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Kevin Durant, meet Evil Jim Ross. Jim Ross, this is Kevin Durant

January 4, 2012

Jim Ross, sporting an incredibly dope, Bond villain goatee, spent some time in the announcers’ table at the TrailBlazers-Thunder game Tuesday night. He was there to promote a February RAW event at Oklahoma City’s Chesapeake Energy Arena. He discussed Shaquille O’neal’s possible involvement in Wrestlemania, Kevin Durant being a wrestling head, and he compared NBA refs to ‘blind’ pro wrestling referees (so true, JR, so true). Just watching this further confirms the notion that Jim Ross improves ANY sports broadcast.

My favorite moment was when he used his own Jim Ross-ism and described Thunder power forward, Nick Collison, as a ‘government mule.’ How awesome is that? There was even a Spanish Broadcasting table joke. Here’s Good Ol’ Jim Ross’ response when the announcer asked him about his thoughts of when the Thunder came to his hometown.

It’s been amazing. I’ve worked for Ted Turner in Atlanta. Part of my contract was that I got front fow seats for the Hawks in the era of Dominique, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird,…you know, Magic. I’m a big basketball fan.