03-23-15 WWE RAW



Go-home show motherfuckers!

… that sounded more excited than I was…

-Sting started the show to a massive reaction in Los Angeles. Yeah, we didn’t go to the show we got a lot we’re going to be doing in San Jose as is. Sting says he’s not here to fight for WCW but to take Triple H down. Stephanie cuts him off and makes it sound like Sting should be honored to be in the ring with her but he isn’t buying it. She tries to shit on Sting and WCW before trying to slap him, he stops her… queue Hunter… he’s not happy that Sting put his hands on Steph and puts on his angry face. Steph pulled out the sledge hammer from under the ring before Sting pulled his bat up out his ass. Hunter hesitates while LA is losing their shit. Steph and Hunter hit the bricks. Good opener to the point that they should end WrestleMania with this shit.

-Dean Ambrose and R-Truth took on Stardust and Luke Harper while Bad News Barrett yapped at ringside. Match was decent. Truth got the pin on Stardust (what? When was the last time this dude won a match AND with his finisher!?)… after the match Truth Ambrose dance… uh… yup…

-Renee Young hosts a segment promoting the Special Olympics which the WWE is part of. Good shit on their part as always.

-We get a video pushing Roman Reigns on us and why we should like him n stuff.

-Miz, Mizdow (who interviewed Kevin Hart & Will Ferrell earlier, funny stuff), Adam Rose & the Ascension took on The Prime Time Players, Zack Ryder, Erik Rowan & Ryback. Some dude named Bill Simmons from ESPN was on commentary, he’s a Brock Lesnar mark. Ryback killed Miz for the pin and the win. Match wasn’t anything of note.

-Randy Orton took on the winner of the app poll, Seth Rollins & J&J Security with 77% of the vote. Orton made short work of J&J while Rollins watched at ringside.

-Michael Cole interviews Cena last week about winning the US Title and winning so he can bring back prestige… oh wait wrong title…

-Here is where I fell asleep and missed the Diva’s match. I didn’t bother rewinding…

-Snoop Dogg was out next wearing one big blue bandanna. He was cutting a promo on WrestleMania when AxelMania showed up. He’s got his own rhymes too. Snoop’s got Hulkamania… literally. Hulk Hogan comes down… smart town to do this shit in. Hogan shits on AxelMania before Hogan takes a shot at him and Snoop throws Axel over the top rope. This wouldn’t have worked anywhere but a smart smark town.

-Cesaro, Kidd and Natalya took on the Matadores & El Torito again. Uso’s were on commentary… Torito pinned Natalya…

-Barrett and Kane have an argument in the locker room about the IC title belt. Kane’s trying to take the belt so it can be hung up at WrestleMania… and RAW later tonight…

-Rusev took on Jack Swagger for the 1 millionth time… the only difference in this match was the “we want Lana”chant. After Rusev beats Swagger AGAIN, Cena tried to make the save only to get beat the fuck up. In “WWE booking world” I would take that as a sign Cena is winning on Sunday…

-Bray Wyatt cut a promo in the ring about all of us being liars and beating Taker on Sunday so he can rest in peace.

-Kevin Nash is going into the Hall of Fame this year.

-Natalya and Tyson Kidd do a stupid Burger King bit…

-Daniel Bryan took on Dolph Ziggler with the special guest ref app poll winner, Dean Ambrose. This was a solid match. Ziggler gets the CLEAN win with the super kick and the zig zag for the pin. After the match Ambrose hits Ziggler with a dirty deeds before pulling out a ladder from under the ring. As he climbed Barrett, Truth, Stardust and Luke Harper joined the brawl in the ring. In the end, no one would be standing…

-WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were out for a “face to face” with Roman Reigns. Heyman does one last sell for the main event like only Heyman can. Roman Reigns shows up and this crowd turns on him as he and Brock stare down. Reigns snatches the title out of Brock’s hands and the crowd did not like this. Both struggle over the title like little kids fighting over a plastic shove in the sandbox and the show ends… What the fuck was that? THAT is how you do your final push for your main event?? After that shit, I don’t see any reason why you should end the show with this match. What the fuck.

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