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Korean Zombie on Star King (Episode #231)

September 16, 2011

I’m a huge fan of UFC Fighter, Jung Chan-Sung, otherwise known as the Korean Zombie. The transcript of the show was translated by the lovely Ms. Hana K. of! A special thanks and shout out goes out to her! Part 2 of the Korean Zombie’s visit is after the jump.

A little background – “Star King” is a Korean variety show similar to “America’s Got Talent.” The host or MC Kang Ho-Dong was a former ssireum (traditional Korean wrestling) champion who later became a comedian who eventually became one of the highest-earning MCs in Korea. He is joined on the stage by several Korean celebrities including K-pop stars and comedians.

The first match you see is Korean Zombie vs. Dongi “The Ox” Yang, UFC middleweight and a fellow member of Korean Top Team. “The Ox” is fighting this Saturday at UFC Fight Night #25 on Spike. As the announcers note, there is a substantial weight difference between the two. At 0:25, the subtitle on the screen describes the fight as “Strength vs. Speed.”

At 1:16, the announcer says, “In this situation, you have to be careful of the twister.” They call it Korean Zombie’s signature move.
Arianny Celeste presents him with the “SFC” belt 1:51. “SFC” is something they made up – Saturday Fighting Championship.
At 2:14, Korean Zombie tries to “choke out” Kang Ho-Dong who responds that he almost farted on live TV. He warns KZ to avoid any dangerous moves.
2:38 Kang Ho-Dong: Why did you try to choke me?
KZ: I like Kang Ho-Dong so much. When would I ever get the chance to do that again? So I tried it.
Kang: Why would you choke someone you like?
2:48 KZ: I’m a pervert like that.
3:04 attention shifts to Arianny.
After Arianny praise KZ, Kang asks him to translate for the Korean fans (3:59).
4:00 – KZ: She likes me that much. I like her, too!
Kang: Do you have a girlfriend?
KZ: No.
They make them stare at each other to see if there is any attraction.