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08-27-12 WWE RAW

August 27, 2012


CM Punk beat up on Jerry Lawler, Triple H panders for a reaction and Kane recaps his WWE history during therapy.


Night of Champions Review & Recap

September 18, 2011

Both of the WWE’s major titles changed hands! Who stole the show in the 4-Way U.S. Title match? What move did CM Punk do to steal the show? Why should Kelly Kelly wear an “S” on her chest? What did the WWE booking committee do to ruin this pay per view in the end? Find out after the jump!


Night of Champions Live Updates!

September 18, 2011

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Huge banners of all the WWE titles hang around the entrance.

WWE Tag Team Title Match: Air Boom © defeat The Miz and R Truth via DQ

~ Good match with a bad ending. Miz gets upset because the ref was distracted to count the pinfall. Miz pushes the ref down for the DQ loss.



August 30, 2011

Hey Fuckers, its Mascara De Fuego here again! Great Puma is in the West Alps meditating. Tonight we got HHH vs. Punk is set, Daniel Bryan is jobbed to the botchiest guy on the roster and we get a solid steel cage match.



September 19, 2010



August 23, 2010

Warning you readers now, I’m not feeling good right now so pardon if I am angrier than ever, especially if the show sucks! 😉

Show opens with WWE Champion Sheamus coming out to the ring he starts off by calling peoples kids spoiled. He then goes to ringside to pick on kids. He then goes back into the ring calling Orton a big spoiled kid cause he was all bitter in shit about not winning the title at SummerSlam then attacking him on last week’s RAW. He asks the GM not to give in to Orton and his bowlshit, how he shouldn’t ever get a title shot. Of course the GM emails and it says that he should be rewarded. A throne is brought out to the stage for Sheamus. GM says Sheamus gets to pick his opponent after watching a series of matches with the first one taking place right now which leads to Edge’s music playing. While Edge heads down to the ring Sheamus heads up to his fancy seat.