solid moment watching both Edge and Christian hugging and celebrating.

WWE Tag Team Championship Luberjack Match
Big Show & Kane defeat The Corre (Ezekial Jackson & Wade Barrett)

Mascara de Fuego: A nothing match tag team match. they should have put Sin Cara and Tyson Kidd in this spot. One sore spot on this card was this.

Great Puma: It was what it was. This match came out of nowhere and it served its purpose of being a brief distraction between the major title matches.

WWE Championship Triple Threat Steel Cage Match
The Miz vs. John Cena vs. John Morrison
John Cena wins the WWE Title for the tenth time by pinning the Miz

Great Puma: Ugh. This one’s for the kiddies. Not sure how new stars are going to be created if they’re relegated to dark matches on pay per view dates and the major titles are only held by the top four merchandise sellers. This was a horrible and predictable ending to an otherwise stellar undercard.

Mascara de Fuego: Sometimes I really hate the WWE… this is one of those times. Cena a 10 time champion?! Are you fucking kidding me?!

*stay tuned for Mascara de Fuego’s Extreme Rules Review coming up shortly!

Bragging Rights [Live Updates]

October 24, 2010

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May 28, 2010

The World Title for Fatal 4 Way is set and CM Punk has a new look…


WWE Over the Limit updates!

May 23, 2010

Updated results from today’s Over the Limit PPV. Keep refreshing!
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News on TNA’s Destination-X ppv

February 10, 2010

“The past, present, and future collide when the young guns of TNA take center stage in an all X-Division Pay-Per-View! TNA Wrestling presents Destination X LIVE! Sunday, March 21, 2010 on Pay-per-View.”