-A steel cage hangs over the ring and lowers as Randy Orton made his way to the ring to yap about tonight’s festivities.  He goes over the RKO being banned the ppv but that not being an issue in his match with Rollins on Sunday at Extreme Rules. This brought out Rollins and his cronies to retort his banter. Orton claims he’s going on an RKO-fest tonight which is going to lead to Rollins getting one before the night is over. This doesn’t feel like the main event of a ppv still. :\


-Dean Ambrose took on Luke Harper again. Harper talked before the match, oooo. This one spilled to the outside and into the arena quickly. Match was thrown out but these two kept fighting up the ramp with Harper running off leaving Ambrose huffing and puffing to end the segment.


-J&J were clearing a pass for Rollins in the back when the Prime Time Players scare the shit out of all three. Rollins wasn’t happy about that and threatens a stage hand before walking into Triple H who wants to have a chat with Kane and Rollins later. Rollins wants more security tonight but Hunter points out that its one guy before walking off… Rollins looked like a whiney bitch.


-Lucha Dragons took on the New Day for the #1 contender spot for the pay per view while the tag champs watched from the back. Pretty good match especially the interaction between Kofi and Sin Cara. New Day played up the heel roll. Woods pull the heelish move crawling under the ring to hold Sin Cara’s leg getting him counted out. ND moves onto the ppv. After the match Woods and Kofi ate RKO’s by Orton, Big E hit the bricks.


-Triple H was out after the break to yap about Seth Rollins and the new season of Tough Enough. He hypes competing on this show, calling it better than any other dream… he basically hyped what we already knew… after that Kane came out looking like a sad puppy dog. Kane gives his 2 week notice cause he’s had enough of this Rollins bowlshit. Rollins then comes out to argue with Kane about how the Authority made him champion. Hunter tried to calm everyone down and then makes Kane “guardian of the gate” at the ppv… oh boy. Kane is happy with this, Rollins is not. Kane offers his hand and Rollins reluctantly shakes it before he walks off all pissy.


-Kane and Rollins were still arguing in the back when Hunter breaks them up again and scolds Rollins, putting him in a match with Ziggler. Kane is out to prove he is still “hell fire and brim stone” before he walks off.


-Erick Rowan and Heath Slater are in catering as Slater brags he’s going to be the new US champion… he eats an RKO from Orton…


-Mr. Grumpy Face 2015, Roman Reigns came out to the ring… he doesn’t want to talk, he wants to fight and called out Big Show… he got Bo Dallas… he claims Star Wars: A Phantom Menace was the best of the movies while quoting Yoda. That was funny! He calls Reigns a bust and the Tim Tebow of the WWE… ouch. He took a superman punch and a spear for talking shit. Reigns them claims he’s going to be the last man standing on Sunday and says “you can BOlieve that”. Also funny.


-the Viking Sheamus took on… Zack Ryder… dude, just quit and work the indies… he took a brogue kick and an ass kicking while Sheamus was still talking shit on the mic… Sheamus ate a zig zag out of nowhere for talking shit so much… Sheamus won by DQ…??


-Cena was out for another US Title Challenge…  he cut a promo on Rusev and their Russian Chain match on Sunday before he got his challenger for tonight… KANE…? A lot of Kane tonight… well at least this is a fresh match… sigh… this was SLOW paced. It picked up a bit at the end before Kane ate an AA for the pin. Rollins & J&J watched from the back, they got a chuckle out of this.


-in the back Cena is interviewed by Byron Saxton about his victory when he got jumped by Rusev and his Russian Chain which he used while applying the accolade on Cena.


-Miz and MIZdow fought for the rights to the “Miz brand”… well that’s a first… Summer Rae was at ringside for this… she turned on MIZdow and Miz got to keep his “brand” after this short/nothing match. Miz was cutting a promo on still being awesome when he ate an RKO by Orton.


-Bray Wyatt promo about…. Uh… um… stuff.


-Kane is asked about social media comments by Renee Young… sounds like Seth posted it… he huffs into the Authority about this and Rollins claims that was supposed to be a private conversation… are they poking fun of Rollins and his dick pick…? Rollins apologizes to try and smooth things out with Kane.


-Seth Rollins took on Dolph Ziggler in the main event in a good match that Sheamus interrupted and fucked up causing Ziggler to eat a power bomb into the corner into a variation of a DDT… god I hope they aren’t banning the curb stomp… after the match Rollins shit talked until Hunter came out to put over Rollins. Rollins stupidly cuts off Hunter to keep bragging about beating Ziggler and going onto the ppv on Sunday to do the same to Orton. He shit talks Kane which makes him come out but the cage is lowing so Kane doesn’t get to Rollins… but Orton out of nowhere slides in and Rollins indeed eats an RKO from Orton. Kane smile, Hunter looks displeased.


-and that was the end of the go-home show for Extreme Rules. I have to say, these Hulu Edition shows are awesome. This blew right by… didn’t make me excited for the ppv but at least it wasn’t as painful as sitting through THREE FUCKING HOURS of this bullshit.

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