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Hell in a Cell Predictions

October 24, 2014



Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

Masacara De Fuego: Dean Ambrose. Ambrose needs this win AND to main event this pay per view if we are to see him as a main event player. This is make-it-or-break-it time for this character and its time to give other guys a try to see if they sink or swim. Rollin’s roll in this match should be to make Ambrose look like a million bucks! I’m hoping that this will be the match that not only stands out but gets high praise for 2014.

Great Puma: Ambrose. This is a full mark pick and I wholeheartedly agree with MDF’s argument. Rollins is already established as a big deal and the people have bought in. Ambrose seems to still be on the fence with a lot of the fans. I don’t think the Gallagher shenanigans are doing Ambrose any favors, but I do think he should keep the ketchup and mustard attack. I think a sick promo, a few great moments in the ring, and a win are exactly what Ambrose needs to be pushed into the main event circle.