Money in the Bank – Thoughts

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Who is our new Mr. Money in the Bank!?

-Show started with a touching tribute to Dusty Rhodes where all of the roster, including the McMahon’s stood under the Titantron while they did a 10 bell salute. So sad.
-The show starts off with the Money im the Bank Match… why??? Match was ok not the best of these matches. No a lot of highspots for this specific match which is usually the highlight of the WWE ppv schedule. Kind of a bummer actually. Sheamus was probably my last pick if not my 2nd to last… This was a wasted briefcase giving it to this guy. No one outside of Ireland gives a fuck about this dude. ┬áLame.
-Divas title match got some time. Nikki has improved a lot. Bella”s pull twin magic but Paige rolls up Brie for the pin. Ref realizes and the match continues (instead of calling a DQ) with Nikki landing the sucker punch elbow and her finisher to retain. eh.
-Big Show won by dq against I-C Champ Ryback when Miz who was on commentary got involved in the match. Match was meh.
-Owens vs. Cena was another stellar match between these two. Cena picked up this one after 3 AA’s to Owens for the pin. Cena played nice after the match and wanted to shake hands with Owens, who did but then took Cena out with the powerbomb on the ring apron. Good shit and the feud continues!
-Tag team title match was entertaining and Big E was the MVP in the match for me which included his promo at the beginning… even though the did the title switch giving the belts to the Prime Time Players for some odd reason.
-The main event got a lot of time and was decently brutal. Rollins worked over the leg of Ambrose which was a good story for the match. No a lot of highspots in this ladder match either. Both guys came down with the belt but rollins ended up with it to retain. Solid main event but it seems like something lacked in this match and I wasn’t quite sure what it was.
-Mascara De Fuego –

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