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January 3, 2011

The show starts with a recap of Cena, Nexus and CM Punk from last week. They cut to Michael Cole who explains that Cena wont be at the show and bring up his possible injury at the house show. He puts over the WWE Title match which is starting off the show and how “rare” it is for the WWE Title to be defended on RAW. Cool to put over this match but so not true. I kind of like this recap intro thing Cole just did.




December 27, 2010

Last RAW of the year and the decade, let’s see if they actually try to end with a bang… but most likely not.

Not a good start, at least for me personally when you start a show with John Cena. He makes “jokes” about the shit that happened last week when CM Punk jumped his ass. We get a “CM Punk” chant, awesome. Cena finally admitted slighting Punk and spilling his soda. What an asshole, soda’s are not inexpensive! Geez! Cena then calls Punk out.

Punk calls Cena thoughtless, heartless and dishonest. Punk says this goes way farther than a spilled soda. Punk brings up his speech about going away and being a man of his word but instead he kept showing up. He then says Cena’s word is worthless. Punk then brings up what he did to Barrett at the ppv with the steel chairs. Punk brings up Cena ending Batista’s career. He calls Batista his friend… interesting. He brings up Cena name calling Vicki. Cena gets defensive about Batista then goes to make fun of Cole and himself. Punk says Cena isn’t funny. He said he is standing up to him and his bowlshit. Punk says this will all stop. Cena wants to settle this right now. Punk calls him predictable and how this is happening under his terms and how HE will call Cena out. Punk has a surprise…? Hmm.

Punk was solid here and its very interesting how all of a sudden the faces are doing more heel tactics like all the shit Punk called Cena out on and Punk (the heel) is the man of reason.



December 20, 2010

WWE Champion The Miz comes down to the ring all suited up han solo. He’s in a good mood about still being champion. Riley comes out as the “ghost of Christmas past” wearing what looks like The Repo Man’s coat and sounding like a ghost. Haha He shows footage of when the Miz beat Lawler a couple weeks back. Miz said he’s proud about beating a Hall of Famer and doesn’t regret it. Michael Cole comes out as the “ghost of Christmas present”. Punk calls this the greatest start to RAW!



December 13, 2010

Another 3 hour show and right off the bat… fucking Michael Cole is back with CM Punk and Jerry Lawler. Lawler and Cole bicker off the bat.

David Arquette is brought out and intro’d as Former WCW Champion… he said he was the best champion… sigh. Fool goes on about how he should have won an award for Ready to Rumble… this is going to be a looong night.



December 6, 2010

The show starts off with Punk and Lawler on commentary. Punk compliments Lawler on his match last week. Michael Cole then shows up on the stage and wants to explain himself for what he did last week. He calls last week traumatic and how he was hurt by the letters he got. He said he will not apologize for supporting The Miz.


11-29-10 WWE King of the Ring RAW REVIEW

November 29, 2010

Show starts with a recap of Barrett vs. Orton… which then turns into Miz vs. Orton with Miz cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase and winning the title. Oh yeah John Cena stuff too… Still annoyed the way they did that. You have Cena cut an emotional promo only for it not to mean shit when Cena shows up and costs Barrett the title. This is why no one believes your “fired” angle and figures Cena will be back sooner than later.


King of the Ring Brackets are out!

November 29, 2010



November 22, 2010

Wade Barrett lead Nexus to the ring, the crowd is giving them shit from the get go before Barrett could say a word. This crowd is hot and wont let him get in a word. He finally says he didn’t have a fighting chance since Cena had already made up his mind that he wasn’t going to win the title last night.



November 15, 2010

They start off with the “symbol of sports entertainment” graphic from back in the day and cross out federation and put “entertainment” under it. They then go into the old RAW opener but with new guys in the graphic.



November 8, 2010

Show starts with Cena in the ring behind a Nexus podium, he reads from an old timey scroll which intro’s Wade Barrett who gets a mixed reaction. Josh in on commentary with Cole, King has a knee injury. Nexus comes out with Wade and he says he couldn’t have said this any better since he did write it for Cena. Wade wants a championship celebration tonight but first he needs to deal with some shit that happened last Friday on Smackdown. He’s pissed Otunga went into business for himself when he took Nexus to Smackdown and they got served. Wade then gives Cena shit for not seeing the blind tag between Wade and Otunga. Cena makes light of what happened but Wade brings up the serious shit that’s going to happen at the ppv.