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Night of Champions Predictions

September 17, 2011

Event: WWE Night of Champions
Date: Sunday, September 18 at 8 p.m. ET on pay per view
Location: First Niagara Center, Buffalo, NY

Divas Title Match: Kelly Kelly © vs. Beth Phoenix

Mascara de Fuego: Beth Phoenix. Nice run of “matches” Kelly, its time to bounce and give a real wrestler a chance for a change. The problem is… who is there really out there for Beth to work with? No one.

Great Puma: Beth Phoenix. I thought Kelly’s last successful title defense was a nice surprise but enough is enough. Beth should take and hold the belt for a long time. Or at least until Natalya makes her face turn and takes it at next year’s Wrestlemania.

WWE Tag Team Title Match: Air Boom © vs. The Miz and R Truth

Great Puma: Air Boom. Both teams need to grow more cohesively. I think Air Boom is just barely realizing their chemistry and ability to pull their high flying talents together. Miz and Truth are gold but I enjoy seeing them without gold. They deserve to wear gold, just not on this night.

Mascara de Fuego: Air Boom. I agree with Puma, both teams need to mature before they can start flipping the tag titles around. I hope this match will be good but I am NOT holding my breath. Something tells me their chemistry will be all off in this match but the ones to follow should be much better.


Night of Champions Predictions

September 19, 2010

The following predictions were taken from our latest Hayabusa Wrap Up.

Divas and Women’s Championship Unification Lumberjill Match
Women’s Champion Michelle McCool vs. Diva’s Champion Melina

Great Puma: They like to send the crowd home happy and Melina just got back so my brain wants to go with Melina but my gut is telling LayCool since they’re the most popular divas right now. I’ll say Melina for the hell of it.

Mascara De Fuego: I don’t know about this match. The only person that deserves this type of win out of these three is Melina although I would have preferred someone like Beth Phoenix in this match. I could totally see them going with McCool in the match thus giving her, her own belt so they would each have a part of the Unified Titles. So I guess that’s my pick.