05-18-15 WWE RAW




-Hunter and the returning Stephanie started the show. They go over the win last night by Seth Rollins while crapping on Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose. They then unveil the Intercontinental Championship… it’s the same belt, no reason to “unveil” it… Steph shits on Bryan for being “granola” and not having a TV. She brings up the obvious about Bryan having to relinquish 2 titles in 2 years… sigh… They then announced that the title will be decided in an Elimination Chamber match in two weeks. They are putting over this match when Sheamus interrupts them… please don’t let this ass clown win this belt… he sucks off both Steph and Hunter before pleading his case on why they should just hand his ass over the title because he took out Daniel Bryan, the previous champion. Ryback then interrupts him to put over Bryan for the cheap pop. Steph puts both of these goof balls in the Chamber match while Hunter makes this match for now…


-The match between Ryback and Sheamus was SLOW, crappy way to start the night thus far… Sheamus focused on the injured ribs. Sheamus went for a brogue kick and caught a powerbomb, that was decent. They went on to beat the crap out of each other for the last part of the match. Sheamus plays off something happening to his eye and with the accidental help of the ref, Ryback took a brogue kick for the pin and the win for Sheamus.


-Steph, Hunter, J&J, Kane and Seth Rollins celebrate what they are calling “Architect of a Dream” celebration. Ambrose shows up and grants Rollins a rematch because he’s beating Rollins before. They all walk off leaving Ambrose and Kane behind. He shits on Kane and he’s put in a match tonight against Bray Wyatt.


-Renee Young conducts an in ring interview with Neville. He’s cutting a fairly basic promo when he’s interrupted by Bo Dallas. This ended up in a brawl between the two even though Neville is taking King Bad News Wade Barrett the 1st… I took a short nap here.


-Rusev was out… by himself and cuts a promo about speaking for himself. This got chants for Lana while he claims he didn’t lose last night. He calls out Cena so they can do this match over but instead gets Lana. She says she was protecting him last night and she did the right thing for him. Rusev then quits Lana and sends her packing, awe… the duo is over.


-Dean Ambrose took on Bray Wyatt in what seemed like a way better match than what they’ve had in the past… They beat the shit out of each other. It would be J&J that cause the distraction in this one, setting up for a sister Abigail for the Wyatt win. Good match!


-We got a rematch for the tag team titles but this time Xavier Woods was banned from ringside. Match wasn’t as good as last night and got thrown out when the ref lost control. Woods then came down as did the Lucha Dragons, the Matadores, the Ascension and the Prime Time Players for the brawl… seems like these are all the teams in the Elimination Chamber match.


-John Cena was up next for another US Title Open Challenge. He cuts a promo about all of us being proud Americans. Tonight’s challenger is… NXT CHAMPION KEVIN OWENS!!! Owens cuts a promo on that it was he who injured Sami Zayn not Cena and how he’s going to finish him off on Wednesday. Owens stops Cena from giving him advice and tells him that he’s been doing this LONGER than Cena. Cena then reminds Owens that the Open Challenge is still open… Owens says he’s already got a championship then jumps Cena and hit the pop up power bomb on Cena! Owens then takes the US Title and STEPS on it while he stands over Cena! DOPE! This got “fight Owens fight!” chants.


-So far the Elimination Chamber match for the IC Title is… Rusev, Truth (WHY?), Sheamus, Ryback and King Bad News Wade Barrett… one spot is left.


-Dolph Ziggler took on… Stardust… ?! Ziggler wins. Michael Cole interviewed Ziggler after the match about this huge cut on his forehead and how he’s in the Elimination Chamber match… he’s a little too excited about holding this cursed title… all of a sudden Lana walks down to the ring… Ziggler and Lana eye fuck for a bit too long before kissing! Oh my! Ziggler looked around after like he was looking to get jumped but it never happened. This got a “one more time” and they obliged. Odd. Rusev finally showed up and beat on Ziggler. He was none too happy about these shenanigans. Rusev then ate a SLAP from Lana! Before he could do anything about it he then ate a zig zag! And with that, Lana and Rusev for done, done.


-Kane was walking in the back when he runs into Adam Rose and Rosa making out… even more odd after that ESPN E:60 special.


-Luke Harper & Erick Rowan took on… Fandango & Zack Ryder… what the fuck is going on with these matches in hour three!? You know who won…


-Steph runs into the Bella’s in the back and gives Brie a tough time about Daniel Bryan sarcastically. She sets up counseling sessions for Brie… oh god, please no! not Brie acting with a shrink! She bans Brie from heading to the ring with Nikki tonight.


-Nikki Bella took on Naomi with Tamina for the Diva’s Championship. The match happened but Tamina broke up the match when it looked like Nikki was going to win. The retuning Paige then returned and cleared house. Paige then hit Nikki with rampage before posing with the title.


-Renee interviews Kevin Owens shortly after he was talking to Hunter. He’s getting Cena at Elimination Chamber, DOPE!


-The final segment of the show was this sick sucking celebration for Seth Rollins. This consisted of Kane, Steph, Hunter, J&J and Rollins all standing around sucking up to the champion and his accomplishments. This even got a video package… Dean Ambrose finally interrupted this gang bang segment to demand another title shot. Steph then tells Rollins to get Ambrose… this spills brawl spills to the outside with J&J getting taken out. Ambrose then uncovers a stack of cinder blocks at ringside and holds Rollins hostage until Steph promises to give him the title shot. J&J stop Ambrose from taking the chair shot but get beaten down again. Kane finally gets involved which led to Ambrose taking the pedigree from Rollins to end the night.



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