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07-23-12 RAW 1,000TH EPISODE

July 23, 2012

-Even left work an hour early to do the preshow…. ANNNND they cancel it… wait… did I just admit that I left work early for wrestling!? #mark


Jim Ross hypes up tonight’s 900th episode of RAW and more

August 30, 2010

As usual Jim Ross drops another gem in his latest blog post. He discusses his excitement for tonight’s 900th episode of RAW. Here are just a few highlights of many:

The Best Feud

“The guttural, intense heat generated with the Austin-McMahon rivalry. It made stars of both Stone Cold, the anti hero, Mr. McMahon, the antagonist, and helped make RAW the Monday night TV destination for millions. For my money, RAW never had a better rivalry than Austin-McMahon.”

The Greatest Stable

“DX…which helped launch HHH, re-invent HBK and made stars of Billy Gunn, Road Dog, and Chyna. Every one came along at the right place at the right time with the right presentation for their persona’s in a male friendly 18-34 demo. To me, this faction was as good as it gets and ranks in the same breath with the Horsemen.”

The Rock

“The explosion of The Rock who Hollywood discovered and away the Great One went to become a major player on the silver screen. Rock’s verbal skills and ‘look’ set him a part and captivated the imagination of film makers and fans the world over. The Rock was a once in a life time athlete/personality in the mat game….a natural entertainer.”

He also gives a nice tribute to just how great the Undertaker is.   Head on over to JR’s blog to read that nugget of praise and respect and more.

RAW RESULTS: FIRST HOUR & Major Title Change

February 8, 2010

A NASCAR stock car does donuts in a dirt lot outside the arena heads in.  The car stops by the side of the stage and Hornswaggle comes out of the car!  Random Midget Moment for sure.

Host, Carl Edwards, backflips from the top turnbuckle.

Sheamus interrupts.

Christian comes out!  ECW wrestlers will become free agents when ECW ends in two weeks.  Here comes the comedy!  Christian discusses how NASCAR is blowing up in Canada and he also calls Sheamus “Snaggletooth”.  Please start CHANTING that WWE Universe!  Christian challenges Snaggletooth to a match.  Brilliant.

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February 8, 2010

SHOWMIZ, Big Show and the Miz, just captured the Unified Tag Team Belts on RAW tonight.  Here’s a rough breakdown on how it happened.

…Show punishes Shawn.  Show with tons of offense, including a modified uranage looking side suplex/slam deal.  Interesting.  I hope that wasn’t a one shot deal because it looked cool with Show doing it.  Show tags Miz in and Miz hits shawn with a nice neckbreaker.  Shawn counters the Skull Crushing Finale!  Miz quickly tags Show in.  Sweet Chin Music on Show.  Shawn reaches HHH for the tag.  Miz is in to get brutalized!  Facebreaker on Miz.  Spinebuster on Miz.  Surprise TAG to HHH!  HHH looks confused and MIZ rolls up Shawn!  1, 2…3!!!  YES!!  NEW UNIFIED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!