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Brock Returns to the UFC in 2012

August 18, 2011

From MMAweekly

UFC President and CEO, Dana White, confirmed that Brock Lesnar will be back in the octagon in 2012. Here’s what Dana White said about Brock on the day of the momentous UFC deal with the FOX network.

Brock is going to get back in the gym in September. (He’s) Going to start training again. Because he hasn’t done anything since his surgery, training-wise. So Brock will probably be back (by) the first of the year.

Watch the video of Dana White below courtesy of He speaks about Brock Lesnar at around the 2:33 mark.

Brock Lesnar released the following short clip today to announce, “I’m Back.” At around the 1:33 mark here’s what Brock had to say.

Right now one day at a time for me. My future I believe there’s still a bright future for me in the UFC. My health is a 100 percent. I feel great. My motivation is there. I want to get on the map again. I want to become the UFC Heavyweight Champion again. I believe I will do that.

The return of Brock Lesnar is always good for business.

Dana White Speaks Briefly On Brock/Undertaker

December 10, 2010

Dana White on Brock’s future, The Undertaker and more

October 24, 2010

The best MMA reporter in the business, Ariel Helwani, interviewed Dana White after the UFC 121 press conference.  A transcript of Dana White’s response to Helwani’s question about the WWE possibility of putting a match between ‘Taker and Brock is after the video.

The Transcript:

Ariel Hewani: I just wanted to ask you an interesting question. There’s a pro wrestler by the name of The Undertaker in attendance. I don’t know if you know who he is, very tall fellow. They had a little bit of an exchange after the fight. And then some people were alluding to the fact that WWE is trying to make a match between them at Wrestlemania. Have you heard anything of this?

Dana White: First of all I don’t know if he is or isn’t. I find that kind of hard to believe. But, The Undertaker has been coming for a long time. He’s a fan of mixed martial arts. And Brock is one of his guys – those guys wrestled together. I went up and put the belt on Cain, talked to Brock and went right out. So I didn’t hear any exchange. But if those guys were going back and forth, it’s because they’re friends.

*video courtesy of MMAFighting and Ariel Helwani

Dana White’s post-UFC 118 thoughts with Ariel Helwani

August 29, 2010

Pre-UFC 118 Hype!!!

August 27, 2010

Lee Payton at the Boxing Bulletin has a great piece on James Toney vs Randy Couture. He includes some memorable MMA vs Boxing moments where the boxers didn’t do too well. He also gives his prediction. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Toney has held title belts at 160, 168, 190 and nearly grabbed one at heavyweight* during a professional boxing career spanning about 20 years. He is almost certainly headed to the Hall of Fame when he hangs ’em up for good. While Toney has never been short on guts or fighting skills, he’ll go down as an underachiever because he has had to battle the scale for so many years.

Now in his 40’s he looks more like someone’s loud uncle than an active prize fighter. In all honesty, he shouldn’t be fighting anymore. With the gut he is currently sporting and the miles he’s accumulated, boxing at a high level is out of the question, so here he is trying to make a quick buck in MMA.

Here’s one instance where the boxer won and won in big fashion:

Tim Silvia vs Ray Mercer

Dana White’s UFC 118 Preview on SportsCenter

MMA Pro’s Pick UFC 118: Renzo Gracie, Tito Ortiz, Frank Trigg and More

Brock Lesnar’s Post Fight Press Conference

July 4, 2010


In his post fight press conference, Brock Lesnar does quite a ‘face turn’ as he displays the heart and insight of a humble man and great fighter.  The highlight video is after this quote of Brock Lesnar giving credit to his amateur wrestling and professional wrestling roots:

Without the WWE, with the visibility I had, the television time, Dana wouldn’t have given me a second look.  I mean there’s no way.  I’m just another guy.  I’ve wrestled in all fifty states and thirteen different countries and my face was plastered on the television screen for four years all over the world.  I just had to bring credibility to the table and my amateur wrestling background gave me that.

Brock at the UFC 116 post fight press conference

Again, I can’t say enough about the amazing job that Ariel Helwani and mmafanhouse do for us, the fans.

Kurt Angle talks UFC…again.

April 23, 2010

From  Transcript from

Hector Castro, of, spoke to Kurt Angle at the Arnold’s Classic.

“I do want to do the UFC, the MMA thing and hopefully God willing it will be in the next year or two.”

“I don’t consider myself a pro-wrestler, I consider myself an Olympic gold medalist. Brock [Lesnar] and Bobby [Lashley] were great wrestlers but they weren’t anywhere near where I was. I’m in the top 5 of the greatest amateur wrestlers of all time.”