poster designed by thereller at Deviant Art. via wwe.com

poster designed by thereller at Deviant Art. via wwe.com

-The opener was the Chicago Street Fight between Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper. Match starts off fast and its not long before we get under the ring emptied. This crowd is very pro-Ambrose! Ambrose got a series of kendo stick shots in before getting suplexed onto a steel chair. Harper would then get his turn with the kendo stick. Dean then took a snake eyes into a chair placed between the top and middle rope, was almost a botched moved but Harper recovered Dean who looked like he was falling out of the move. As both brawled back and forth in the ring a “we want tables” chant broke out. There was this awesome spot at ringside where Ambrose did a kind of 619 move on the ring apron into a lariat clothesline on Harper. This match them spilled into the back which is ALWAYS good for a live crowd… :\ Harper then pulls a car jack, Ambrose jumped into the window as Luke would drive off…. Michael Cole claims the match is still going on. Crowd isn’t happy and busts into a “CM Punk” chant, pretty much the only town that will still get awat with chanting this dudes name…


-Hunter in the back, he sends Kane to find Harper and Ambrose before Rollins comes in to eye fuck Kane. Hunter wants these fools to get together tonight for the first title defense by Rollins. Kane and Rollins then bicker about old shit that happened last week. Hunter squashes this and Kane walks off proclaiming he will do what’s best for business.


-Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus was up next in a “Kiss Me Arse” match… sigh… Ziggler hits a tornado DDT on the outside in the first minute of the match before Sheamus gets a knee to the head of Ziggler. Fast paced back and forth match. Ziggler would roll up Sheamus out of nowhere to win the match thankfully. Sheamus sold heavily not wanting to do this and kept insisting it was not a 3 count. He tried to leave through the crowd but the ref stopped him. The crowd started chanting “pucker up”. Haha. Ziggler then lifted his tights but Sheamus kept fighting this… this was going too long but the crowd kept eating it up. Finally Sheamus went down to his knees but instead delivered a nut shot to Ziggler and hit him with a brogue kick… he then got on the mic and said he wasn’t going to disappoint with having Ziggler kick his ass… he then lifted his tights and rubbed Ziggler’s face all over his ass cheek… oh boy…


-The New Day vs. Kidd and Cesaro gets moved onto the main card. Crowd loved Cesaro & Kidd and chanted “New Day, sucks” for the trio.  Woods was funny at ringside asking why people would chant that when they were winning. Cesaro was on fire with the consecutive forearms to Kofi from ring post to ring post. The match would end with Kofi rolling up Cesaro with a handful of tights for the pin and the titles. This was a solid back and forth match. Match of the night!


-So apparently Bad News Barrett got downgraded to the pre-show match where he lost to Neville.


-Renee Young interviewed the New Day about their title win. During this interview Ambrose and Harper pull back up and Ambrose dives onto the new tag team champions before they continue their brawl in the back. Harper and Ambrose ended up back in the arena and into the ring! Ambrose and Harper then filled the ring with steel chairs (to ECW chants) before continuing their brawl. Ambrose then took a sit down power bomb for a close 2 count. Harper then buried Ambrose under a sea of chairs but got thrown off the top rope into those chairs before taking a Dirty Deeds for the pin and the win! AMBROSE GETS A PPV WIN! So what did this match clock in at??


-Cena got USA chants before he came out for his Russian Chain Match with Rusev but then got a mixed bag during his entrance. Probably the first time in a long time that he was not completely booed out of Chicago. Things did level out with the dueling chants for him before the match started. Rules are the same as a bull rope match. Where you have to touch all four ring posts in succession. Chain gets utilized effectively by Rusev when he hangs Cena in the ropes with the chain then beat him with it. Cena then used the chair to pull Rusev into the ring post. Both went back and forth using the chain and attempting to touch all four ring corners. Lana got a sea of chants which she acknowledged on the ring apron. This didn’t sit well with Rusev who sent her to the back. Both Cena and Rusev touch the same 3 ring posts before leaving one left. Cena would then AA Rusev (which should have reset the corners actually) before Cena would touch the final corner to win and retain. Decent match, crowd enjoyed it in the arena.


-Roman Reigns is interviewed about his strategy by Renee in the back. Surprisingly there was no “I can, I will” catchphrase in his promo… guess we’re dropping that one thankfully…


-Nikki put the Divas’ title on the line against Naomi. Naomi had a new entrance that basically was biting Sasha Banks… and poorly at that. Didn’t pay attention until the end when Brie sucker kicked Naomi setting up Nikki to hit the rack attack for the pin. Whatever.


-In the back Rusev yelled at Lana about what happened tonight. He then sent her to the Authority’s locker room for some reason…


-Last Man Standing Match between Roman Reigns and Big Show was up… Slow paced match to start. Reigns got a pop when he pulled a table from under the ring but Big Show put that shit back under the ring which was funny. Reigns pulled it out again but this time Big Show smashed the table in half. Reigns used a kendo stick but that too was broken in half by Show. Reigns used a chair on Show and once again went for a table when he took a KO punch for a 7 count. Big Show then took a Samoan drop onto a table for an 8 count. Reigns would land 2 superman punches in the ring before Show choke slammed Reigns out of the ring and onto two tables at ringside, this almost got Reigns counted out. These two went on to beat the shit out of eat other on and on. Show then took a spear off the ring steps, across one of the announce tables and through the other! Show then got buried under an over turned announce table for the 10 count and the Reigns victory. Decent match.


-Kane was strolling in the back with he by Randy Orton who pep talked him.


-Speaking of pep talks, Bo Dallas was out… he got killed by Ryback.


-There is a King of the Ring tournament LIVE on Tuesday night on the Network!


-Bryon Saxton in the back with Rusev. Lana walks in and announces that at Payback Cena will take on Rusev again but in an I Quit Match. Another fucking match…


-Main event time, Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton in a Steel Cage match with the RKO banned… Kane came out first for this “gate keeper” position… Orton had the advantage early on as Rollins attempted to escape the cage during his beatings. They fought back and forth and up the cage. Mid match J&J show up and want Kane to let them into the cage… they got shot down. Orton signaled for the RKO but instead hit a pedigree for a 2½ count. Kane got involved when Rollins wanted the cage door opened he wasn’t able to escape. When Orton tried Kane closed the door but ended up slamming it in the faces of both Rollins and Orton. Kane would end up in the cage and choke slammed J&J. Kane would tease a choke slam on Rollins but hit it on Orton… Rollins went for the cage door but was stopped by Kane THEN chokeslammed! Kane then put Rollins on Orton but Orton kicked out. Kane then took an RKO but then Rollins RKO’d Orton and rolled out of the cage to retain the title! A little over booked but the match was decent.

-Overall a decent show. Didn’t wow me but good nonetheless.




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