-Randy Orton started the show, he goes over the name of the next pay per view being Payback and him getting that on Rollins. Also, the addition of Roman Reigns to their match which beings him out… the crowd chanted “RKO” at him. They banter back and forth about getting in each others way. They get interrupted by… the New Day… they get a lot of “New Day, sucks” chants while they got jokes… Its goofy but its working. They challenge Orton & Reigns to a 3 on 2 match next… Match was fine, New Day gets the big win when Reign hits Orton with the spear when Kofi moves out the way for the Kofi pin… this segment isn’t over yet as we get Kane (and his purple tie) out. He makes Reigns vs. Orton for tonight…


-New Day celebrates as Kane passes by them in the back and into Rollins with J&J. Rollins gives him shit for trying to make things up to Rollins. Kane makes a bad Santa Claus joke… Kane puts Rollins in a rematch against Dean Ambrose with J&J banned from ringside. Rollins isn’t happy and storms off…


-Renee Young was in the ring to conduct an interview with Ryback who dresses up for the occasion, he wore is house-clothes. The crowd started with a “Goldberg” chant which he acknowledged so they crowd chanted “Feed Me More”… he goes on about injuries he’s had in the past and how Bray Wyatt being the new face of fear doesn’t faze him. Wyatt shows up on the titantron for a promo.


-Rollins vs. Ambrose was up next but before the match started Kane was out to let Rollins know that if Ambrose beats Rollins he will be added to the Payback main event! This was a really hot match, crowd was heavily into it! Rollins almost wins the match via count out but Ambrose made it back in the ring at the 9 count. J&J come down to interfere but instead Ambrose rolls up Rollins for the pin and now he gets added to the ppv main event! I can watch these two beat the shit out of each other every night.


-in the back Rollins his shit on Kane but Kane is the cooler head in all this shit.


-Byron Saxton is in the back with Lana, she’s asked about the reaction she’s been getting lately. She ignores it… Fandango walks up and tells her to embrace it… Rusev walks up and loses his shit before his match with Fandango. On the way to the ring, Lana gets a loud ovation. Fandango flirted with Lana at ringside and had her do the Fandango’ing dance… Rusev lost his shit and sent her to the back. Fandango got the advantage on Rusev briefly after this but all for not… accolade and the tap out.


-John Cena is out for another open challenge when Bret “Hitman” Hart comes out! Cena plays shocked at this. Hart gets on the mic and is going to introduce a great wrestler… but gets Heath Slater… he goes on about people stopping him from getting his proper US Title match… the Hitman hits him with the mic then introduces SAMI ZAYN! Montreal loses their shit! Zayn looked like he pulled a muscle in his arm when coming out to his entrance… shit… we’re mid match after the break and a few minutes in and we’re getting the red throwing up the X for an injury… the medic checks Zayn’s arm but he’s continuing with the match and even hit his signature dive to the outside! He even got in his hurricane DDT threw the ring post! He even got a kick out of the AA! Of course it was all for not when Cena got his off the rope stunner into the AA for the pin… Cena lifted the beaten Zayn and raised his arm after the match. Zayn got a great reaction after the match. Good shit even with the kid being injured.


-King Bad News Wade Barrett was out next… dude has had a lot of fucking names… he teamed up with Sheamus and took on Neville and Dolph Ziggler. A Mohawk and a crown and I still don’t give a fuck about either of these dudes… the new “King” wins with a bull hammer on Neville…


-J&J come out for the main event, Noble is the announcer for the night… Mercury is the bell boy… Kane is the ring enforcer… Rollins is the guest commentator for Reigns vs. Orton… match was ok but we thrown out when the Authority takes Orton and Reigns down. This got a “we want Ambrose” chant which then leas to Ambrose coming out to join this mess. Rollins is then left in the ring alone with his three competitors at the ppv… he then eats a spear by Reigns but Reigns eats an RKO! Ambrose ain’t having that shit and hits a Dirty Deeds on Orton to be the last man standing as the show ends!

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