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Jim Ross on Bryan Danielson, Chuck Liddell and more

June 14, 2010

Jim Ross discusses the great career of Chuck Liddell, the odd termination of Daniel Bryan, the legacy of Grizzly Smith and so much in his latest blog entry.  Here’s an excerpt:

On Chuck Liddell

Watching Chuck, a man I have never met but feel like I know, get KO’ed was like watching my boyhood hero Mickey Mantle not be able to beat out a routine infield hit during the later days of the career of the fabled New York Yankee and #7. It was sad. That was not the memory that I wanted to remember my fellow Oklahoman. I wanted to remember the magnificent switch hitter hitting towering home runs just like I want to remember Chuck Liddell knocking people out with Government Mule toughness and tenacity.