A bunch of odd finishes tonight…

-Caught the MizTV segment with Paul Heyman on the kickoff show. The crowd was heavily into MIZdow. Heyman was good (but not great) going over Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns and their chances against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. At one point the MIZdow chants where drowning out Heyman. This led to him restarting his promo on Roman Reigns so we made sure we heard it. Funny. Heyman was also thrown off by MIZdown staring at him which lead to Miz telling him to turn around and face the ring post.


-The signal as already stuttered a couple of times, I can only assume its because of the free month and more people hitting the network harder than usual.


-The show started with the 6-man match between The Authorities Kane, Big Show & Seth Rollins taking on Erik Rowan, Ryback and Dolph Ziggler. The match was slow paced from the start with frequent tags until Rowan hits the ring post with a spin kick that caused the Authority to keep Rowan cornered. Ryback got the hot tag which he kept for a bit on Rollins before Big Show splashed Ryback. Ziggler ended up getting his own hot tag but it was all for not when Big Show landed a KO punch onto Ziggler when he had Kane in the corner for the pin and the win. No dissension between Kane and Show. After the match Ryback, Rowan and Ziggler got beat up until Randy Orton made his return clearing the ring of the Authority. Rollins made it out of harm’s way without taking an RKO. Rollins ran straight to the parking lot… and that’s your match for Rollins at WrestleMania…


-Dusty Rhodes and Goldust had a heart to heart in the locker room before the match.


-The battle of the Dust Brothers was up next. Cody wasn’t wearing the leotard, instead wearing long tights and no shirt. Goldust played torn to be fighting his brother. Match was slow paced. Chants of “Cody” broke out then Stardust played up like they were getting to him. The finish was botchy… Goldust ended up using a crucifix out of the crossroads to pin Stardust but it looked like Star had kicked out. After the match Goldust offered his hand which Cody sort of shook before he walked off. The reply showed the ref didn’t even make the full three count before calling the match… ugh. This isn’t going to get these guys a Mania match… oh god, what if Goldust wrestles as “Dustin Runnels” at Mania… not good, he’s never gotten over as anything BUT Goldust.


-Michael Cole recaps the beef between Seth Rollins and Jon Stewart… not sure if this will lead to anything.


-Dusty and Goldust were interrupted by Stardust who beats on his brother in front of his dad. Stardust claims it was Dusty who killed off Cody Rhodes…


-The WWE Tag Team Champions Uso’s with Naomi in their corner took on Kidd & Cesaro with Nattie in theirs. The match started off slow but quickly picked up. This was a pretty good match that lead to Cesaro and Kidd winning the Tag Team Championship! Probably the best well rounded match of the night. Good stuff.


-Triple H came out in his face to face with Sting in his street clothes. Sting came out to a solid pop. There’s one asshole in the crowd trying to start a “WCW” chant. Hunter once again is trying to make this a WCW vs. WWE thing… He then tried to convince Sting to do business the right way with him. Hunter then jumps Sting and takes him down with a mic shot when things didn’t look to be going Triple H’s way. Hunter went for his sledgehammer only to get stopped by Sting’s bat which was put under his chin. Sting then pointed at the WrestleMania sign with his bat!.. (a couple of times…) Hunter then sold confused. Haha. Sting then was going to walk away when Hunter tried to attack, he ate a bat shot to the stomach before eating a death drop. Sting didn’t say shit the whole time. Good stuff, wasn’t amazing but it was good.


-WWE Diva’s Champion Nikki with Brie in tow defended the title against Paige. This match was meh, Paige tried to get the best out of Nikki. The end was more meh with Nikki getting a roll up with a hand full of tights for the pin.


-Bad News Barrett defend the Intercontinental Title against Dean Ambrose. Wasn’t paying too much attention to this match because, fuck I’m not in the mood for Wade Barrett tonight. Barrett tried to escape the match with the title in hand but was stopped with a dive to the outside by Ambrose. Annnnnd we get a fucked finished when the ref DQ’s Ambrose for not breaking at the 5 count… god dammit. Ambrose stole the IC title as he left. This shit made NO sense when it was Ambrose claiming he wanted to win the title (and get his picture up on a wall) but then gets DQ’d? Bad booking just to get a rematch.


-Before the next match we got Gregorian chants and druids… The Undertaker’s music then hits and a casket he brought out by 2 other druids.. The casket was then opened at ringside and of course its… Bray Wyatt… He cuts a promo on Taker just bring a mere mortal now. Wyatt then claims he does not fear him anymore as he is the new face of fear. He then says he’s taking Taker’s soul at WrestleMania.


-United States Champion Rusev defended the title against John Cena. Rusev had the advantage in the early going of the match with Cena interjecting here and there. Match picked up with both guys exchanging moves, good stuff actually. Rusev got out of the first STF by powering out, the 2nd by getting to the ropes. Rusev then kicked out of the 1st AA with force. Cena fought out of the first accolade but Lana caused the distraction for the nutshock, superkick and the Cena passes out in the accolade for the Rusev victory… Austin passing out to Bret Hart’s sharpshooter this was not… Cena sold this after the match more than a beating he took from Brock Lesnar.


-finally the main event for the #1 contender spot at WrestleMania, Roman Reigns took on Daniel Bryan. The first 10 minutes where slow for this one but the last half really picked up into a pretty good match. The finish came with Bryan going for the flying knee when he ate a spear for the pin. Good match for the most part and made Reigns look better than I thought he was going to come out of this one… After the match, Bryan shoved Reigns before telling him that he “better kick his ass”. He then offered his hand before leaving the ring and letting Reigns celebrate. Well, that’s it folks its Reigns vs. Lesnar like it or not…

I will give this show a 6 out of 10.

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