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05-04-14 WWE Extreme Rules

May 4, 2014




May 19, 2013


Believe in the Shield


WWE Extreme Rules – Thoughts & Predictions

May 17, 2013


WWE Champion John Cena vs. Ryback

Mascara De Fuego: Cena. What else is there to say, super Cena ain’t losing this title anytime soon. They got the belt around their (boring ass, no one gives a shit about you) hero. He’ll “rise above” the monster that is Ryback and move onto another ppv match or two with him before Ryback is moved into some other shit. Yeah, I’ve heard the rumors of him being a fourth member of the Shield but I don’t want to see that at all. The Shield doesn’t need him (tho he needs the Shield right about now).  The Shield can’t be used as a crutch to get Ryback over. They had something going with him before they turned him heel and now they have to figure out how to make it work on their own. As for the match, eh its not going to be great.

Great Puma: Ryback. Every now and then I like to go full mark with predictions and do some wishful thinking shit. The bad part about this prediction is that if Ryback wins, I think they go ahead with the “Ryback being the fourth member in the Shield” angle. It wouldn’t make sense at all, but it’s the only way they would allow Ryback to beat their beloved golden goose.



April 29, 2012

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Solid ppv follow up to WrestleMania…


Extreme Rules 2012 Predictions

April 28, 2012

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Extreme Rules Match
John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar

Mascara De Fuego: Brock Lesnar. The WWE needs to be smart about this and they need this to be short. Brock Lesnar needs to come out and literally DESTROY John Cena. Look, they fucked up by putting Brock in a match with Cena right off the bat so since there is nothing you can do about this at this point then you need to have him go out and look like the biggest monster in recent history. They need to make it seem like the entire locker needs to fear that Brock is part of this roster. If you want people to be talking about this match for days after the ppv it needs to be a murder on ppv, MMA style. Chicagois not going to boo Lesnar so you need to make the best of this by playing off of it and just give people what they want. I know people are going to argue that they can not do this to the biggest smiley face in the company but I argue that in doing that you can gain sympathy for Cena and build him back up by doing vignettes on him training and taking Lesnar seriously for their rematch… where Lesnar beats him again, just doesn’t end up killing him.

Great Puma: Brock Lesnar. My goodness I really hope Mascara de Fuego is right. Will the WWE’s franchise be willing to take one for the greater good of the company? Cena beating Lesnar does nothing for Lesnar’s stock. This needs to be a main event squash match for Brock Lesnar. If they’re thinking of feeding him to Undertaker or the Rock at next year’s Wrestlemania, the WWE needs to make Brock look like the Cosmic Asskicker that he is.

Chicago Street Fight for the WWE Championship
CM Punk (champion) vs. Chris Jericho

Great Puma: CM Punk. Would they really want to cause a riot in Chicago? I actually think a Chicago audience wouldn’t mind seeing CM Punk lose to Chris Jericho if the match was good enough. All in all this is a great feud that puts asses in seats and nothing more. Jericho doesn’t need the title and I don’t think he’s going to get it here. It would be cool and all but I think the WWE goes with conventional hometown hero booking for this match.

Mascara De Fuego: Chris Jericho. I think Punk has gotten a lot of great opportunities in his home city, so much so that I don’t think this is going to go his way. I think they will take this opportunity to take the title off of Punk just to keep this feud going. Hoping for another good match between the two.

2 Out Of 3 Falls Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Sheamus (champion) vs. Daniel Bryan

Mascara De Fuego: Daniel Bryan. Sheamus right now is a nothing champion and maybe that is no fault of his own. Although his WrestleMania win was set to put him way over it has done the complete opposite and has made Daniel Bryan a bigger star. The YES chants are the biggest thing going on since the WHAT chants and the WWE would be completely stupid not to cash in on this. Juice this right now for all its worth! Daniel Bryan is finally getting over to levels that guys dream about. The YES chants are even making their way to other sports! For Sheamus to come out of this match as champion would be an unwise choice for this company right now, PLUS what a better way to reunite AJ and Bryan than having her help him with back the World Title.

Great Puma: Daniel Bryan. This is probably more wishful thinking than any logical explanation. As much as the YES chants are spreading across the world, there’s still a large portion of the WWE audience that looks at the more talented but smaller wresters the same way that Vince McMahon does. They see no value in them and they would rather support the big wrestlers with superhero physics. I want Mascara de Fuego to be right but my inner-cynic is telling me that Bryan is putting Sheamus over here because the WWE boss says so.

Stipulation TBD for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
The Big Show (champion) vs. Cody Rhodes

Great Puma: Big Show. You don’t job to the Great Khali on the Smackdown right before the pay per view. It wouldn’t make sense for Cody to win right after that loss. Both men are too big for this title and I hope they move on to better and bigger things after this feud.

Mascara De Fuego: Big Show. Big Show as IC Champion doesn’t do anything for me but then again this title hasn’t meant much in a long ass time. I did think the title was a good fit for Cody right now. I would much prefer see Cody take the title back here but I think this will be another knockout by Show for the pin.

WWE Divas Championship
Nikki Bella (champion) vs. Beth Phoenix

Great Puma: Beth Phoenix. So is Beth’s injury legit? Regardless of whether it is or isn’t injured I just hope they tell a decent story within their limited amount of time. Beth Phoenix should still be champion right now anyways. I think this will be a good send off for the Bella Twins.

Mascara De Fuego: Nikki Bella. I don’t know why the fuck this match is happening on this ppv!? They need to play up Beth’s injury angle not feed her to Nikki who’s leaving soon anyway! This should have been an open challenge match by Nikki that results in a match with Kharma who come out destroys BOTH Bella’s and wins the title. Then build to Phoenix and Kharma down the road. Yes, its what’s been rumored on the interwebs lately but it makes the most sense here in a division that is basically nothing.

Falls Count Anywhere
Kane vs. Randy Orton

Mascara De Fuego: Randy Orton. Again, I don’t care about this match or feud. It will probably end up in the back with a big spot for Orton to defeat Kane. The end.

Great Puma: Orton. I actually liked their Wrestlemania match that had Kane winning with the sick Chokeslam off the second rope finish. I’m not to excited about this one and I’m sure Orton gets pay per view revenge.

Extreme Rules pre-show airing on YouTube 30 minutes before show start time
WWE United States Championship
Santino Marella (champion) vs. The Miz

Great Puma: Santino. They used to do this a long time ago and now I think they’re experimenting with the UFC’s current pre-PPV ritual of showing a few matches for free to gain some wrestling fans that were undecided on buying the ppv. The Miz has lost every ounce of mojo he had prior to last year’s Wrestlemania. Santino should be winning this and giving the fans what they want, the Cobra!

Mascara De Fuego: Santino. I’ve heard people shit on this but I think this is a great idea! I miss the days of the Sunday Night Heat lead up show into the ppv. This is a very smart thing for the WWE and Youtube to bring people to their site which in turn would hopefully take people into the ppv. They should not only keep this idea but give it a full hour to push the ppv for some late minute buys.


April 23, 2012

3 looooooooooong hours….



April 9, 2012

Can the WWE keep the momentum up?



May 1, 2011

No bullshit, just right into the first match…

Last Man Standing Match

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

-Punk comes out with the New Nexus but we get an email… The GM is banning Nexus from ringside.

-match starts with both brawling but Orton is the first to get the advantage with a clothesline.

-on the outside Punk is whipped into the barricade.

-Orton pounds on Punk before hitting the European uppercut.

-Punk recovers then hits a knee drop, Orton turns the tides again and hits his own knee drop.

-Punk pulls the Singapore cane from under the ring and takes it to Punk at ringside. Punk pulls another from under the ring and takes the 2nd one to the chest of Orton then busts a Jedi pose. Haha

-Orton then takes the cane but Punk cuts him off with a spinning back kick before he can use it.

-belly to back suplex by Punk and we get the first count, Orton makes it up and hits Punk with the cane when Punk was coming off the ropes with a clothesline.

-Several hits to Punk with the cane and Orton with a couple of clotheslines.

-Orton goes for the horizontal DDT but Punk fights out and slingshots Orton into the exposed ring post… did see when this was exposed.

-Punk brings in a chair and wedges it before the 2nd and top rope.

-The exchange a series of counters teasing the G2S and the RKO before Orton throws Punk into the steel chair. Punk makes it up at 6.

-rolling powerslam at ringside by Orton, nice! Punk struggles but gets up at 8.

-Orton clears off the table but takes a stiff kick in the head. Orton makes it up at 8.

-belly to back by Orton onto the ringside barricade!! Punk is getting counted out but Orton picks him up and rolls him into the ring.

-RKO is deflected and Punk hits the G2S!!! ref is starting his count… he makes it up at 9!

-Punk brings the chair back in the ring and hits the side Russian leg sweep onto the chair! Count is started… Orton is up at 8 again.

-Punk sets up the chair again but Orton hits the RKO!!!! Ref counts!… Punk is up at 9 but rolls to the outside after barely standing.

-Orton clotheslines Punk over the barricade then goes to hit the horizontal DDT but Punk fights out and sends Orton into the ring post for another ref count as Punk yells for him to stay down.

-Punk puts Orton’s head in the chair and sends him into the right post again! Ref counts… Orton up at 9!

-Frustrated Punk takes Punk onto the table, Punk stands on it while he lifts Orton, he is going for the G2S but hits the RKO on the table which doesn’t break! Ouch. Ref count for Punk, he’s up at 8.

-Punk is down at ringside and Orton looks to punt him but Punk is up and hits the G2S on Orton using the steel steps instead of his knee! Ref counts while Punk takes the cane again… he’s up at 9.

-Punk rolls Orton into the ring and slowly climbs back into the ring, he is going to the top!

-Orton stops him with the other cane and is viciously hitting Punk in the back while he hangs from the top rope.

-Orton to the top, is he going for the RKO!?!?!

-RKO FROM THE TOP! Ref counts on both, Orton is trying to get to his feet… Orton up at 9 and Punk is counted out!

Winner: Randy Orton


More entertaining than I thought it was going to be but then again Punk was in the match so maybe I underestimated it. Nice build up to the highspots and kept them to a minimum to make them strong. Good shit to start the ppv.

Lawler heads to the back to prepare for his match leaving Booker and Josh on commentary.

Sheamus in the back with Teddy Long, he isn’t happy. We get the bonus match of Sheamus and Kofi in a tables match. Sheamus says he isn’t happy to be wrestling Kofi who’s not from the US and wants to see his birth certificate. Haha Long tells him no to worry about that shit since he might not be US Champ after tonight.

Tables match for the United States Title

Sheamus vs. Kofi Kingston

-both start the match brawling hitting a series of kicks and punches.

-Kofi rolls to the outside and tries to set up a table at ringside but is cut off by Sheamus who takes the table and slides it back under the ring. haha

-Sheamus then pulls another table from the other side of the ring (weird) but Kofi cuts him off and sets up the table at ringside.

-Kofi sets up Sheamus on the table and goes to the ring apron but Sheamus rolls off the table and launches Kofi into the barricade.

-Sheamus pulls out another table and sets it up at ringside. He goes for the Celtic cross but Kofi rolls out of it.

-Sheamus rolls Kofi back into the ring and Sheamus is almost pushed into the table but instead hits the over the rope shoulder block.

-Sheamus brings a table into the ring and uses it to hit Kofi in the stomach.

-Sheamus picks up the table and drops it on Kofi a couple of times before standing on the table on Kofi’s chest.

-Sheamus sets up the table in the corner he takes Kofi’s head to it.

-Sheamus picks up Kofi to spine buster him into it but Kofi fights out and hits the stomp to the chest of Sheamus.

-Kofi almost sent into the table to Kofi straddles it.

-Kofi takes Sheamus and teases the suplexing Sheamus into it.

-Sheamus kicks Kofi to the outside but luckily Kofi clears the table.

-Sheamus sets up the table in the ring and moves it where he can use it off the ropes. He puts Kofi on the top rope and looks like he is going for a power slam but Kofi fights out.

-Sheamus teases the suplex to the outside onto the table but Kofi fights out and hits Trouble in Paradise sending Sheamus to the arena floor.

-Kofi heading to the top while Sheamus is over the table!….LEG DROP FROM THE TOP ROPE THROUGH THE TABLE!

Winner: Kofi Kingston wins the US Title

Short match but did a great job of teasing both going through the table. Ending was solid with Kofi coming off the top rope with the leg drop, good ppv so far I have to say.

Todd in the back with R-Truth, he’s asked about the match he got jipped out of… he isn’t happy that he isn’t on the show at all especially in the main event. He smells a conspiracy and tries to spell it but then doesn’t get all the way through and said he just turns something sad into something funny. Haha He says he can’t stand is a thief, getting his match stolen away by Morrison.

Country Whipping Match

Sir Michael Cole & Jack Swagger vs. Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross

-Cole comes out wrapped up in bubble wrap! Haha

-Cole gets on the mic before the match and goes off on his credentials again to drive the point that he isn’t scared on what he calls a “couple of hicks”. Cole then makes fun of Florida.

-Lawler starts off with Swagger but after getting hit with the strap he tags in Cole who no sells Lawler hitting him because of the wrap.

-Lawler takes Cole and takes off the wrap for the crowd pop.

-Cole tags in Swagger who takes Lawler down.

-Lawler sent into the corner post but he fights out and takes Swagger to the corner.

-Cole comes out of nowhere and straps Lawler but he no sells.

-Swagger sweeps the leg and locks on the ankle lock.

-JR causes the distraction which allowed Lawler to hit DDT.

-Tag to JR who whips Swagger in the back then puts on his own ankle lock!

-JR drags Cole into the ring and sends Cole into the ring post sloppy.

-Lariat clothesline from JR! haha

-JR whoops on Cole then puts on the ankle lock on Cole!

-Swagger tries to stop JR but gets a nut shot.

-Cole rolls up JR from behind for the three count.

Winner: Michael Cole and Jack Swagger

I have no words for this shit. That is all. You need to wrap this feud up god dammit!

LOE… Lack of Entertainment… and the cure is Over the Limit…. Riiiiiiiight.

Todd in the back with fucking John Cena. He hasn’t been champion since June 20th 2010. He lists all this shit he’s been through and goes into hokey fucking lines. He’s going to win the title tonight, blah blah fucking blah.

Falls Count Anywhere

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes

-Cody comes out with two dudes who are handing out bags with face holes cut out. How have I missed this!? Haha

-Match starts off fast with Cody ending up on the outside and taking the leg scissors from Rey.

-drop kick by Cody at ringside for a two count.

-they fight up the ramp and Rey sends Cody head first into the graphics screen.

-Rey with the seated senton off the stage for a 2 count.

-they right into the crowd with Cody hitting the atomic drop onto the barricade for a 2 count.

-the move up the stairs while fighting.

-Cody with the boston crab in the stair railing! Dope!

-they end up now in the concession stands and Rey spears Cody into trash cans.

-Rey hits Cody with the top of the trash can for a 2 count.

-Flash kick from the concession stand for a two count.

-high cross body by Rey off the concession stand for a 2.

-they begin to fight back into the arena, down the stairs.

-hip toss by Cody to Rey sending him over the barricade.

-Rey sent head first into the steel steps for a 2 count.

-Cody brings Rey back into the ring but gets booted in the face and Rey hits another high cross body for another 2 count.

-Rey with the top with a spearing head butt!

-Rey sets up for the 619 but Cody cuts him off.

-Rey exposes his knee brace and tries to hit the guillotine leg drop but Cody moves.

-Alabama Slam by Cody for a 2 count.

-Cody puts Rey on the top rope but Rey fights out and sprays green mist ala Great Muta/Tajiri!!!!

-Rey hits 619 and the splash from the ropes for the win!

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Not usually a fan of matches that end up in the arena because they usually end where the live crowd isn’t so you miss that pop but this shit ended in the ring AND Rey spits green mist?! Fuck man!

Diva’s in the back when Layla comes in an says she apologizes to them if they’ve even done anything to them. Kelly says they like McCool less so good luck.

Cole is on commentary in his Cole Mine… great.

No DQ / Loser leaves WWE match

Michelle McCool vs. Layla

-McCool with the advantage hits a stiff kick to the head.

-Both fight to the outside and Layla takes the table to the stomach before getting rolled into the ring.

-Layla fights back and hits a dropkick for a 2 count.

-McCool hits a belly to belly for a 2 count.

-both on the outside again and McCool misses the stiff kick. The climb to the top of the barricade and McCool sends her off head first.

-back in the ring McCool takes shit but Layla hits the Diamond Dust for a 2 count.

-Layla break down and takes a kick to the chest.

-McCool goes for the Styles Clash but Layla fights out and hits a stiff neck breaker but McCool gets the leg on the ropes.

-another kick by McCool.

-Styles Clash to Layla…1…2… Layla with the reversal…1..2…THREEE! bye bye Michelle!!!

Winner: Layla

Both cry while Layla walks to the back, leaving McCool in the ring. The crowd gives Michelle as “nah nah nah nah good bye” chant. All of a sudden with get scary music and Kharma comes out!!!! She slowly walks to the ring while she eye fucks McCool. Kharma comes into the ring and McCool looks like she is going to shit herself. Kharma with the implant buster! She laughs but then gets all serious faced. The Diva’s in the back look like they just crapped themselves.

Rodriguez and Del Rio are practicing Del Rio being called World Champion in Spanish.

Ladder match for the vacant World Championship

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio

-brawl from the start between the two.

-loud “lets go Christian” chant.

-ADR cuts Christian off from going to the outside to get a ladder, Christian returns the favor.

-elbow from the top by Christian who then slides to the outside to get a ladder, ADR meets him out there and sends him into the ring post.

-ADR takes a ladder and while holding it Christian hits the baseball slide onto him.

-Christian brings the ladder into the ring and starts to climb but is knocked off the ladder by ADR.

-ADR then climbs the ladder but Christian knocks it over. ADR lands on his feet and hits the flash kick.

-ADR sent to the outside but sweeps Christian’s legs while he was holding the ladder.

-Christian rolls to the outside and ADR sets up the ladder horizontally between the ring apron and announce table. They both tease spots with the ladder but the ladder makes it so far.

-ADR cuts Christian off the top but Christian lands on another ladder set up at ringside and hits the splash from it.

-ADR then cuts off Christian from climbing the ladder to the World Title.

-ADR sets up a ladder in the corner, once again they tease spots until ADR takes the flap jack onto the ladder.

-Christian takes the ladder to the shoulder of ADR which sends him to the outside. He then sets up the ladder to start his climb.

-Just as he gets close ADR throws a small ladder at Christan.

-ADR uses the small ladder to hit the arm breaker drop to the knees! Nice spot!

-ADR with the arm lock on Christian but he fights out only to have his arm slammed onto a ladder.

-Christian goes to the top but ADR stops him only to get hit with a hurricanranna.

-ADR teases suplexing Christian on the horizontal ladder but instead ADR takes back drop onto a ladder.

-Christian to the top with a ladder but ADR uses the ladder to hit a flash kick and Christian falls onto the ladder.

-ADR sets up the ladder and is trying to climb but Christian grabs his ankle, he’s fought off but Christian knocks the ladder over and ADR hits a kick again.

-Rodriguez hands ADR a ladder but it back fires.

-Christian in the ring sets up and hits the SPEAR!

-Christian sets up the ladder and starts to climb, ADR is up and pulls Christian through the ladder and ADR starts to climb while Christian is trapped. Finally Christian gets out and knocks the ladder over again.

-Christian now on the horizontal ladder while ADR climbs to the top rope, ADR tries to hit the elbow drop but Christian moves and ADR takes an ugly bump!

-Christian back in the ring and is starting to climb!!!!

-Brodus is in and takes the ladder out while Christian hangs! Brodus catches him but Christian Fights him off with the small ladder!

-ADR is back in and gets the arm breaker with the small ladder wrapped on Christian’s arm!

-ADR smiles while he goes to set up the ladder to climb to the top for the Title.

-crowd chants “we want Edge”.

-Edge shows up to distract ADR and Christian pushes over the ladder and ADR ends up falling to the outside onto Brodus and Rodriguez.

-Edge comes down and cheers on Christian who finally climbs up the ladder to become the NEW World Champion!!!!

Winner: Christian is the NEW World Champion!


Edge comes into the ring and hugs Christian to celebrate!

Good match with a lot of stiff hits. Really glad the WWE went with the storybook ending for this match. Solid moment watching both Edge and Christian hugging and celebrating.

Alex Riley in the back with The Miz. Riley isn’t happy to see Miz going into this steel cage match. Miz doesn’t want to hear about rematch and warns Riley never to do that shit again.

Lumber Jack match for the WWE Tag Team Titles

Wade Barrett & Ezekiel Jackson vs. Kane and The Big Show

-Show and Barrett start off the match, big chops by Show. Tag to Kane.

-Stiff kick by Kane to a seated Wade who tries to run away but ends up back in the ring again.

-Wade throws Kane to the outside who gets beat on before getting thrown back in.

-Lariat clothesline from Jackson on Kane.

-Wade back in who makes a sloppy pin attempt.

-Jackson and Kane brawl and ends with a double clothesline.

-hot tag to Show and Wade but Show wins this exchange until Jackson pulls the top rope and Show ends up on the outside. They beat on hit and throw him back in.

-Jackson with a huge slam on Show.

-Wade goes for wasteland but Show hits the chokeslam for the win.

Winner: The Big Show and Kane

Jackson and Barrett don’t look happy with each other and a brawl breaks out on the outside while Show and Kane hit chokeslams on Slater and Gabriel.

A nothing match. They should have put Sin Cara and Tyson Kidd in this spot.

Steel Cage match for the WWE Title

The Miz vs. John Morrison vs. John Cena

-Miz tries to climb out but Morrison and Cena stop him and double team his ass hitting a flap jack on him.

-Morrison then takes out Cena with a series of moves.

-Cena takes down with the fisherman suplex but Morrison stops Cena then stops Miz from trying to get out of the cage.

-Cena goes for the AA on Miz but Miz grabs the cage and starts to climb.

-Miz and Cena fight on the top rope Cena gets a sloppy bulldog from the top rope.

-Cena goes into his same ol’ shit shoulder blocks on Morrison and hits the YCSM fist.

-SCF by Miz on Cena and Morrison is on the top of the cage which Miz runs up to stop him.

-Miz then tries to get over the top of the cage and not both Morrison and Miz fight from the top.

-Miz has his legs over the side of the cage.

-Cena is up on the ropes and Cena and Morrison hit a double suplex on Miz that looked ugly as fuck… Miz could be injured here! Way to fucking go Cena.

-Morrison is climbing the cage but Cena is up and trying to stop him.

-Miz takes a flash kick to the face.

-Morrison hits the old move Paul Birchill use to do on Cena, fuck what is then name of that move!?

-Morrison trying to get out again but Miz powerbombs Morrison into the cage!

-Miz is back up finally and hits the running kick to Morrison but gets locked in the STF.

-Miz asks for the door to be open and Miz is trying to crawl out.

-Cena then switches and tries to crawl out.

-Miz stops him and we’re all back in the ring and Morrison and Cena end up at the top of the cage.

-Miz is crawling out but Morrison kicks the door onto Miz!!!

-Morrison gets the nut shot on the steel door!

-Miz grabs his leg and pulls him back into the cage while Morrison fights off.

-Monkey flip by Cena to Morrison…!?

-DDT my Miz to Cena..1..2…2 2 1/2!

-Stiff running kicks by Miz to Cena.

-Miz uses Cena’s face like a cheese grader while Morrison is on the top of the cage. Miz runs over to grab him.

-Both fight at the top with Morrison keeping Miz in the ring.

-Cena is now up to stop Morrison but is kicked off.

-Morrison with starship pain off the top of the cage onto Cena and Miz and he starts to crawl for the door.

-the door is open and Truth is out and kicks Morrison’s head into the steel steps and comes into the cage to beat on Morrison.

-scissors kick by Truth onto Cena!

-Truth leaves Morrison laid out and then climbs the cage and over to the floor to show he could have won this shit.

-Miz comes too and looks around, he gets to his feet and starts to climb the cage, he is over the top but Cena is there to stop him again.

-Cena and Miz at the top fighting with punches.

-Miz ends up on the inside and now he is trying to keep Cena from climbing over.

-both end up fighting on the inside and Miz is trying to hit the SCF from the top but then Cena hits the STF from the top to with the fucking title.

Winner: John Cena


Sometimes I really hate the WWE… this is one of those times. Cena a 10 time champion, fuck you! Shitty end to what ended up being a good ppv for the most part.

Extreme Rules Almost Live Updates

May 1, 2011

Join for almost live updates of WWE’s Extreme Rules. We’re starting an hour late because, well, if the WWE doesn’t really care about this pay per view, why should we? Kidding.

Last Man Standing Match
Randall Orton defeats CM Punk

Great Puma: Good match with an amazing finish. Orton RKO’s CM Punk from the top turnbuckle! The kendo stick shots were brutal. Probably one of the better opening matches to a pay per view in a long time.

Mascara de Fuego: More entertaining than I thought it was going to be but then again Punk was in the match so maybe I underestimated it. Nice build up to the highspots and kept them to a minimum to make them strong. Good shit to start the ppv.

United States Championship Tables Match
Kofi Kingston wins the United States Championship from Sheamus

Mascara de Fuego: Short match but did a great job of teasing both going through the table. Ending was solid with Kofi coming off the top rope with the leg drop, good ppv so far I have to say.

Great Puma: Wow. This match was way better than expected. Really incredible finish with Kofi launching from the top turnbuckle and legdropping Sheamus through a table on the outside. Also lots of convincing false finishes courtesy of Kofi’s great athleticism. This was a really fun match.

Country Whipping Tag Team Match
Jack Swagger & TOOL defeat Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross

Mascara de Fuego: I have no words for this shit. That is all.

Great Puma: To quote Booker T, “Tell me that did not just happen.” I really don’t want to see TOOL in the ring anymore. I really don’t. That being said, JR got his licks in and even got his Dusty Rhodes on and managed to destroy TOOL with an Oklahoma Pounce!

Falls Count Anywhere
Rey Mysterio pins Cody Rhodes

Mascara de Fuego: Not usually a fan of matches that end up in the arena because they usually end where the live crowd isn’t so you miss that pop but this shit ended in the ring AND Rey spits green mist?! Fuck man!

Great Puma: Brutal and entertaining match with some interesting spots all around the arena. Cody had Rey in a Boston Crap with Rey’s knees bent over a handrail at one point. Also, Rey gave an homage to the Great Muta. You’ll have to see it to believe it. Heel turn ala Tajiri? Kudos to the live crowd for some very appropriate chants throughout the match.

No Count Out No DQ Loser Leaves the Company Match
Layla pins Michele McCool

After the match, KHARMA debuted in grand pay per fashion by giving McCool an Implant Buster.

Mascara de Fuego: 1 – good win for Layla 2 – fucking good riddance to McCool 3 – Solid debut for Kharma

Great Puma: Big ups to Booker T for trying his hardest to make the TV viewing audience care. Nice and short match which is what it should have been. Layla wins with a roll up. So good to see Awesome Kong/Kharma debut in such an awesome way. Very impressive pay per view debut!

World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match
Christian wins the World Heavyweight Championship and defeats Alberto Del Rio

Great Puma: Wow. Match of the night so far. Seeing Edge there celebrating Christian’s first major title in Vince-ville was priceless. Alberto Del Rio and Christian defined their solo careers with this match tonight. A great match that featured some sick hardcore ladder spots that were centered around the awesome storyline of Alberto Del Rio trying to injure Christian’s arm.

Mascara de Fuego: Good match with a lot of stiff hits. Really glad the WWE went with the storybook ending for this match. Solid moment watching both Edge and Christian hugging and celebrating.

WWE Tag Team Championship Luberjack Match
Big Show & Kane defeat The Corre (Ezekial Jackson & Wade Barrett)

Mascara de Fuego: A nothing match tag team match. they should have put Sin Cara and Tyson Kidd in this spot. One sore spot on this card was this.

Great Puma: It was what it was. This match came out of nowhere and it served its purpose of being a brief distraction between the major title matches.

WWE Championship Triple Threat Steel Cage Match
The Miz vs. John Cena vs. John Morrison
John Cena wins the WWE Title for the tenth time by pinning the Miz

Great Puma: Ugh. This one’s for the kiddies. Not sure how new stars are going to be created if they’re relegated to dark matches on pay per view dates and the major titles are only held by the top four merchandise sellers. This was a horrible and predictable ending to an otherwise stellar undercard.

Mascara de Fuego: Sometimes I really hate the WWE… this is one of those times. Cena a 10 time champion?! Are you fucking kidding me?!

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April 25, 2010

How Extreme did the WWE get??…