04-27-15 WWE RAW & KING OF THE RING 2015




-Its King of the Ring night one!… But before that we get a talky segment… World Champion Seth Rollins is out with J&J and Kane. Rollins brags about stuff and things. He claims he beat Orton all by himself, that shit didn’t sit well with Kane. He thanks Kane while shit talking him and comparing him to the crypt keeper. Kane isn’t having this and calls out the fact that Rollins used a banned move in the RKO last night. They bicker back and forth before Orton comes out to join this nonsense, he wants a rematch… before this could go any farther, Roman Reigns is out with a new t-shirt… it doesn’t say “I can, I will” since that didn’t pan out. Reigns is trying to get his own title shot. Kane pulls a Teddy Long and makes a tag match for tonight… Reigns & Orton will take on Kane & Rollins… oh and Kane will let Rollins know who is opponent for WWE Payback will be tonight.


-King of the Ring Tournament: Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett… Early going of the match, Barrett kept Ziggler grounded. Things evened out before fucking Sheamus came out to brag about this “arse” kissing last night… that of course set up the bull hammer shot by Barrett to advance in the tournament.


-new tag team champions, New Day were up next. Looks like they are using the old “Freebird rule” where any 2 of the 3 will defend the titles. Woods tries to lead a “New Day rocks” chant but it didn’t go well. Kidd took on Big E in a singles match. This was a SHORT match… Woods held down Kidd’s leg for the Big E pin…


-Ryback took on Bo Dallas. Before the match Dallas gave Ryback a chance to leave… he didn’t take it and instead squashed Dallas again. After the match the lights go out and Bray Wyatt is in the ring, he attacks Ryback and hits sister Abigail. Vengeance for this little brother?


-John Cena was out for yet another US Title Open Challenge. He cut a promo on how Rusev got himself yet another rematch. He says Rusev keeps his pimp hand strong then takes it back real quick, probably realizing what he said… ooops. Could be misconstrued that Rusev is aggressive with Lana. He then goes over the I Quit match and how if Rusev beats him he wont get a rematch. After his promo, Heath Slater accepts the challenge… he cut a promo but then got taken out by Rusev on the stage. Lana then came out waving n shit but Rusev sent her ass back to the locker room. Dick. This got a “we want Lana” chant from Green Bay. He then cut a promo on how Cena will quit at the ppv. The Russian flag drops and Cena looks all concerned n shit.


-More shenanigans between Rollins and Kane in the back. People can vote on the WWE App and the choices are 1-Randy Orton 2-Roman Reigns and 3-both Orton and Reigns…


-King of the Ring Tournament: R-Truth vs. Stardust. I don’t know why this match was in the tournament or why Truth won this match… the fuck?! Looks like Barrett has an easy match in the next round…


-Fandango was out to his old theme to take on Adam Rose… why don’t these dudes just make a tag team… Rosa was a rosebud which distracted Fandango for the pin by Rose… sigh. Rosa cuts a promo after the match aligning herself with Rose… they make out…


-Michael Cole goes over Daniel Bryan being injured and cuts to Renee with Brie Bella in the back to talk about it. Still NO ONE is saying what the fucking issue is… Naomi knocks Brie down mid sappy sentence… sigh. This set up a match after the break between these two. I did not watch this shit but Naomi won.


-King of the Ring Tournament: Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus. This was brawl the whole time. Ziggler attacked Sheamus thus fucking Sheamus advances… what. the. fuck.


-fuck this tournament…. I’m going to bed and finishing this bullshit tomorrow… come on now, Ambrose was an easy choice.


-Ok its Tuesday and I’m to finish this crap…


-Damien Sandow was in the ring after the break, no music. He gives us a history on his gimmicks over the years and how he was told he was not entertaining… he said he lost respect in the back because of the MIZdow character but gained so much more with the WWE Universe. He said he wasn’t sure where he was going to go from here before he was interrupted by AxelMania who says he cant stand a guy who tries to be someone else… funny. Sandow then mimicked Axel… oh man… this was going so well before this… the live crowd dug it though. They brawled before Sandow got his fancy elbow and a leg drop.


-We get a Bray Wyatt promo on what transpired tonight… que?


-I don’t care about seeing audition tapes for Tough Enough…


– King of the Ring Tournament: Neville vs. Luke Harper. Fasted paced match until Harper grounded Neville. He did get a hurricanranna on the apron to Harper on the outside. Uh… did Booker T just say that Owen Hart “didn’t defy gravity”!?! dude… not fucking cool… anyhow, Neville got a moonsault from the top rope to the outside onto Harper which was dope. Harper was getting in some solid suplexes. Neville would put Harper away with the red arrow. This was the best match of the tournament thus far.


-Main event time…Roman Reigns and Randy Orton took on Seth Rollins and Kane… the odd thing about this was that it was the WWE App poll that was being pushed all night more than this match. Rollins got “Justin Bieber” chants off the bat… hopefully that wont stick. This was a SLOW match… and more distracting was the announce team talking more about this WWE app poll than this fucking match. This was SO distracting that I found myself forwarding the match just to get to the end… miscues between Rollins and Kane lead to Kane losing his shit which would lead Rollins into taking a superman punch into an RKO for the pin… after the match Kane announced the poll results… we’re getting a triple threat match for the WWE Title at the next ppv with 78% of the vote. Rollins ate a spear to end the show.


-We’re continuing on here with the King of the Ring Tournament…


-the special started with a graphic for Verne Gagne who passes away last night. RIP.


-The definitely are treating this thing like a mini pay per view which is an awesome idea.


-Jerry Lawler started the show recapping what’s gone on in the tournament thus far.


-Byron Saxton interviewed Sheamus in the back, he thinks he’s going to be the 2 time KOTR winner.


-Renee Young had Neville for his thoughts on tonight. He runs down his WWE career and what he’s accomplished thus far.


-King of the Ring Tournament:  Neville vs. Sheamus. Fast paced match, Sheamus is just trying to keep up with Neville before he finally grounded him. This got stiff when Sheamus pushed Neville off the ring apron and onto the announce table. Ziggler came out mid match to return the favor from last night… this of course caused the distraction into the red arrow by Neville for the pin and the win. After the match Ziggler ran down to beat on Sheamus and to collect his “arse kissing”… both would end up brawling before refs came out to separate them. Crowd chanted “let them go” and Sheamus was BUSTED open in this brawl, that put over this brawl for sure!


-Seems like a lot of people might be hitting the WWE Network tonight because I keep getting the occasional buffering.


-Renee interviewed Bad News Barrett, he’s not fazed by R-Truth tonight.


-Byron had R-Truth, he’s afraid of spiders and is going to get rid of them all when he becomes King… ?


-King of the Ring Tournament: R-Truth vs. Bad News Barrett. Decent back and forth match but it was hard to get into this match when you just know that Truth is NOT winning this shit after years of being a joke…. Barrett won with the bull hammer…


-A video piece on Vern Gagne’s career was shown.


-Renee with Ziggler in the back… he’s asked about what’s happened with Sheamus thus far since he came back with a Mohawk and a beaded beard.


-Byron with Barrett… he ain’t happy about having to wrestle again tonight but claims he is winning…


King of the Ring Tournament Final: Neville vs. Bad News Barrett. This is a rematch from the pre-show match on Sunday which Neville won… Barrett stalled at the beginning of the match buying himself time. Neville started fast before eating a clothesline that sent him to the outside. Barrett then worked over Neville until he went to the well too many times. Neville hit the moonsault from the top rope onto Barrett on the outside. Neville kicked out of wasteland with a 2½ count. Neville then went for the red arrow but Barrett was up, Neville rolled through but ended up taking a bull hammer…. For the win… Barrett is King of the Ring… lame. He cut a generic promo during his coronation.

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