WWE Payback



– Why did they waste time with R-Truth vs. Stardust on the preshow!? Truth won…

– Megpowers vs. The Ascension was crap. Sandow took the fall for a bad commentary joke calling it the “Fall of Mandow”… Really?

– Sheamus vs. Ziggler was fine. Ziggler got busted open hard way and was a bloody mess! Sheamus won with the brogue kick.

– New Day vs. Kidd & Cesaro was match of the night. Woods was great at ringside. K&C won the first fall. Kofi got the pin for the 2nd fall. Woods ran in and pinned Kidd for the 3rd pin without the ref knowing it was him and not Kofi. Good stuff.

– Wyatt vs. Ryback was better that I thought it would be but the match was in a bad spot after that tag match. Both pulled out new moves in this one. Wyatt got the sister abigail for the win. Ryback might be legit injured after that one.

– Cena vs. Rusev in the I Quit Match was up next. It was LONG. Both dudes did work hard but after FOUR straight ppv matches, I am over this feud. Cena passed out during the accolade but because he couldn’t say “I quit” the match wasn’t over. I wasn’t high on the finish which saw Cena put the STF while using the ring rope which Rusev had unfasten… He’s used this finish before against Umaga… Lana basically quit for Rusev…? Odd, since they made a big deal that Cena had to say “I quit”…

– King Bad News Wade Barrett took on Neville next. Average match that we have seen before and didn’t have a finish because KBNWB walked out and got counted out. Whatever. They brawl after the match with Neville getting the red arrow… why not just do the clean finish then!?

– Main event saw Reigns vs. Orton vs. Ambrose vs. Rollins in the Fatal 4 Way. Match saw Reigns and Ambrose teaming up quite a bit. Kane and J&J spent a lot of time interfering in this match. The Shield then reunited to deliver a super power bomb to Orton threw the announce table. That didn’t last long as Reigns and Ambrose then beat up on Rollins before both ended up in the ring to fight each other. The finish saw Rollins give Orton a pedigree for the win. Match was pretty good but the tag match was definitely the highlight.

– Mascara De Fuego for FighterHayabusa.com OUT!

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