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11-19-12 WWE RAW

November 19, 2012

Can they follow up the Survivor Series tonight?


Smackdown Thoughts & Review [March 16, 2012: late edition]

March 18, 2012

Christian’s back. Jericho and Sheamus put on a show.



September 26, 2011

Yes lady and gents I am back from wonderland to bring you think one week push into a Hell in a Cell pay per view. Let’s see if they can pull this off!



November 8, 2010

Show starts with Cena in the ring behind a Nexus podium, he reads from an old timey scroll which intro’s Wade Barrett who gets a mixed reaction. Josh in on commentary with Cole, King has a knee injury. Nexus comes out with Wade and he says he couldn’t have said this any better since he did write it for Cena. Wade wants a championship celebration tonight but first he needs to deal with some shit that happened last Friday on Smackdown. He’s pissed Otunga went into business for himself when he took Nexus to Smackdown and they got served. Wade then gives Cena shit for not seeing the blind tag between Wade and Otunga. Cena makes light of what happened but Wade brings up the serious shit that’s going to happen at the ppv.


Will The Nexus get Spirit Squad’ed?

August 30, 2010

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

~ Philosopher and novelist, George Santayana, 1905

In January 2006, five relatively unknown wrestlers were put together by the WWE and were called the “Spirit Squad”. They feuded with the likes of John Cena, Shawn Michaels and Triple H, who ‘were’ the main event faces of that era. They were endorsed on-camera by Vince McMahon and were heavily featured on Monday Night Raw every week.

They didn’t necessarily put the wrestling world on notice or turn the industry on its head, but they did create a necessary heel presence for the faces to battle on Raw. The Spirit Squad was an entertaining faction of young athletic guys who worked well as a unit. Sound familiar? They carried the spirit of Vince McMahon but also possessed youth and athletic ability to hang with Shawn Michaels and other established main event wrestlers in the ring. A feud with Vince McMahon was considered old news and the Spirit Squad provided the WWE audience with someone new to hate.

Nine months later The Spirit Squad was disbanded and literally shipped off to OVW. Yep, that’s right. Nine months. On November 27, 2006 DX and Ric Flair defeated the Spirit Squad in a three on five handicap match and then shipped them off in a container with an “OVW, Louisville, Kentucky” label.

In my opinion, the Spirit Squad could have gone on to do bigger and greater things. Kenny, Johnny, Mitch, Nicky, and Mikey were not the greatest workers but a few of them had decent upsides that warranted steady to great careers if they were utilized to their potential by the WWE.

With the exception of Nicky, who is now Vicky Guerrero’s disco stick, Dolph Ziggler, the rest of the Spirit Squad are no longer with the WWE. This leads me to the question of:

Will The Nexus get Spirit Squad’ed?

First, let me present to you the definition of being “Spirit Squad’ed”:

On June 7, 2010 The Nexus premiered on Raw in big fashion. They destroyed the ring area and practically obliterated the number one guy in the company, John Cena. At that moment, the WWE became cool again. Old wrestling fans who have become disinterested suddenly became interested again. Many pundits saw the first horrifying acts of the Nexus as the second coming of the nWo. The angle was instantly white hot and it would only become hotter.

On August 15, the Nexus were part of the main event of Summerslam. Seven relatively unknown wrestlers co-headlined a major WWE pay per view with six of the biggest names of the wrestling business not named Undertaker or Rey Mysterio. The match was booked very well and the Nexus looked strong for the most part. However, conventional wisdom prevailed and John Cena was the last man standing for the forces of good and the crowd was sent home happy.

The next day on Raw, the angle took a step back in my opinion when John Cena verbally buried The Nexus one wrestler at a time. The Nexus wrestlers were featured in singles matches. Michael Tarver, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater barely won their matches via questionable tactics. Only Skip Sheffield, David Otunga and Wade Barret looked somewhat formidable. The Nexus kicked Darren Young out of the stable for losing his match to Cena. That put their numbers down to six members. Skip Sheffield then broke his leg at a house show in Hawaii, which will probably be explained on tonight’s episode of Raw.

Where does the Nexus go from here? It’s only been two and a half months and The Nexus has lost a little bit of steam. The original group of eight members is now down to five. To rebound from that set back and to move a step forward, The Nexus need to start gaining titles. I hope that before their run is over The Nexus holds every title in the WWE at the same time at least once. It has to be done. There’s not a single wrestler in the WWE that needs to hold a title right now more than the Nexus wrestlers do.  The Miz and Randy Orton’s pushes to the WWE Championship can be postponed for a moment so that Wade Barret can lead the way with the WWE Championship belt around his waist.

Seeing every title in possession of the Nexus would keep the angle hot and overall story of Raw so much more compelling. It would be a shame to not to see all the Nexus standing on one side of the ring in a Survivor Series match in November. How interesting would the Royal Rumble be if the majority of the Nexus were in the ring at the same time? The opportunities to get the Nexus over are endless and I hope the WWE sees that they have a plethora of options in front of them. Unfortunately, history proves that the WWE will just abandon and disband the stable once John Cena or a returning HHH ultimately destroys them.

The Spirit Squad lasted nine months before they were wiped off the face of the WWE landscape. The Nexus are two months in and are still very much the focus on Raw. I see a lot of Nexus t-shirts scattered among the crowd on Raw broadcasts. Also there were quite a few Nexus t-shirts being sported last month at Summerslam Axxess in Los Angeles. For every positive sign that the WWE will continue to push The Nexus angle, there’s always that lingering feeling that Vince and company will inexplicably screw the angle up.

The Nexus is the WWE’s chance to learn from its past mistakes and to entertain its fans with something truly new and different. We’ll see what direction the WWE is willing to go tonight and in the months ahead.


June 1, 2010

Who took the crown of FIRST NXT winner and what does next season have in store for NXT?



May 4, 2010

Matt Striker has the rookies at ringside for their next challenge, let’s see what bowlshit they will have to do this week…



April 27, 2010

Matt Striker in the ring with the rookies to start off the show. The rookies have to sell merch in 60 seconds. The guy with the most money at the end wins a match next week against who ever they want.



April 6, 2010

Matt Striker brings the rookies out to the stage. Striker announces that the winner of NXT will get a title shot of their choosing at a pay per view. Anyone see Bryan winning and beating the Miz for the US Title? Striker asks Otunga why he walked away from being Unified Tag Team Champion, Otunga says he doesn’t share the spot light with no one, not even Jean Shorts. Striker asks Bryan if he deserves to be #1 after cutting down Miz, Otunga and Michael Cole for taking JR’s place (oh snap). Bryan he says he doesn’t deserve it. Tarver cuts a promo where he looks like he almost poops himself. Striker says they are putting the NXT rookies through challenges. This one involves….a keg…?! Striker says Josh Mathews knows the keg well. Haha

Bryan goes first… he’s crab walking the keg around the ring and over the line for 24.9 seconds.

Barrett hauls ass and gets a time of 14.7 seconds.

Gabriel gets 13.6 seconds, he made it look even easier.

Slater gets 12.0 seconds even.

Otunga gets 14.1 seconds.

Sheffield gets 12.4 seconds, so close….

Tarver gets DQ cause this fool dropped the keg TWICE! He’s pissed he fucked up.

Young gets 13.6 seconds..

Heath Slater wins the keg challenge and for that shit he gets to wrestle Kane tonight… you shoulda lost dude. I think HE shit himself…

Striker in the back with Sheffield, he’s pissed about losing the keg challenge. He says he’s not a nice guy anymore…

#8 Darren Young beat #1 Daniel Bryan with a quick roll up pin. Bryan ran rings around Young which made no sense in the outcome. This is weird. I dig Bryan like a motherfucker but I don’t get trying to pull off having him at #1 when he’s been the NXT jobber.

#3 Justin Gabriel beat #7 Michael Tarver with the 450 splash. Match was ok. Gabriel will make it but I just don’t see Tarver going anywhere.

#2 Wade Barrett beat #5 David Otunga with the Fireman’s carry drop. Otunga suffered from the Lex Luger disease.. he ass eating his tights… Otunga has the back story but the dude is GREEN! Barrett is going to be really solid one day.

Kane beat #4 Heath Slater with a chokeslam for the pin. Slater got some offense but for the most part got manhandled. Slater looked believable in the ring with Kane.

Kane looks back at the ring and the show ends…

04-05-10 RAW REVIEW (Guest NXT Rookie David Otunga)

April 5, 2010

The new World Champion Jack Swagger comes out to the ring decked out in a suit. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler comment how he is the fastest person to cash in the MITB briefcase. They show the footage of Swagger winning the title on Friday night. Swagger says that for him to prove he was the best he had to beat the best and that was Chris Jericho. He says no one on RAW compares to his abilities so he is off to Smackdown. This of course brings out fucking Jean Shorts, god dammit. This asshole calls Swagger the luckiest man in the world. He then says Swagger isn’t championship material. Look who’s fucking talking. Jean Shorts challenges Swagger tonight and said he’d even put the WWE Title on the night tonight. While Swagger was saying that shit wasn’t going to work Randy Orton comes out. He says that Swagger should compete against the guy who beat him last week which was Orton. Then the Unified Tag Team Champions ShowMiz come out… what the fuck is going on tonight?! Miz says that RAW is all about the Tag Team Champions. Guest Host David Otunga comes out, this fool has RAW shaved on his head. He sets up Swagger vs. Orton, ShowMiz vs. Batista & John Cena for the Tag Titles….!? Please don’t have this shit end with Shorts/Batista winning the titles, that’s be OVER done. The segment ends with Orton trying to RKO Jean Shorts but ends up RKO’ing Swagger. (more…)