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NWA Hollywood Thoughts & Review [March 18, 2011]

March 18, 2011

Austin Aries promo

  • Aries says that Scorpio Sky’s 2 wins are a fluke and that he needs to even their series 2-2. It’s no laughing matter.

~ Aries = gold. Period.

Famous B promo

  • He tells Ray Rosas that he doesn’t forget anything. He’s going to get his payback.


Your new NWA World Heavyweight Champion, COLT CABANA

March 6, 2011

Boom Boom Colt Cabana defeated Scrap Iron Adam Pearce at the NWA Hollywood Tapings in Los Angeles today. Congratulations to one of the most talented and hardest working wrestlers in world today. It’s about time he gets what he deserves. Watch the video below of his victory celebration. Great stuff.

*Picture courtesy from David Lagana’s twitter


NWA Hollywood Thoughts & Review [airdate: March 4, 2011]

March 4, 2011

Jerek Mathews and Ruben Iglesias battle to a no contest

  • They shake hands at the start!
  • Mathews hits a tornado snap suplex. Interesting.
  • Iglesias rallies and Jason Watts comes in and greets him with a big boot.
  • Watts gives Mathews a huge Crucifix Bomb.

Jason Watts in-ring interview

  • He calls out Joey Ryan.


NWA Hollywood Thoughts & Review [airdate: Jan 7, 2011]

January 12, 2011

This prompt review is for the NWA Hollywood episode that originally aired last Friday on January 7! You can see the whole episode over at

Adam Pearce comes out and, like a classic heel, he demands the interviewer to hold the ropes open for him. Pearce speaks:

  • He talks about how he’s still the Champion of the World and that Colt Cabana needs to come out and finish their match right now.

The announcers play up the notion that Cabana may have a fractured neck.

Cabana’s music plays but he doesn’t come out. The ref counts to ten and raises Pearce’s hand in ‘victory’.


NWA Hollywood Thoughts & Review [airdate: Dec 31, 2010]

January 2, 2011

First off Happy New Year from Fighter Hayabusa!

This show was broadcast last Friday, December 31. I apologize for the lack of a Smackdown review. That should be coming soon if time permits. On with the show. Also, there are no fancy gifs this week since the fine folks at NWA Hollywood haven’t uploaded this particular episode.


NWA Hollywood Thoughts & Review [Dec 3 2010]

December 5, 2010

The announcers hype up Adam Pearce’s World Title defense against Willie Mack with Colt Cabana as the guest referee. One of the announcers plays the heel and says that Pearce will keep the title.

Rico Dynamite walks out. He’s from Redondo Beach, CA. Local guy!

Adam Pearce walks out with a mic and tells Dynamite to get the hell out of his ring.

  • He complains about being ordered to defend the title tonight and the people don’t deserve it.
  • He calls himself the Scrap Daddy and puts down the crowd some more.

Skull Krusher Rache Brown comes out and Pearce slowly retreats out of the ring.

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