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October 19, 2010


Ok so I’m watching this shit with my pants off. At least I’ll try and get something from this show tonight…


Show starts off by Striker intro’ing the rookies individually. He says we’re at the half way point on the show. He congratulates AJ and Naomi on their challenge wins last week. Vicki interrupts Striker, she doesn’t like how he’s talking highly of the rookies and then she gives Kaitlyn shit for what she is wearing. Vicki says she is recommitting herself to being her Pro again. Vicki got her a gift cause her looks are bothering her. She brought her a hoodie and the crowd is hating on Vicki. Yeah Vicki, don’t put MORE clothes on these chicks! Maxine says to put the sweatshirt so we can move on and how she would rather have HER as her Pro. Alicia Fox is pissed and comes down to the ring at what Maxine said. Alicia and Vicki banter back and forth until Alicia challenges Vicki, rookie vs. rookie…. And we get a match instead of a challenge. That’s good… right?


Someone fucked up and they are showing the Smackdown commercial from 2 weeks ago…


This Big Show movie looks bad… real bad.


Maxine w/Alicia Fox vs. Kaitlyn w/Vicki Guerrero

Kaitlyn has been coaxed into wearing the hoodie and is going to wear it during the match. Vicki and Alicia are mic’d on the ring apron, so it didn’t work for LayCool but it will work here!? Cole and Josh are straight up talking shit about this segment and are now talking about Eastbound and Down?! Cole is now take a phone call and walks off the announce table to take the call?! Dude this is retarded. Now Tony Chimmel is talking to whoever Cole was talking to… this is fucking bizarre. Cole was talking to his “mom”. Yeah these girls are fucking green but you’re the ones who put them on TV. Maxine wins with a roll up.

Winner: Maxine


We get the “stand up for WWE” video again. Look man, it ain’t our fucking wife running for Senate. Look, any other day of the week I would stand up for these assholes (even during some fucking stupid angles and segments) but I’m not standing up for you cocks because you’re getting buried in the media because of this political bullshit. Fend for yourselves, you got yourself into this shit. Man I hope she loses this shit so we can get back to normal.. or whatever THAT is in the WWE Universe.


Its challenge time, who’s that body. They put up a picture of someone from the neck down and they guess…


Naomi gets Cody.

Kaitlyn gets Kelly Kelly

Kaitlyn gets Morrison

Naomi gets Maryse

AJ gets Cena

AJ gets Gail Kim

Maxine gets Kozlov

Naomi gets Melina…. Naomi wins.


Needless to say this was a cluster fuck, the last thing they needed to do was give these chicks air horns. Wow that was annoying.


Goldust and Aksana in the back, he brings up asking her to marry her to help her out with her visa problems. To make this shit official he get her a ring, its tacky. He tries to go in for a kiss but pulls away. Dammit you’re finally pushing this dude again don’t fuck it up with cheesy shit!


Another Make a Wish commercial. We get it you’re charitable peoples.


The rookies are out again for the next challenge… it’s a fucking limbo contest with actual limbo music… they go round and round and the bars lower and lower, oh man. This is boner city and I am the mayor. Naomi wins this shit and before I got to climax. Bullshit.


Kelly Kelly & Naomi vs. The Bella’s

Cole says he doesn’t get on the internets but this fool has a Twitter and said he read that Naomi could knock him out ON Twitter… oh and let’s not forget this fool gets emails from the GM. I hate to say it but these rookies make the Bella’s look like the Hardy boys… and Kelly Kelly is HBK… ok maybe not. Solid “we want Goldust” chant out of nowhere. This shit breaks down when Nicki and Naomi get into a cat fight. Nicki’s all heel on Naomi. Josh is now getting pissy with Cole cause all he wants to do it pick a fight. Kelly i shocked at this heel style Nicki. Nicki is sent to the outside but Nicki sweeps the leg of Naomi, throws her sister to the outside and makes the cover for the win. Bre doesn’t look too impressed by her sisters actions, but gets her hand raised none the less.

Winners: The Bella’s


Ok so that’s over and I have to put my pant back on…