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Team Chericho gets a froot score of 26 on DWTS

April 18, 2011

Tonight they’re celebrating America.

Congrats to Team Cherico for making it to the halfway point!

Team Chericho performs second.

In the pre-dance video package, Jericho says his goal is to get a score higher than 7 from Len. Cheryl says he’s going to want to have good technique to impress Len.

He wants to prove that he’s a top contender in the competition.

Team Chericho performed a Viennese Waltz to a soulful rendition of Oh Beautiful. It was nice but it’s hard to appreciate a dance when the song is this mellow. Here’s what the judges gave them.

Bruno: 9 Big yet graceful. Strong, yet elegant. It was absolutely wonderful.

Carrie Ann: 9 I feel like we’ve underestimated you. Tender.

Len: 8 It was a little bit flat footed. Work a little bit more on the footwork.

My Take ~ Score: 7

I’m always going to be favorable when it comes to Jericho. With that being said, I liked this performance but I didn’t love it. Jericho looked like he was thinking a little too much tonight but he did provide a strong and sturdy frame to showcase the beautiful and amazing Cheryl Burke. It was a solid performance and the judges seemed to LOVE it…except for Len.

Wow. I didn’t expect the judges to give Team Chericho a whopping score of 26! This assures them a spot in the competition for at least another week or two. I think Jericho is winning people over with his great interviews and personality. He busted out a Justin Bieber reference during his post-performance interview. It was almost like reading a page of his pop reference-laden book. He was close to the top today but Hines Ward remains as one of the front-runners of the season.

After the jump we’ll see how the rest of the cast did.


The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla returns on DWTS (April 11, 2011)

April 12, 2011

It’s Classical Week! All the dancers will be dancing to classical pieces. A 46 member orchestra will provide the music.

The DWTS Dance Troop performed a Pasodoble clinic for the audience.

A brunette Chris Jericho, who looked like he borrowed CM Punk’s hairdo, performed eighth with his partner, Cheryl Burke. They performed the Pasodoble to In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg.

In the preceding video package, he says that he’s back as Chris Jericho. Cheryl says that they need his arrogant wrestling persona for the Pasodoble. They show WWE footage of him in the ring.

Jericho cuts a promo on the Pasodoble and manages to namedrop the Rock and Mr. Baby Gap.

This was a well-executed performance to my untrained eye and the crowd seemed to respond pretty well.

In the post-dance interview Chris Jericho dropped this cheesy gem:

“Cheryl helped me go from Charlie Brown to Charlie Sheen tonight.”

Dork. The judges were very kind in their critiques. They gave Team Chericho a score of 23. Here’s a brief summary of what they said.

Bruno 8 – He got the accent so well. EXCELLENT!

Carrie Ann 8 – He was so connected to the music.

Len 7 – The dance wasn’t bad. The music conquered him. (The crowd turned on Len at this moment)

My Take ~ Score: 8

I’m happy to say that Jericho did well tonight in my eyes as well as the judges. If he’s on the bottom again, you can blame the sports entertainment world that he came from. He’s not a movie star, nor a pop singer. He’s a celebrity in the art of pro wrestling. If he gets eliminated tomorrow, I just don’t think the mainstream audience was ready to embrace a pro wrestler not named Dwayne the Rock Johnson. I personally don’t think that Jericho will be eliminated tomorrow but you never really know which way the public is going to vote. I think Kendra is probably going to be eliminated tomorrow.

After the jump we’ll see how the rest of the cast did.