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No Way Out Live Blog 2012

June 17, 2012

We’re here live blogging WWE’s No Way Out pay per view! Refresh every few minutes to get match by match updates!

They show a video package that recaps the Cena-Laurinaitis-Big Show feud.

World Heavyweight Championship Match

World Champion Sheamus retains the title versus Dolph Ziggler via Brogue Kick

  • Ziggler gets a kiss from Vicky at the start. They focus a long time on Ziggler before the bell. Perhaps it’s a sign of a title change?
  • Back and forth battle.
  • Ziggler hits a sick jumping DDT. Lovely.
  • Ziggler controlling match with wear down holds.
  • Sheamus battles back with Irish Ax Handles
  • Ziggler manages to slap on the sleeper but Sheamus manages to counter out of it.
  • Ziggler hits a Zig Zag/Famouser but Sheamus kicks out at 2!
  • Ziggler hits an OFF THE TOP Acid Drop for a close 2! Crowd is eating this up.
  • Sheamus catches Ziggler in mid-air and hits him with the Irish Curse Backbreaker.
  • Sheamus blasts Ziggler with his clubs to the chest.
  • Sheamus drops Ziggler with White Noise, then hits the Brogue Kick and it’s over.

~ Great opener. Both men brought their A-game. Strong finish to an exciting match.

John Laurinaitis apologizes to Vince McMahon in the back. He suggests that Vince rest and take it easy tonight.Vince gives him a ‘go fuck yourself’ stare and goes into a room. Josh Mathews interviews Laurinaitis but Laurinaitis puts him down and says he has a show to run.



May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day and Happy Birthday to Mr. Vega, you’re as old as you look. Fucker.