05-11-14 WWE RAW




-Why am I doing this live and not tomorrow with the HULU Edition…!?

-Limo pulls up in the back and it’s the returning Triple H… Booker T proclaims “this is going to be good!”… we’ll see about that sucka. Hunter came out to the ring and says “daddy’s home” then quickly goes into the issues with Rollins and Kane. He then has Rollins come down to the ring, he kisses his ass while the crowd chanted “we want Ambrose”. Seth calls Kane a cancer for what has happened in Hunter’s absence. Crowd isn’t letting up on the Ambrose chants. He wants him taken out like Old Yeller… This of course brings Kane down who threatens Rollins, they argue and Hunter broke it up… Hunter tells Kane to be a team player then calls Rollins irritating even though he’s what’s best for business… Triple H then claims that if Rollins doesn’t win on Sunday maybe the Authority won’t need Kane’s services anymore. He then wants to know how invested Kane is by putting him in a match with Roman Reigns… Rollins gets Randy Orton… Jamie Noble makes the mistake of shit talking Hunter, he puts them in a match with Ambrose… Chatty segment, they could have done this all on less time.


-Best sign so far, “I Love Lamp”.


-Dean Ambrose strolled right pass Hunter, Kane and Rollins for his match which was next. Solid reaction in his home town. Mercury and Noble actually got in a lot of defense. Its easy to forget how good a workers these two are when they are just portraying lackeys. Ambrose got the win when he hit Noble with the Dirty Deeds for the pin. Fun stuff and the live crowd loved it.


-Goof ball Sheamus came down for commentary during the Dolph Ziggler and King Bad News Wade Barrett. I think Ziggler is trying out for Steel Panther… Barrett talked a lot of shit before the match which got him a super kick for it. This match was fine up until this fucking distraction finish bullshit that’s been plaguing RAW for the last couple of years… KBNWB wins with the bull hammer. After the match Sheamus kicks around Ziggler before hitting him with a brogue kick…


-Erick Rowan with Luke Harper come out together… apparently Rowan came out after Harper’s match with Fandango from Friday and beat on him as well… Rowan is taking on Fandango tonight… this would be a good match for Adam Rose to make the save for Fandango, especially after that E:60 special… it wasn’t though and Rowan made quick work of Fandango… they beat on him after the match and just walked off…


-John Cena was out for this week’s US Title Open Challenge… he cuts a promo that started with a mixed bag of reactions until he got all “USA” about stuff and things. He kind of shits on the WWE Title and how some will never hold that title but he gives people opportunities. This week’s opponent is… Neville! They started off slow with a chain wrestling exchange. After the commercial break, Neville was able to get aerial. He hit a nice springboard onto Cena on the outside. This was a pretty good back and forth match which got a “this is awesome” chant. Neville, like Zayne kicked out of the AA. Neville got the Red Arrow and was going for the pin when Rusev came in and attacked him for the DQ. Cena then ate a Rusev super kick and the accolade before the ref pulled him off of Cena. The crowd broke out into a “we want Lana” as he posed with the US Title and the Russian flag. I gotta say, I am NOT a fan of John Cena’s character but this incarnation of Cena with the US Title, I have been enjoying. Doing matches with the mid card guys has been a good proving ground with a lot of these guys.


-Why does Michael Cole keep calling the pay per view, Paper Back??


-Kane was up next for his match with Roman Reigns. Kane wouldn’t even let Reigns get over the barricade before beating on him at ringside. This lasted a bit. Reigns would spear Kane over the announce table to end the segment.


-Getting sleepy…


-Brie with Nikki took on Tamina with Naomi. Long match with Tamina winnng it.


-Axelmania was up next to take on Macho Mandow… sigh… Sandow does a crappy Macho Man impression… I thought he dumped all this crap after the promo on RAW a couple of weeks back… sigh. Mid match the Ascension came out to interrupt to shit on these imitations… they tried to attack which led to AxelMania and Mandow to team up against these goof balls… Mandow and AxelMania shook hands ala the Mega Powers…


-Up next was the returning Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan who got a great reaction in Cincinnati. He goes over seeing a lot of doctors lately and missing these type of reactions. How last year he was stripped of the WWE Title because of injury. He said he deserved the title taken from him last year because he could not defend it. He then said that he’s had an MRI and they don’t know when he can come back to wrestle, if ever… so he’s vacating the IC Title… god dammit… He gets a “thank you Daniel” chant. He thanks the crowd before leaving the title in the middle of the ring and walking off… well this sucks assholes… He leads one last YES chant before heading to the back… and this is why they never should have rushed this dude back and let him fully heal in the first place. Fuck man.


-fuck this, I’m going to bed and not finishing this show… sorry.

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