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Smackdown [July 12, 2013]

July 12, 2013

0 - smackdown new logo April 2013

Daniel Bryan and Christian open the show with a pro wrestling clinic


Smackdown [April 12, 2013]

April 12, 2013

0 - smackdown new logo Dec 2011 440

Chris Jericho proves again that he’s the MVP of the WWE roster.


Super Smackdown Live [December 18, 2012]

December 18, 2012

Super Smackdown 2012

The Shield take out the luchadores and Big E. Langston punks Super Cena again.


11-09-12 WWE RAW

November 12, 2012

Lawler is back and its not long before they turn a heart attack into an angle….


11-05-12 WWE RAW

November 5, 2012


This company has no fucking idea on how to long-term booking…


10-01-12 WWE RAW

October 1, 2012


Feels like a NO Cena kinda night…


09-03-12 WWE RAW

September 3, 2012

Maybe I am enjoying myself too much on this fine Labor Day holiday or this was kind of a weird episode for me….


07-30-12 WWE RAW

July 30, 2012


Fire is now the biggest deal in the WWE…