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CM Punk Comic Con Video & Transcript

July 21, 2011

Thanks again to Great Puma & Supahcute for their live coverage on the Mattel / WWE panel.

Here is a transcription from CM Punk’s interruption from Great Puma, some things are missed from the video’s posted but Puma caught…

An usher shows HHH and the other panel members a “5 minutes left” sign. The moderator says that there’s only time left for one more question.

CM Punk says “I have a question” and a HUGE CM Punk chant erupts. Punk stands behind the Q&A microphone and does what the Best in the World does best.

Punk: This is actually a 3-part question. You’re not going to shut this off on me are you?

I’ve never been able to come to Comic Con because I’ve always been working. This year I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

How’s life in Fantasyland, Hunter?

HHH: How’s life in the unemployment line?

Punk: It’s great actually. I’m not actually looking for a job. But i heard you’re trying to crown the (new) WWE Champ. Is that true?

Rey, I know you’re a man of honor and integrity. (Punk takes out the WWE Title to a MONSTER pop). Rey, you wanna title shot, you can come to Chicago and get one anytime, Rey.

Third part of my question is when are you going to put Zack Ryder on television?

HHH: First of all, a champion actually performs. Do why don’t you come back and perform? It’s a new day, Punk, new regime. Things aren’t the same like they used to be. Give me a call. Maybe we can work something out.

(HUGE CM Punk chant)

Punk: You know where to find me. I’m sure Stephanie has my phone number. So you can call me.

HHH: I’ll just call Beth and get it from her.

(Punk leaves and holds the WWE Title Belt up high one last time before he exits the conference room.)

HHH: The thing that astounds me most is that you cheer for him but yet he refuses to wrestle for you. If he wants to come back to work and he wants to perform for all of you, the door is open.

Like I said, it’s a new day, a new regime. All he’s gotta do is make a phone call or I’ll call him. It doesn’t matter. But the thing that gets me most is that every performer that’s ever held that championship from the start to now has won it and performed for every single night.

Like Bret Hart talked about – day in, day out, it didn’t matter. Hours of travel, it didn’t matter…for you. He’s refusing to step in the ring for you and that’s all I have to say about it.

Puma also stated he has his own HD video which he will try and post up Sunday night.

Night of Champions [Live Updates]

September 19, 2010

Keep refreshing every 15 minutes or so as we give you live updates from WWE’s Night of Champions!

1. Dolph Ziggler retains his IC Title via the Zig Zag.

Mascara De Fuego: Good match, the crowd was into it in some spots. I hope this feud is over now I am really over it. ha

Great Puma: Good curtain jerker.  Love the Ranhei and sleeper reversal by Kofi.  Nice finish with Kofi getting caught up in the ropes after a missed Trouble in Paradise.


Night of Champions Predictions

September 19, 2010

The following predictions were taken from our latest Hayabusa Wrap Up.

Divas and Women’s Championship Unification Lumberjill Match
Women’s Champion Michelle McCool vs. Diva’s Champion Melina

Great Puma: They like to send the crowd home happy and Melina just got back so my brain wants to go with Melina but my gut is telling LayCool since they’re the most popular divas right now. I’ll say Melina for the hell of it.

Mascara De Fuego: I don’t know about this match. The only person that deserves this type of win out of these three is Melina although I would have preferred someone like Beth Phoenix in this match. I could totally see them going with McCool in the match thus giving her, her own belt so they would each have a part of the Unified Titles. So I guess that’s my pick.


Hayabusa Wrap Up

September 15, 2010

Mascara De Fuego: Welcome to another edition of the Hayabusa Wrap Up, how goes it Puma?

Great Puma: It goes well.  HHH hasn’t returned to ruin CM Punk or Alberto Del Rio’s careers so I think things are a-okay!

Mascara De Fuego: No shit! Lets start the petition to keep HHH off TV!

Mascara De Fuego: So it seems Matt Hardy to be in deep trouble.

Great Puma: Yeah but I think he’ll be fine in the long run.  He’s not losing it as much as Kevin Nash is at the moment.  He’s a good talent but I don’t think the WWE would miss him if he were to be future endeavored and I don’t mean that in a ‘mean’ way.  I also don’t think a Hardy Boyz reunion in TNA would fair any better than Mr. Anderson or Team 3-D as far as the box office goes.