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WWE Bragging Rights Review

October 24, 2010

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. United States Champion Daniel Bryan

Vick starts off the show intro’ing Dolph saying he can have any woman but choose her. Nice wrestling hold exchange by the two to open the match. Nice running knee by Bryan from the apron to Ziggler. Solid “Daniel Bryan” chant while Ziggler tried to lock in the sleeper. Striker spends most of the time defending Bryan while Cole keeps trying to talk shit. Ziggler keeping the advantage in the match so far. Great back and forth moves with both landing stiff kicks to each other. Bryan goes for the back suplex from the top but Ziggler turns in mid air for the roll up pin attempt only to have Bryan reverse the roll up for a two count. Ziggler hits the Famasser and looks to have won the match but Bryan had his foot on the ropes. Ziggler then goes for the sleeper and locks it in but Bryan is back in the ropes again. Ziggler then gets caught in the LaBell lock for the submission. Ziggler and Vicki are yelling at the ref when he kicks them out of the ring, match is over but its cool that they make the point that the refs still have power after matches.

Winner: Daniel Bryan


Bragging Rights [Live Updates]

October 24, 2010

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Bragging Rights Predictions

October 24, 2010

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett (with John Cena)

Great Puma: Wade Barrett wins the WWE Championship for the first time.  His mug is on the Survivor Series poster so I’ll assume that’s a sign for big things to come for him and the Nexus.  They’ve made to much a deal about Cena being in his corner so I expect Cena to be a big part of this match.  If not, I see Harris and McGillicutty making an appearance as well in this match.

Mascara De Fuego: Wade Barrett wins the Title. I think it is too important not to do this. Not only will this put over Barrett (and the Nexus) more so but it will give that dyer feeling to the WWE. With that kind of turmoil surrounding the WWE Title, the WWE will be looking for someone to take the belt off of Barrett quickly but that one person is unfortunately is IN Nexus. That will only build this Nexus/Cena angle more so.

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10-18-10 WWE RAW REVIEW (Guest Host Bobb’e J. Thompson)

October 18, 2010


Show starts of with Smackdown GM Teddy Long coming down to the ring. He introduces himself like we don’t know his ass. Teddy gets booed when he announces he is taking over RAW. All of a sudden we get an email of course… Cole reads the GM wants Teddy out of his ring right now. Teddy has the Bragging Rights Trophy brought out. I don’t remember it looking like the NHL cup, must be a new one. Another email comes in and the GM wants Long out or else. Teddy then comes down and Cole gets in his face. And ANOTHER email comes in and another, and another. Teddy is now on the podium while the emails keep coming. Teddy then shuts off the laptop! Haha He then brings out The Big Show and Team Smackdown (sporting blue shirts) who line up in the ring. This brings out The Miz and Alex Riley come out in their red shirts. He says they all look like Smurfs in their blue shirts. He’s gonna win the trophy for the A Show. He then intros Team RAW. Miz then brings out the returning Ezekiel Jackson as the last person on his team. Miz then wants Smackdown out of their ring, they don’t move and RAW makes the move to the ring and a brawl ensues. Smackdown gets the best of them and Miz gets RAW up out of the ring. Show then challenges Miz to a captains match tonight. Cole is pissy cause Teddy is still at ringside. He’s got the laptop.


WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre vs. The Hart Dynasty

So are they going to explain where DHS was last week? Lots of pink and black signs in the crowd, chanting “we want Bret”. Drew & Cody take the advantage early on against Kidd. Kidd finally makes the hot tag, beating on Drew. DHS hits the running powerbomb but Cody makes the save. They go for the Hart Attack but DHS is too far and Kidd keeps telling him to get closer. DHS then tries to go for the Sharpshooter but then gets the Future Shock for the win. Kidd starts to walk off while Natalya and Smith argue.

Winners: Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre


In the back John Cena is feeling up his Nexus arm band. Oh, its sad faced Cena and he’s here with Randy Orton. Orton says he knows Cena doesn’t like this shit with Nexus but he will kick his head in if he gets in Orton’s way. Cena says we’ll take that foot and shove it up his own ass…. Ok, ok he didn’t say that. But he’s eyes did…


They show a video piece on R-Truth… maybe its cause they wont let his ass in Canada.


Goldust w/Aksana vs. Zack Ryder

Right before the match starts Ted DiBiase and Maryse come out to the stage. Goldust hits the Final Cut minutes into the match for the win. Ted then comes in and jumps Goldust while Aksana and Maryse fight over the Million Dollar Belt. They end up running to the back setting up for Ted to get hit with the Final Cut. Glad they are pushing Goldust again.

Winner: Goldust


Cena in the back with Nexus. Wade wants Cena to test Harris and Hennig tonight. Cena is surprised and wants to know what the catch is. Wade says no catch just give the people what they want but then tells Cena to go get his ass some water. Haha.


That kid from the Playstation commercial and Role Models is playing Raw vs. Smackdown in the back when Miz comes in and is pissed he’s talking shit while he is using Show to beat up Miz. Kid shows no fear! Show comes in and saves his ass.


We are back to Cena and his water. The crowd is chanting “water boy” haha! Wade takes a sip and then takes the rest to Cena’s face. Haha. This is good shit.


John Cena & WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty

I honestly hate having to type out McGillicutty, it just annoys me. The kid is a Hennig, play that shit up god dammit!  Before the match starts Nexus comes out to the stage to watch the match. Cena start the match off strong against Hennig, he then hits ringside to break the momentum and we’re going to break. We’re back and Orton just hit a standing dropkick on Hennig before he makes the tag. Hennig then lands his own dropkick and Hennig and Harris have now taken the match over, keeping Cena in their corner. Harris is solid, kid is going to blow up one day mark my words! Cena finally makes the hot tag and Orton is out fast. He then hits his DDT in the ropes on Hennig and sets up for the RKO. Harris tries to make the save but takes an FU. Orton then hits the RKO on Hennig for the win….?

Winners: Orton and Cena


They celebrate and Cena goes to shake Orton’s hand when Wade gets on the mic and stops him. He then kicks Cena out of the ring and tells his ass to stand by the announce table. Wade then says Cena has the best spot to watch them take out Orton. Nexus surrounds the ring and they attack but Orton is trying to fight back. They gang up on him at ringside and there aint shit Cena can do. They roll Orton into the ring and hit fights back again but they gang up on him. Gabriel and Otunga hold up Orton for Slater to hit his finish on him. They lift him up again so Otunga can hit his Uranage. And last but not least they set up Orton in the Corner for the 450. Cena keeps yelling for them to stop. Wade then calls Cena in the ring, and although he hesitates he does it. Wade orders Cena to give Orton an Attitude Adjustment. He hesitates again but picks him up. Wade then stops him and doesn’t want Cena stealing his spot light so he gives him the Fireman’s Carry Slam instead. Cena leaves in disgust. I think it would have been better having Cena reluctantly hitting the FU on Orton. Nexus leaves Orton laying in the middle of the ring with shit grins on their faces.


Vicki Guerrero is out after the break. She reminds people who she is and what her position is. She then takes credit for having Smackdown there tonight. The crowd hasn’t boo’d louder than they are right now. She brings out Ziggler. He brags about his looks before shilling out Vicki. This brings out Daniel Bryan to the stage, he says he isn’t a ladies man but he can do better than Vicki. Bryan proposes Champion vs. Champion at the ppv. Ziggler accepts but doesn’t want to wait until Sunday and slaps the shit out of Bryan. Vicki then gets in front of Ziggler but that doesn’t stop Bryan from beating on Ziggler and Bryan getting the LaBell lock on Ziggler at ringside. The Diva’s then come out and surround Vicki in the ring. Gail has a bucket… but its filled with….glitter… stupid. Vicki is pissed and hits the bricks. Bryan is left in the ring with all the Diva’s, they dance and he….does the electric slide and does the splits, he plays that he hurt his balls before dancing more with the diva’s. You know what WWE… FUCK YOU! This kid is a motherfucking talent and a HALF and you bitch him out week after week and for what!? Because you think you know what WE want?! You don’t know shit! God forbid you PUSH a kid that has a following thus making HIS fans YOUR fans. Fuck… sorry but this is frustrating watching them bitch out Bryan and Kaval killing any cred they had.


Natalya vs. Alicia Fox

Crowd is really into Natalya obviously. This doesn’t last long when she gets the Sharpshooter on for the win. She’s celebrating when LayCool come out to clown her. Layla calls Canada’s beer watered down! Haha They go for the cheap heat talking more shit about Canada and the Harts. They then come out and get the best of them. McCool gets the Sharpshooter on Nattie while Layla takes pictures on her iPhone. Natalya then turns the move on McCool and then goes for the Sharpshooter on Layla when McCool drags her off to end this shit.

Winner: Natalya


They recap CM Punk taking Evan Bourne out last week.


Show, Hornswoggle and Teddy Long in the back when Josh comes in and ask him about them showing up tonight. The entire Smackdown roster comes out and Teddy says that’s “vintage”. Haha


They then go into a shill WWE PG13 video package with stars like Snoop, Jeremy Piven and basically anyone who’s ever been on their program or anything WWE guys have been on. Seriously, they don’t suck their own dick enough that we need THIS fucking video!?… Of course they show President Obama, George W., Hilary and John McCain…. Christ. Ok I cant take anymore… FAST FORWARD… Cole wants us to stand up and defend the WWE… Man, on a normal basis I would be defending you fuckers but I know what you are trying to do here! You’re trying to get us to make the WWE look good for Linda and her Senate run. Not for any other reason than THAT. So no assholes. I will NOT be helping you this time.


Sad Cena in the back when Wade stops him, puts his arm around him while Wade says he isn’t done with Orton yet.


So I guess Bobb’e J. Thompson is the guest host. He calls for more boos! Future heel! He intro’s The Big Show as he says he’s going to lead Team Smackdown to victory.


The Big Show w/the entire Smackdown Roster vs. Miz w/the entire RAW Roster

Miz is sporting a “C” on his shirt for Captain. Haha. Miz calls out the entire Raw Roster. Right off the bat, Show rips off Miz’s shirt and chops the shit out of him. Show manhandles Miz and throws him to the outside. Teddy Long then comes out and changes the match to a Battle Royal, Raw vs. Smackdown!



Raw vs. Smackdown Battle Royal

They wait until we come back from break to star the match and it’s a sea of red and blue shirts. Hornswoggle roughs up Cole at ringside and gets on his headset. He snorts, grunts and talks gibberish into the headset. Ugh. Its shit like this that makes Michael Cole right with the shit he talks. And I hate agreeing with his fucking ass. Slowly the herd thins out and Hornswoggle keeps hitting Cole with his Smackdown flag to keep him away. A “we want Bret” chant breaks out again. Edge gets rid of Swagger and Swagger is pissed! Swagger pulls Edge out and puts the ankle lock on him at ringside. Jackson gets rid of Rey, then the tag team champions at the same time! Its Bryan, Jackson and Sheamus vs. The Big Show! Bryan is out first leaving Jackson and Sheamus to double team Show with a suplex! Show gets rid of Jackson and Miz is back in. Miz and Sheamus trying to get rid of Show! Edge is back in and spears Sheamus while Show chokeslams Miz over the top rope! Edge clotheslines Sheamus over the top and its Edge and Show winning the match! Hornswoggle’s runs around the ring like an asshole waving the Smackdown flag.

Winners: Team Smackdown


In the back Nexus and Cena are in the locker room when Wade tells Cena to raise his hand like it will be at the ppv. Sad Cena does it reluctantly. As Wade laughs Sad Cena leaves and we are DONE for the night.

I guess it was a good go home show for the ppv for what it was. I will be interested to see what the numbers are for this show seeing at they had a short time to build to it PLUS a big UFC show the night before…




October 16, 2010

Mascara De Fuego here stepping in for the Great Puma who is in the Ugandan Forest looking for the secrets of the red cave spider monkeys.  Lets see how Team Smackdown shapes up..

Show starts with a shot of Taker on the roof of the arena waiting for Kane. It looks windy up there man, you might want to just come down and wait in the locker room…


Fucking Michael Cole is back.


Teddy Long starts the show announcing that Smackdown will have their own qualifying matches tonight. There is something to be said about having a real life figure head on a show.


Rey Mysterio beat WWE Tag Team Champion Dashing Cody Rhodes to qualify for Team Smackdown. Really good entertaining match. One spot saw Rey going for the 619 and Cody heading out to ringside pointing at his face playing up his gimmic and how he had to protect it. Thought that was a good touch for Cody. That springboard kick off the ropes that Cody does is as solid as it gets with new style moves. The finish comes when Rey finally hits the 619 and the springboard splash for the win. Fresh new match.


In case you didn’t know Legendary is now at Walmart… figures.


How I am suppose to take Big Show seriously when he’s fucking hanging out with a “Flavor Flav” Hornswoggle? Kaval comes in and wants on Team Smackdown. Kaval says everyone starts off slow and then asks Show what he did in his first match, a quick Show states win the World Title on is first match. Well shit. He pleads his case but Show wants “big” superstars. Show says Kaval cant hang to which Kaval Challenges Show tonight and if Kaval can last more than 5 minutes he’ll be on the team. Show accepts.


Pre packaged segment with Paul Bearer and a LOT of effects. Person who set that up HAD to be beat. It’s a “buried alive” match at Bragging Rights… whoopee.


Show comes out to commentary and Cole starts to dig on Show for turning on RAW last year at this ppv.


Jack Swagger beat MVP to qualify for the Smackdown team. Quick ok match. Most of the emphasis was on Show and Cole arguing.


Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez beat Chris Masters to qualify for the Smackdown Team in a short match. After the match Show tried to shake ADR’s hand, instead he gets a wink of the eye. Hey, this isn’t that kind Show fellows.


It seems like you would have to be full retard to go see Knucklehead in the theater, the two days that its out in theaters that is.


Edge beats Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler to be the 5th person to qualify for the Smackdown team. Ziggler doesn’t have Vicki or Kaitlyn on the outside but they are in the back together wanting in on TV. Great spear from Edge to Ziggler who was coming off the ropes. Good match but I just don’t feel Ziggler. After the match Edge and Edge shake hands.


Taker is still on the top of this building looking over an empty court yard. People are inside fool.


Kaval last over 5 minutes with Big Show but Show beat his ass for most of the match. Kaval finally lands a flurry of kicks and the time ends which adds Kaval to team Smackdown. Show lifts Kaval after the match and raises his hand before taking off.


After the break Kaval’s still in the ring when Tyler Reks now sporting a beard trying to look like a surfer dude version of Rob Zombie. He wants to be on Team Smackdown. Long comes out and says he cant let Kaval wrestle but Kaval wants the match… bad move. Reks beats Kaval in under a couple minutes with a Torture rack backbreaker slam. What’s this bullshit about!? Are they really going to try and make this fool a star..and now?! Whatever.


Dashing Cody Rhodes is showing us how to keep our finger nails kept. You should listen.


Kofi Kingston beat WWE Tag Team Champion Drew McIntyre in another short match to qualify for team Smackdown with Trouble in Paradise. I was scared they were going to try and put McIntyre in this shit specially after the crap with Reks.


Taker is off the roof and in the back. Good, it was dangerous up there.


World Champion Kane with Paul Bearer come out to cut a promo on the fans and Taker. Kane brags about Takers failing to beat him for the World Title. No special effects during this promo which means the WWE blew their load on Paul’s promo segment earlier. Kane confirms it will be a Buried Alive match. The crowd chants for Taker and he finally comes out and beats up on Kane. Kane takes off and Taker does Kane’s ringpost pyro thing. Taker then plays up some effect of lightening almost hitting Kane. So I guess Taker is “super” again?


Not a bad night. Most of the night was spent building up Bragging Rights.





October 11, 2010


Show starts off with John Cena coming out to the ring to the usual mixed crowd. Apparently we get smiley face Cena tonight. He sucks up to the crowd then makes some shit about the crowd chanting “never give up” last week. Yeah, I didn’t hear that shit either. He brings up what the deal was and what it entails which is taking orders from Barrett or be fired and how he doesn’t know what he would do without the WWE. He then tells the crowd that he’ll probably do shit that no one likes. And a boring chant breaks out until The Miz and Alex Riley come out to the ring. Miz makes fun of Cena not wanting to lose the fans support. Miz then announces he is the captain of Team RAW, he then offers Cena a spot on his team. Cena thinks it’s a good idea but doesn’t like Miz as captain and says he wants to be captain. This brings out Wade Barrett who says he doesn’t care about RAW or Smackdown, just the WWE Title and how Cena is going to be in his corner and that is it. Cena tries to argue but Wade isn’t having that shit. Alex Riley tries to chime in and says that Cena should be in his corner since if he does win Miz can cash in that night. Miz is pissed because he just gave away the element of surprise. Of course we get a fucking email from the GM and the crowd boos. The GM says it wants to beat Smackdown at the ppv. There will be a match to determine the team captain Miz vs. Cena no matter what Wade says since the GM is in more control than Cena. Miz gets in the face of Wade which leads to Miz and Riley beat on him while Cena watches until Wade calls him over. Cena then cleans house and lands an FU on Riley to end the segment… oh wait Wade is up in Cena’s face for not acting faster to save him.


Ted DiBiase and Maryse in the ring while Ted’s new shitty ass music is playing in the background. They go to footage of last week with Goldust jacking the MDB.


*To determine the first person on Team RAW*

R-Truth w/Eve vs. Ted DiBiase w/Maryse


Cole shits on Truth’s song and is all butt hurt for DiBiase getting his belt jacked. Match is fast paced going back and forth. DiBiase is doing a sit-down spinbuster, I didn’t hate it. Goldust’s music hits, he comes out to the stage with the belt and Aksana. Truth tries to roll up Ted but he kicks up, he then hits his spinning flying forearm for the pin and the win. Eve dance, Truth celebrates and Goldust feels up his own chest.

Winner: R-Truth


*To determine the 2nd member of Team RAW*

John Morrison vs. Tyson Kidd


Cole said this was supposed to be a triple threat with David Hart Smith involved but he was nowhere to be found before the match? Solid kick from Kidd to Morrison who was going to drive to the outside but got kicked in the head instead. Kidd with another solid spot doing a side Russian legsweep when Morrison was doing to spring himself off the ropes for a kick. Great series of exchanges and near pins before Morrison hits a backflip Uranage for the pin. Good shit but too short.

Winner: John Morrison


Nexus in the back with Harris and McGillicutty. Otunga makes it sound like Wade promised them something for helping him out at the ppv but the season 2 rookies aren’t talking. Wade then walks in all pissed off with people wanting him to talk to him with questions. He sends off Harris and Hennig before questioning Otunga about his little talk with Cena. He then tells Otunga he is facing Orton tonight but Otunga talks his way out of it which gets Gabriel the match with Slater and Otunga in his corner.


*To determine the 3rd member of Team RAW*

Santino w/Kozlov vs. Zack Ryder


No seriously, one of these two dudes will be on the RAW team? Maybe if you fucking spent time building these dudes and not treating them like assholes. STRONG Santino chant. HOLY SHIT! Santino hits the Cobra for the pin and the win!!! Tamina then comes in and jumps in the arms of Santino. They “touch cobras” hug it out and Santino has yet another love interest, well again. Crowd was WAY into Santino.

Winner: Santino


WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Justin Gabriel w/Nexus


Why is Orton no-selling Gabriel’s leg kicks, god dammit. Orton takes control fast and it ends out on the floor. Otunga throws a clothesline but Orton ducks. This gets Slater and Otunga booted from ringside. He come back from break and Orton is finally selling Gabriel’s leg kicks but only before he lands a standing dropkick to take the advantage back in the match. Gabriel finally fights back and lands an over the top rope heelo. Gabriel is looking pretty solid here against Orton, lands a series of moves on the Champion. Orton gets a “lets go Orton” chant but nothing near as strong as Santino’s chant earlier. Orton with a sloppy belly to belly. Gabriel heads to the top, Orton is rolling but Gabriel STILL lands part of the 450 splash! Orton favors his arm but still lands the RKO for the win. Orton doesn’t flip out (legit) like he would normally, which means he’ll probably lose his shit in the back. Don’t future endeavor Gabriel cause Orton couldn’t get the fuck out of the way fast enough, that was all his fault.

Winner: Randy Orton


Sheamus does the walk, he gets a rematch against Bryan… fuck.


*To determine the 4th member of Team RAW*

United States Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus


Cole talks shit about Bryan but then goes “but seriously” before talking about Bryan having an uphill battle against Sheamus. so you’re just playing when you talk shit about Bryan? Strong Daniel Bryan chant when Bryan starts fast on Sheamus, teasing the LaBell lock. They go to the outside momentarily which Bryan gets the best of Sheamus with a dropkick onto Sheamus who then hits his back on the ring post. They’re back in the ring when Sheamus finally takes the advantage with a back breaker onto his knee. Bryan finally fights back and while Sheamus is on his knees, Bryan hits a serious of stiff kicks to the his chest before landing the stiffest one to the head! 1….2…TWO and a HALF! Bryan with gets a mission drop kick while the chant starts up again. This doesn’t last long when Sheamus hits a double axe handle to Bryan. Sheamus then picks him up for the Celtic Cross but Bryan rolls thru!!! 1…2….TWO! Broh kick from Sheamus…1…2….3… fuck. Well at least he got a fucking match this week and not the bullshit of last week. Still sucks donkey balls.

Winner: Sheamus


Cena in the back, oh its sad Cena now. Truth comes in and looks like he’s going to have a heart to heart. He says Cena joining Nexus isn’t sitting well with the locker room cause if Wade gives the call, he has to take out any of them. Truth says there is a way out of this and that’s for Cena to just quit. Yeah bitch, quit!


Sappy video package on how the WWE supports the troops. This shit starts with a picture of Hulk Hogan…!? They brag about how they’ve come out to the Middle East the past eight years. I thought word on the street is that this shit isn’t happening this year?! Unless this is just a Linda McMahon fed package. Looks like that is what it is, no mention of going back this year.


*To determine the 5th member of Team RAW*

Evan Bourne vs. CM Punk!


Its official CM Punk is on RAW, minus the SES and the beard… he almost looks odd without the beard. Oh and this fool shaved his chest too! Haha. Bourne tries to get the advantage quick with a Hurricanrana on the outside but Punk sends him head first into the guard railing. Bourne gets the advantage and goes for the Shooting Star but Punk sweeps the legs and hits the Go 2 Sleep for the win. After the match Punk clotheslines Bourne to the outside and sends him to the guard barricade a few times before yelling something about ECW days. He then hits the snake eyes into the steel post. Punk then locks in the Anaconda Vise at ringside while the refs try to pull him off. Punk yells “nothing personal”. He finally lets go and chases the refs off. Good shit for Punk here, not so much for Bourne.

Winner: CM Punk


Punk’s actions are recapped to further put him over.


Natalya is in the ring who’s talking shit about LayCool. She’s saying how she is going to win the Title at the ppv when LayCool interrupts her which their typical shit. They make jokes about Natalya being in HD even though she’s got her dads facial hair. They then show Nattie with her dad’s beard on the screen. She smiles this shit off and makes fun of them for the head set shit from last week. She insults them but they don’t get it. They banter about some shit before they finally leave. The Diva’s show up on the stage keeping LayCool from taking off. They back up into the ring but the Diva’s catch them, Layla is about to get caught in the Sharpshooter when McCool pulls her out and they take off thru the crowd while the Diva’s watch in the ring.


*For the leadership spot on Team RAW*

The Miz vs. John Cena


Cole goes off about Miz being at some kids choice awards where is calls Justin Beiber a “rap star”. Fuck, if that’s the case this is where I tap out of hip hop folks… Anyhow… could this finally be where Miz gets a solid victory on Cena!? The first exchange goes to Cena, Miz goes to the outside but Cena follows. This leads to Riley clotheslining Cena. So Cole says this match is no DQ?? Since when!? We come back from break and Miz has the advantage on Cena. Cena then gets dumped on the outside and Riley beats on Cena some more. Miz then comes out and lands Cena’s head onto the table. Miz sets up for the SCF but Cena fights it off and almost gets the FU when Miz throws him off the table and Cena takes the guard railing to the side. Cena fights back and bounces Miz’s head off the rings steps. He then takes Riley out but Miz is back and sends Cena into the exposed guard rail. They fight back into the ring where Cena goes into his same ol’ shit move set, setting up that stupid you cant see me punch. Miz comes up quick with a kick to the head for a quick 2 count. Miz then hits the backbreaker then neckbreaker combo. Riley then slips Miz the briefcase, he sets up to hit him but misses and Cena locks in the STF. Miz trying to get to the ropes… Riley is now in and HE gets the STF. Hennig and Harris attack Cena! Spinning neckbreaker from Hennig, back splash from Harris… Miz covers….1…2..THREE! Miz is the captain! Hennig and Harris are back in the ring they creep up behind Cena and Cena attacks! Wade then comes in and stops Cena. Wade almost gets punched by Cena when he was stopping him! Cena gets in the face of Wade when we get a fucking email… the GM says if Hennig and Harris want to get involved in matches then they will compete next week in a tag match against Cena and Orton. Wade then gets on the mic and add his own spin. He says if Cena loses he will add Harris and Hennig to the Nexus. Wade then says he is sure that Cena will do the right thing. Wade says that he bets Cena would like to kick his ass but he aint gonna do shit. Cena is flipping out like he’s going to something. Wade says he aint doing shit cause Cena is scared and a coward. Cena gets face to face with Wade but backs down. Wade says he’s embarrass Cena again like at Hell in a Cell. Wade then turns his back to Cena and the crowd is egging Cena on. Cena looks like he’s going to but keeps backing down… bitch I thought you said you never backed down, you lied to the kids fucker. Haha. Wade then calls Cena a disgrace. Cena then puts on his sad Cena face, and then is conflicted if he should walk out. He finally walks out but Wade tells him to stop. Wade then says (and does) the you cant see me hand thingy. Haha. Cena pouty faces up the ramp while Wade smiles away and the show is over.




10-04-10 WWE RAW REVIEW (guest Johnny Knoxville)

October 4, 2010

The show starts right up with the Nexus coming down to the ring, they are all wearing Kool Aid smiles. Wade gets on the mic first, he says before they bring out the new member they have something they have to address. He identified who those assailants were, Harris and McGillicutty who are NOT part of the Nexus nor does he know these people. Wade is then pissed how Nexus could have fucked this all up but he’ll deal with later cause its celebration time! He then intro’s Cena who comes out to no music all sad faced n shit. Wade brings up what brought them to this moment and how this is the best thing to ever happen to him. Tarver brings up being clowned by Cena but the joke is on him now. Tarver has a gift and its an N armband. Cena takes it and mad dogs Tarver. Cena then takes off his own armband to boos from the crowd and reluctantly puts it on. Slater said the transition will be hard but they will all be here for him. He then gives Cena an “official” statement to read. He doesn’t want to read (cause he cant?) but Wade tells him he has to. He starts to read which states he is part of the Nexus and any of their enemies are his. How his fans should stand with him because your either Nexus or against us. Wade then announces Cena is in a tag match against Bourne and Henry and Cena gets to choose his partner. He gets in Tarver’s face again which is his choice. Wade said the match is right now!

John Cena & Michael Tarver vs. Evan Bourne & Mark Henry

Cena starts the match by offering his hand to Evan who ends up shaking it. Tarver yells at him to fight not shake hands, so Cena tags Tarver. Tarver spends most of the time in the ring while Henry and Bourne keep him cornered. Cena reaches for the tag but doesn’t make a huge effort to. Tarver gets close to a tag but Cena pulls away. Tarver gets close again and Cena pulls out a pen and starts signing autographs!? Henry then hits the World Strongest Slam and pins Tarver.

Winner: Mark Henry & Evan Bourne

Cena gets on the mic after and makes a statement of his own, he says he plans one doing one thing while a member of Nexus, destroying it from the inside! He then kicks Tarver out of the ring. Cena then follows Tarver to the outside and clotheslines the shit out of him. Where the fuck is Nexus!? Cena then pulls the steel steps apart and SLAMS Tarver on the steel steps! Come on Nexus, get your asses out there! The crowd chants one more time and Cena listens and SLAMS Tarver again on the steps. He then rolls Tarver into the ring, follows him in and clips his leg and puts Tarver in the STF. Tarver screams in pain until we get an email!… the GM says that if Cena lost he had to join the Nexus. Which he did and because he is a member he must take direction from Barrett and if he doesn’t, even though the GM wouldn’t like doing it he would have to FIRE Cena for violating the terms of the match. BAH! Sad faced Cena is back and he doesn’t know what to do with himself. He takes a knee while the crowd chants for his ass. Sad face then hits the bricks. The crowd is chanting some shit but I cant make it out.

Natalya vs. Alicia Fox

No intros for either chick, they just come back from break and into the match. Natalya makes SHORT work of her with the Sharpshooter.

Winner: Natalya

We come back from break and Knoxville is in the back with the Melina and Gail Kim. Ryder comes in by he gets SLAMMED by that big ass hand from the commercial.

Cena is in the back looking at his new arm band when Josh comes in and asks him about either being Nexus or being fired. He said he cant be in the WWE. he then chases Harris and McGillicutty into the Nexus locker room. Wade stops him and says he saw what he did to Tarver and he has big plans for Cena.

Its Rock-Tober on WWE Classics on Demand… god damn do I miss that motherfucker!

We are back from break and United States Champion Daniel Bryan in the ring, no intro!? What the fuck dude!?

United States Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

Are you fucking kidding me with this fucking match!? Why is he taking on Sheamus right now, god damn you WWE! Needless today Sheamus comes out and pounds the shit out of Bryan so much the ref DQ’s his ass! Sheamus then hits the Razors Edge High Cross on Bryan… fucking stupid yo, they could have put anyone else in there except your US Champion!

Winner: Sheamus

Edge does the walk to the ring, he has to apologize to a laptop tonight… sigh.

The laptop podium is now in the ring with Michael Cole. Cole reads that the GM will not be communicating via that voice anymore but through Cole again. He then throws to the footage of last week where Edge flips out and beat the shit out of the laptop. Cole then reads that two things are going to happen, Edge will apologize and then he will make a huge announcement about the WWE Championship. Edge then comes out to the ring. Cole offers his hand but Edge isn’t shaking it. Edge says he isn’t apologizing and said he is on his crusade against things that are stupid, like the laptop and Cole who’s been stupid since 1997. He said he would rather listen to a recording of JR than Cole! Ha. He then says he’ll have some real attitude when he wins the WWE Title. An email comes in and Cole smiles, he says they are having a 20 battle royal and the winner gets Orton at Bragging Rights. Cole then reads that Edge isn’t in the battle royal because he has been TRADED to Smackdown! Thank fucking god! The crowd then chants SPEAR, SPEAR, SPEAR! Edge then says he’s thankful he doesn’t have to listen to this tool (Cole) and the stupid laptop. Cole is all pissed off because he is the official voice of the WWE and he deserves respect. Edge taughts beating up Cole until the Miz’s music hits. He comes out with Alex Riley. Miz says he wont do shit to Cole because he is the visionary who realized how awesome he was before anyone else. Ha! Cole takes off while Miz tells him everything will be ok. Edge calls Miz an Edge-wannabe. Edge says, you were a trench coat to the ring, check. One name, check. Money in the Bank, check. And Edge was using “Awesome” while Miz was still in high school popping zits! Ha. Miz they are nothing alike and Edge says that’s correct because he’s been WWE Champion. He then runs down all the things he’s done on RAW and how he’s never seen Miz talk to a girl, unless he counts Riley. Riley then calls Miz the future and not to talk to him that way. Edge then says Miz is awesome at tapping out to Daniel Bryan. The crowd then chimes in with “you tapped out”. Miz says that at the ppv he is going to either be wrestling for the title or leading Team RAW to victory so Edge can go off to SyFy and tell all of his new buddies that the Miz is awesome! Edge then calls Miz the WWE’s biggest jackass and then attacks Riley then Miz, sending Miz head first into the GM podium!! The laptop falls to the mat but Edge kicks it to the side while he sets up for the spear on Riley… He then hits that fucker with a Spear but then takes the SCF from Miz!!! Miz then looks down on Edge and says “have fun on Smackdown”. He poses and we are out of this segment.

Cena in the back with Nexus. Wade says Cena did him a favor by beating up on Tarver since he’s been looking to get rid of him for a while. He likes that about Cena. Wade wants Cena to help him win the battle royal tonight. Otunga says that if for some reason Wade gets eliminated, Cena has to help them win. Wade didn’t like that shit, shuts Otunga up and tells Cena to do what he is told or his ass is fired.

The Bella’s vs. LayCool

Oh Christ LayCool are mic’d. fuck they are talking through the match too. This cant be safe. The Bella’s do the switch and the Bella rolls up McCool for the pin. Painful.

Winners: The Bella’s

Knoxville in the back with Maryse, she thinks he sent the letters to Maryse. He said it isn’t then DiBiase comes out and he gets knocked out by the big ass hand! Maryse is pissed but then she gets knocked down by the big ass hand.

Johnny Knoxville comes down to the ring to cheers. People love a jackass. He shills the movie and tries to take off but its too late DiBiase and Maryse come out to the ring. Knoxville makes fun of DiBiase just to get bitch slapped and locked in the Million Dollar Dream. All of a sudden we get more from the stalker, all of a sudden GOLDUST is behind behind Ted and hits his spinning suplex on him!!!! FUCK YEAH PUSH GOLDUST!!! Goldust then says he doesn’t want Ted, he doesn’t want Maryse either, he wants the Million Dollar Title!!!!! YES! He’s making love to the title! Hahah!!! Finally they use Goldust again, this is good shit!

They remind us that NXT is tomorrow night on Lets see if this shit works!

Sad face Cena is in the back looking at his arm band again when Otunga comes in. He tells Cena that Nexus isn’t all back and how Wade can be a bit demanding. He says its not the end and if he ever needs to talk, he is there for him… no homo.

They recap what happened to Jericho last week. Fuck man is there going to be ANY matches tonight?!!? I would fucking be pissed to be there live and just see a bunch of jibber jabber.

20 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal for the #1 Contender spot

Participants: Morrison, Truth, Santino, Kozlov, Sheamus, Cena’s (his music hits but stops and Nexus comes out with Cena trailing behind), Miz, Regal, DiBiase, Kidd, Smith, Primo, Young, Henry, Bourne, Ryder. Bourne is out first like a bitch, then Smith. Two for Sheamus so far. Cena gets rid of Regal. Miz gets rid of Santino. Henry throws Ryder over, then Primo. Henry goes to throw over Wade but Cena makes the save! Nexus beat up on Henry and dump him over. Nexus get in Cena’s face and Cena throws over Otunga! Cena yells he’s not you meaning the agreement was to help Wade only. They argue while the rest of the locker room fights on and we go to commercial. We are back and the herd has been thinned out. Wade got rid of Kozlov during the break and Gabriel and Slater got rid of Young. Cena keeps fighting people off of Wade, guarding him in the corner. Morrison clotheslines Slater over the top rope. Wade in trouble while Cena was in trouble but Cena fights DiBiase off to help Barrett. Morrison now eliminates Kidd. Morrison eliminates MIZ! Truth kicks over Gabriel. DiBiase throws over Truth. Wade throws over DiBiase. Its Morrison, Sheamus, Cena and Barrett! Morrison eliminates himself when kicking Barrett on the ring apron. Cena is beating on Sheamus before Sheamus lands the back breaker on him. Sheamus gets eliminated by Cena!!! Its Barrett and Cena left! The crowd is going ape shit but Wade gives the order for Cena to go. The crowd is losing their shit! Cena thinks about it while he stares at Barrett and gets in his face but reluctantly goes over the top rope onto the apron, pauses then hits the floor!

Winner: Wade Barrett is the #1 Contender!

Randy Orton’s music then hits and the champion comes out to the ring, they circle while they stare. Orton holds up the title while they are face to face and the show is over.

I have to say although there was barely ANY matches tonight it was an exciting show working off the Cena/Nexus angle, sending Edge to Smackdown, Goldust going after the Million Dollar Belt and Barrett becoming #1 contender. Good shit tonight, hate that there wasn’t a lot of matches but good shit none the less.