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UFC 121 Results

October 23, 2010

Brendan Schaub defeats Gabriel Gonzaga via decision

Sorry.  I was at dinner so I can’t truthfully report on this.

Matt Hamill defeats Tito Ortiz via decision
It was as if Tito Ortiz met a younger version of himself and got beat.  Hamill dominated in every facet of the fight.  Most will say Tito won the first round but if you saw their faces you would say that Hamill won the first round and dominated for the rest of the fight.  Hamill’s ground and pound had Tito stifled and really won the match in the third round with punishing elbows.

Diego Sanchez defeats Paulo Thiago via decision
Blazing first round with Thiago taking Sanchez down once and going for a variety of chokes on the ground and in the stand up.  Sanchez escaped them but Thiago certainly set the pace.  Incredible second round with a MONSTER takedown by Sanchez with a giant battle roar.  The crowd got behind him at that point and started chanting his name.  Diego also managed to escape two kimura attempts while being in top control.  Awesome awesome round.

Sanchez destroyed Thiago in the third round with top control and vicious blows thrown on Thiago’s head.  Sanchez obliterated Thiago with a ground and pound flurry to end of the fight with the crowd chanting his name.  Since I’m writing this in real time…this is definitely the fight of the night so far that got the crowd super amped.

Jake Shields defeats Martin Kampmann via decision
Tentative first round.  Both fighters had choke attempts averted.  Kampmann hit a a few huge knees in the second round.  Jake Shields managed to get full mount twice but Kampmann escaped both times.  At the end of second round Kampmann still looked relatively fresh and Shields looked spent and in Joe Rogan’s words, wobbly.

Kampmann looked like he was going to control the third round on top but Shields escaped a choke attempt and managed to regain top control.  Shields got Kampmann’s back a few times but didn’t seem to have the energy to submit Kampmann.

After the bell sounded, you could hear Kampmann explaining to his crew that if you looked at his face you could tell that Shields did no damage whatsoever.  Shields wobbled around the ring with a weary demeanor but he won and he’s the next in line for a 170 title shot.  If anything, I was more impressed with Kampmann’s ability to withstand Shield’s sub attempts.  It’s a shame he didn’t keep it standing.

Cain Velasquez defeats Brock Lesnar via TKO in the first round
Brock came out HUGE with big knees including a takedown. Cain escaped and took Brock down. Brock got back up but looked seriously winded. Brock went for another takedown and Cain spinned out with perfect technique. Cain took Brock down and punished him with elbows and hard blows to the body and head of Brock Lesnar. Brock curled up and didn’t defend himself and Herb Dean stopped the fight. Your new UFC Heavyweight Champion, Cain Velasquez.

The Card Overall

I’m looking forward to seeing Cain’s first defense against a more than formidable Junior Dos Santos. I’m sure Sanchez vs Thiago will get fight of the night. It wasn’t the greatest card of all time but it was a solid and entertaining card and I’m sure we’ll see Brock Lesnar in the Brocktagon again.

*Still frame courtesy of UFC

UFC 121 Hype: The Hunt for Red Brocktober Part 1

October 23, 2010

More Brockness from around the internetz.  Again, sorry for the title.

S.C. Michaelson, The Artist Formally Known as Black Lesnar, at WKR waxes about the battle of Walkout Shirts

Brock Lesnar gets points for actually owning the company DeathClutch and I would’ve given him the win had it said “Brock Pride” around the collar. However, Cain’s shirt is a cool walkout shirt.

Griffin Marsh at MMAtorch wonders if Cain can take Brock into the championship rounds.

This Saturday Night Cain Velasquez will try to do what Carwin was unable to, beat Brock Lesnar. While Lesnar does possess more raw power and definitely has the size advantage, I feel Cain is strong enough and more than capable of holding his own with Lesnar while grappling. This fight I feel will not come down to who has the best wrestling, nor who is bigger. Toughness will be the single most important skill during this fight.

MMAforReal’s Matt Bishop serves up a nice little preview of the main event:

Velasquez will have conditioning for miles. Can we say the same about Lesnar? Who knows, but you can’t like his chances of matching conditioning with Velasquez. Even if Lesnar has equivalent conditioning, his body size will negatively impact that. He has to come in in better condition than Velasquez, a daunting task. What will happen to Lesnar if he gets tired? He took a pounding from Carwin and looked fine, a positive sign, and there are reports that he has trained like a mad man for this fight. To me, the conditioning factor, while it absolutely cannot be overlooked, might in fact be an overrated talking point of this fight.

In a great read, Jesse Holland at MMAmania keeps it real in his UFC 121 predictions.

Brock Lesnar is the UFC Heavyweight Champion — and that’s a title I fully expect him to have come Sunday morning. In his last three fights, the pasty-faced Goliath defeated two former world champions (Mir, Couture) and survived a five-minute shellacking to come back and submit the sport’s most powerful puncher.

Not impressed?

I laugh when people tell me Lesnar was “exposed” in the Carwin fight. Exposed as what? A genetic freak who can bench-press a Volkswagen and doesn’t like to get hit? I’m sorry, did we not know that already? And how come the same people who praised Anderson Silva for having the “heart of a champion” against Chael Sonnen slam Lesnar for the same performance.

MMAFighting’s Ben Fowlkes recaps how Randy “Captain America” Couture breaks down the 121 main event.

But while Couture thinks that a fight in the later rounds will favor Velasquez, it’s Lesnar’s constant improvement and sheer physical ability that makes the bout so unpredictable.

The key for Velasquez, according to Couture, may be in the preparation. Dealing with a fighter who possesses Lesnar’s size, strength, and agility – a combination you don’t run into every day in the gym – is all about practice.

ESPN’s Franklin McNeil reveals the possible ace in Brock’s training camp, Cole Konrad.

The newly crowned Bellator Fighting Championships heavyweight titleholder trains with Lesnar on a daily basis at Death Clutch Gym in Alexandria, Minn., and has faced Velasquez five as a collegian (Konrad won four of the times). When it comes to wrestling, no fighter knows the strengths and weaknesses of the two men set to square off in Saturday’s main event better than Konrad.

He knows each man’s wrestling tendencies, what situations they are most comfortable in and what flusters them. More important, he knows how to offset Velasquez’s wrestling — he lost to Velasquez only once in college.

Finally, a feel good Rocky homage in the guise of Brock Lesnar. Courtesy of MMAFightClub:

*Picture courtesy of Dana White’s Twitter.

UFC 121 Hype: The Hunt for Red Brocktober Part 2

October 23, 2010

Umm yeah…sorry about the cheesy title.  Hear are some UFC 121/Brock Lesnar joints from around the internets.  Enjoy.

MMAfighting’s Mike Chiappetta writes:

Still, it seems clear that Lesnar is going to have to take Velasquez down at some point. I think it’s likely he will do so. Remember, Velasquez’s striking style is heavy on kicks, and kicks are usually the visual cue for a takedown for fighters like Lesnar with wrestling backgrounds. Lesnar’s double-leg takedown is downright explosive.

So Velasquez will have to abandon his kicks altogether or use them much more sparingly — something that will certainly affect his overall game — or he’ll put himself in danger of being taken down, something he definitely does not want. As good as Velasquez is, I have a hard time seeing him escaping from positions that have done in guys like Couture and Mir, experienced veterans who know every trick in the book.

For a long time, Lesnar has faced some resentment from people who felt he didn’t have to earn his way to a title shot. Slowly but surely, he’s won some of those folks over. And if he beats Velasquez, he will become the first UFC heavyweight champion to successfully defend the belt three times.

MMAfighting’s Ray Hui discusses the 20-pound difference between Brock and Cain:

During the weigh-ins Friday afternoon, Velasquez stepped on the scale first, registering at 244 pounds, while Lesnar weighed-in (with massive beard) just one pound under the limit at 264 pounds.

Blake Oestriecher at the bleacherreport has a nice piece on why UFC 121 will be Brock’s toughest test to date:

Brock Lesnar will be facing a fighter who doesn’t like to go the distance.

In eight career MMA fights, Cain Velasquez hasn’t spent much time outside of the first round.

Five of his fights have been stopped in the first round, and all five of them ended with a technical knockout by Velasquez.

Bleacherreport’s Ryan Papaserge breaks down Brock’s Top 10 Moments:

After taking Heath Herring to a decision at UFC 87 on Aug. 9, 2008, Lesnar controversially earned a title shot against Randy Couture at UFC 91.

Like he did against Mir, Lesnar proved he belonged inside the Octagon with a second-round knockout of the UFC Hall of Famer.

UFC 121 Hype: Jim Ross on Brock Lesnar

October 20, 2010

In his latest blog post, Good ol’ Jim Ross overs his insight on the main event of UFC 121 this Saturday:

Damn right Brock Lesnar will be tested Saturday night in Anaheim during the next UFC PPV. Cain Velásquez is fighting for a cause,or so it seems, his heritage, but more importantly Velásquez is a great athlete who has won at every level of amateur and professional competition. Plus, any heavyweight in UFC is always only one punch away from ending his night’s work. I see Lesnar winning Saturday but not without having a great night of stand up defense and using his size advantage appropriately. Lesnar being already at 265 and shredded is a scary thought for any human being who has to deal with the baddest man in MMA.