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CM Punk says Triple H “just doesn’t get it.”

September 22, 2011


Two of my favorite industry people, not named Paul Heyman, got together and discussed all things MMA and it’s effect on the sports entertainment business. CM Punk visited Arial Helwani’s MMA Hour show this week and some interesting tidbits were dropped. Here’s what CM Punk had to say about Triple H’s recent statement about how the UFC has to evolve:

“Triple H just doesn’t get mixed martial arts. he doesn’t watch it either. Saying the UFC needs to evolve, I guess he’s not wrong, but I think he’s missing the picture that UFC is evolving.”

The interview is twenty minutes well spent and is available right after the jump.


Korean Zombie on Star King (Episode #231)

September 16, 2011

I’m a huge fan of UFC Fighter, Jung Chan-Sung, otherwise known as the Korean Zombie. The transcript of the show was translated by the lovely Ms. Hana K. of! A special thanks and shout out goes out to her! Part 2 of the Korean Zombie’s visit is after the jump.

A little background – “Star King” is a Korean variety show similar to “America’s Got Talent.” The host or MC Kang Ho-Dong was a former ssireum (traditional Korean wrestling) champion who later became a comedian who eventually became one of the highest-earning MCs in Korea. He is joined on the stage by several Korean celebrities including K-pop stars and comedians.

The first match you see is Korean Zombie vs. Dongi “The Ox” Yang, UFC middleweight and a fellow member of Korean Top Team. “The Ox” is fighting this Saturday at UFC Fight Night #25 on Spike. As the announcers note, there is a substantial weight difference between the two. At 0:25, the subtitle on the screen describes the fight as “Strength vs. Speed.”

At 1:16, the announcer says, “In this situation, you have to be careful of the twister.” They call it Korean Zombie’s signature move.
Arianny Celeste presents him with the “SFC” belt 1:51. “SFC” is something they made up – Saturday Fighting Championship.
At 2:14, Korean Zombie tries to “choke out” Kang Ho-Dong who responds that he almost farted on live TV. He warns KZ to avoid any dangerous moves.
2:38 Kang Ho-Dong: Why did you try to choke me?
KZ: I like Kang Ho-Dong so much. When would I ever get the chance to do that again? So I tried it.
Kang: Why would you choke someone you like?
2:48 KZ: I’m a pervert like that.
3:04 attention shifts to Arianny.
After Arianny praise KZ, Kang asks him to translate for the Korean fans (3:59).
4:00 – KZ: She likes me that much. I like her, too!
Kang: Do you have a girlfriend?
KZ: No.
They make them stare at each other to see if there is any attraction.


Why Josh Barnett Rules

September 11, 2011


After the Warmaster’s dominating performance at the semi-finals of the Strikeforce Grand Prix, Ariel Helwani’s mind is melted by Josh Barnett’s Jedi tongue. Barnett references tons of professional wrestling here from Gordon Solie and Randy Savage to the Hulkster and Jim Crockett. The Warmaster also speaks about New York Fashion Week. If you still come away with this disliking the Warmaster, haters gonna hate. See the video after the warp.


Josh Barnett on Silva vs. FEDOR

February 11, 2011

From – Ariel Helwani and Josh Barnett give a nice short preview of Strikeforce’s Silva vs. Fedor card. Barnett’s analysis is very thorough and insightful. I look forward to seeing Barnett do more of this in the future. A breakdown of their discussion is below the video. Enjoy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

0:40 –  How Fedor will respond to his one and only loss

2:20 – How Antonio Silva should use his size advantage

3:50 – Big Foot Silva’s chances of upsetting Fedor.

4:17 – How Fedor will win.

4:50 – Who’s the number one Heavyweight

5:23 – How Andrei Arlovski and Sergei Kharitonov are the same fighter.

7:15 – Prediction: Kharitonov by TKO in the first or second round.

8:00 – Shane del Rosario vs. Lavar Johnson prediction

8:55 – Valentijn Overeem vs. Ray Sefo prediction

9:14 – Chad Griggs vs. Gian Villante prediction

Josh Barnett on Silva vs. FEDOR, posted with vodpod

Jim Ross on CM Punk, John Morrison, Lawler vs Miz and more

December 2, 2010

As usual, Jim Ross shares his profound insight with the fans in his latest blog. In his latest post, Good Ol’ Jim Ross discusses the importance of getting a degree, the impact of Josh Koscheck, CM Punk’s announcing, Michael Cole and whole lot more. Here’s an excerpt after the jump:


Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker comments on Lashley…

August 22, 2010

Jim Ross on Lesnar vs. Carwin, Fedor’s loss and Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson)

June 28, 2010

Jim Ross shares his thoughts on Fedor’s loss, Strikeforce’s production value, Lesnar vs. Carwin, Daniel Bryan and a whole heap more from his latest blog post!  Here’s an excerpt:

Fedor’s Loss

Werdum’s upset of Fedor was obviously a shocker. Fedor’s ‘people’ lost a good deal of negotiating leverage but that’s not to say that Fedor Emelianenko isn’t still a bigger than life character but his mystique has been lessened somewhat. The Russian made a simple mistake that found him in BJJ skilled individual’s wheelhouse. Strategic error plan and simple that Fedor, exhibiting a great deal of class and humility, admitted in his post match interview.

Read more after the jump!

Fresh! An Abbreviated History of Mixed Martial Arts

June 13, 2010

This is extremely dope in my opinion.  It’s from MMA Aggregator, a very cool site that collects all the headlines from leading MMA blogs.  Click on the pic to see it in all of its full size glory!

Kurt Angle talks UFC…again.

April 23, 2010

From  Transcript from

Hector Castro, of, spoke to Kurt Angle at the Arnold’s Classic.

“I do want to do the UFC, the MMA thing and hopefully God willing it will be in the next year or two.”

“I don’t consider myself a pro-wrestler, I consider myself an Olympic gold medalist. Brock [Lesnar] and Bobby [Lashley] were great wrestlers but they weren’t anywhere near where I was. I’m in the top 5 of the greatest amateur wrestlers of all time.”

Jim Ross on Strikeforce’s Saturday Night Slobberknocker

April 18, 2010

Jim Ross had this to say about Strikeforce’s Saturday Night debacle on CBS.

Miller tried to ‘cut in line’ of the list of challengers for Shields’ title and to obviously make himself relevant to Strikeforce fans and create a ground swell to earn a main event fight with Shields who beat Miller in 2009.

The most negative thing that came our of this mêlée was that the ‘thug element’ perception that many casual sports fans have regarding elements of MMA was underscored. The NFL is a cash cow for the networks and the NFL is held in high esteem but even the NFL is trying to clean up their act through the efforts of Commission Roger Goodell. MMA isn’t established to the level that their unsavory moments will be tolerated or taken lightly by a network partner such as CBS.

You can read the rest of this at his blog.