03-02-15 WWE RAW




-Show started with Seth Rollins followed by J&J. We get a recap of Rollins on the Daily Show which they edited a bit to look less “light hearted” than it was. Rollins also cut a promo trying to make this situation more serious than it was. Roman Reigns interrupted his promo to banter and make silly accusations about eating more than Mark Henry… sigh. Reigns got drowned out by a “CM Punk” chant… Both of them went over scenarios of when Rollins could cash in when shit broke down and Reigns got the best of Rollins and J&J… Crowd did boo Reigns claiming he would win the title but marked out on the J&J beat down.


-In the back Rollins scolds J&J when Orton walked up to poke at this cast of characters. Awkward segment, they are blowing this face turn with Orton.


-Dean Ambrose took on Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett. Ambrose still had possession of the IC Title before the match started. R-Truth was at ringside which led to him jacking the IT Title like he did on Smackdown. Luke Harper showed up behind Truth wanting the IC Title… so the IC Title is the hot potato title… Barrett watched Harper walk off with the belt which led to the dirty deeds for the Ambrose pin. This is kind of a silly build up for this ladder match at WrestleMania but at least it will probably be the best match on the card.


-the back was filled with mid-carders as Miz is premiering his newest commercial… Sandow tries to warn him to screen this thing privately but he’s not having it… the commercial was for erectile dysfunction… wah wahhh… this cast of mid-carders “laugh” at Miz when he yells, scolds and slaps Sandow. Miz then reminds Sandow that he ain’t shit without him and he ends up apologizing to Miz…


-Bray Wyatt cut a promo on a wooden casket. He then set it on fire… well, it blazed for a second then it seemed to die off on its own.


-The Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Tyson Kidd and Natalya took on the Uso’s and Naomi in a mixed 6 person tag match. Match was short and the end was oldly weird… Natalya was selling an ankle injury but then forgot to sell it when she got rolled up by Naomi for the pin… lame.


-Cena is out next, since Rusev isn’t giving him a title rematch he’s entering into the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, Steph interrupted and is insulted by this and turns down Cena’s request for this battle royal. She then schools Cena’s ass about his place in the WWE and that WrestleMania can go on without Cena… Curtis Axel interrupts, he’s still in the Royal Rumble… he sucks up to Steph… he actually gets an “axel-mania” chant…


-Steph then put Cena in a match with Axel who’s doing a Hulkamania bit… Cena threatens Axel while the crowd chanted “Cena sucks”… Axel continued his poses down before sore loser Cena beat up Axel then gave him an AA and the STF for the win. After the match Lana & Rusev come out to poke at Cena. Rusev has the power to give Cena a rematch at WrestleMania but he shuts this shit down with a no.


-last week Michael Cole interviewed Arn Anderson & Michael Hayes about Sting. They both put him over since they don’t have him talking yet so he can put himself over.


-more yapping in the ring with Hunter grunting over what happened with Sting. Booker T is brought into the ring for his opinion on Sting and why he never came to the WWE. I’m bored by this banter about Sting… Hunter then fires Booker over this lame shit. As Booker was walking off, Hunter told him he was kidding but that he as all the control in the WWE… huh? Long and lame segment…


-Nikki Bella put the Diva’s title on the line against Paige. Match happened until Paige got Nikki in the PTO. Brie caused the DQ and the Bella’s tried to take out Paige when AJ Lee made her return. Both joined forces to get the best of the Bella’s.


-AJ and Paige interviewed by Renee in the back… they are on the same page…


-The Daily Show with Seth Rollins… wait what? Yeah they set up a small version of the Daily Show in the ring. Rollins does a stupid bit cutting jokes on Stewart… he finally shows up and just like the rest of this show, we get bantering… At least Stewart is a fan and it showed in his promo. This promo got Rollins heated and they surround Stewart when Orton’s music hits and he heads out… when that happens, Stewart kicks Rollins in the nuts and gets the fuck out of dodge. Orton looks disgruntled with how this went down and leaves… that’s all he did…


-Luke Harper (carrying the IC Title) is out to take on Daniel Bryan. This match was mostly just Harper beating the shit out of Bryan… there was a snake eyes to the corner that looked botched. This match was stiff. Bryan would get Harper to tap out to the YES lock. Bryan did the YES chant at the end of the match with one arm, not good… Barrett came to ringside and got his title back but Ambrose stopped him, then Harper stopped Ambrose. Truth then took the title and was going take off but Harper stopped him and walked up the ramp with the title. Harper then ate a super kick from Dolph Ziggler who the crowd was chanting for right before he came out. Bryan led a YES chant while looking onto the WrestleMania sign (with both arms). Ziggler stood on the ladder on the stage during this.


-Alundra Blayze aka Medusa is the next inductee into the Hall of Fame.


-Rollins and Orton argue as Orton states he saved Rollins for losing his job if he would have taken Stewart off. Kane and Show end up popping up behind Orton to tell him they don’t need him at ringside for Rollins match tonight…


-Holy shit, Paul Heyman has cut a stellar promo that got over Reigns, Brock and WrestleMania. Fuck! Even with mic issues he still made the best of it. Reigns interrupted this but Heyman casually headed to the back.


-Rollins had J&J, Big Show and Kane when he took on Reigns in the main event. Mid match Randy Orton showed up at ringside. There was a lot of shinanigans in this match… at the end Orton pulled Reigns leg which set up the roll up victory for Rollins. Match had its good points… Orton walked off setting up Reigns to dive onto the Authority on the outside before he took all of the authority out. Rollins took a spear when he jumped off the top rope to finish off the show. That shit looked stiff.

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