02-16-15 WWE RAW



Did they fast track the go home show to Fastlane?

-John Cena started the show sucking up to (insert town here) before showing footage of his ass whooping from Rusev last week. He’s now getting blamed for taking Cena’s eye out even though its been effed up for weeks. Cena then yaps about taking Rusev out, typical shit. Finally mentions going after the US Title… This of course brings out Rusev and Lana to do their own yip yapping to a sea of “USA!” chants. These two brawl on the stage once again but this time Cena gets the best of Rusev while keeping the refs at bay. Crowd was heavily into this ass kicking. Possibly the shortest start to a RAW in months, only going about 13 minutes.

-Dean Ambrose… uh… yeah he was booked in a silly news room style back stage segment… sigh. He’s basically going through former IC Champions until Barrett signs the contract to face him. This weeks former IC Champion is Luke Harper. As for the match, it was solid and worth catching. Good shit!

-Hunter watches as Kane and Big Show argue like little bitches in the back… please don’t lead to a WrestleMania match… you know its going to…

-Bray Wyatt cut a promo about… uh… yeah…

-Dusty Rhodes gave his freaky boys a pep talk in the locker room. Things seem ok… or at least for the next 10 minutes.

-After the break the Dust Brothers took on Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston of the New Day. This was a short “meh” match that ended with a miscue by the brothers dust that lead to Goldust getting pinned. After the match Stardust turned on his brother by hitting him with the crossroads. Dusty’s pep talk didn’t do shit…

-Byron Saxton interviewed Roman Reigns in the locker room. This was a serious promo and was actually good one for this guy.

-After the break Stardust and Dusty argue about Goldust. Apparently Cody Rhodes is dead… Stardust proclaims Dusty is dead too… ouch.

-Daniel Bryan was a ringside leading “YES!” chants while Roman Reigns and Kane wrestled their match. Roman won the match via a count out after a spear to Kane on the outside. Reigns eye fucks Bryan while he leads more “YES!” chants. After the match Renee Young asks Daniel Bryan about playing with Roman’s emotions tonight with the “YES!” chants, he said he best get use to it.

-The Bella’s stole Paige’s ring gear… she’s out there in a towel. I am completely OK with this… Paige jacks the clothes off one of the rosebuds… Paige (in a rainbow brite style outfit) took out Summer Rae… I’m so turned on right now… Paige gets the tap out victory with the PTO. After the match the Bella’s mock Paige and her outfit but she ain’t fazed by it.

-A Sheamus vignette was shown for his return, same old Sheamus… nothing new…

-Seth Rollins with J&J Security in tow took on Dolph Ziggler in a match Ziggler was destined to lose in one form or another. J&J got bounced from ringside by the ref in the early goings of this match. This was a pretty good match. Ziggler got the zig zag for the pin but J&J came back out for the DQ. Ryback and Erik Rowan made the save after the match. Before the match Rollins shit on Presidents Day and celebrating the past when he’s the future. Ziggler cut his own promo which was decent as well.

-Triple H is out next to yap about Sting. This all began with a video on Hunter’s career before Sting showed up and cost the Authority their position (for like 2 months)… Hunter keeps trying to make this WCW vs. WWE… The Nature Boy Ric Flair then interrupts Triple H to let him know not to take Sting lightly. These two go back and forth about Sting, things got heated… and Hunter pushed Flair down. He’s not happy that Sting is trying to come between Hunter and the WWE. Hunter walked off all huffy…

-Darren Young was back with some no name partner to take on the Ascension… so much for Young’s return to RAW… Titus O’Neil made the save for Young and it looks like The Primetime Players are back together!

-The Miz was talking to Bad News Barrett in the back about beating some respect into MIZdow in their match next… During the actual match, Miz rung a bell for MIZdow to come down and clean his shoe… Sandow was going to get the SCF on Barrett when Miz rung his bell again for the distraction. That lead to Barrett hitting the bull hammer for the pin. Ambrose was out after the match, beat on Barrett then zip tied Barrett to the ring post. He then forced Barrett to sign the contract for the IC title match.

-Another Bray Wyatt promo… he’s hammering a nail (possibly into a coffin)…

-Jimmy Uso & Naomi took on Natalya & Tyson Kidd in a mixed tag match. The girls stole this short match with a solid little exchange. Naomi ended up getting the win which Kidd and Cesaro were not happy about.

-Before the main event, Roman Reigns came out to ringside to return the favor to Daniel Bryan. The match was slow to start with Big Show over powering Bryan. Bryan got a sleeper on Show when Reigns started signing autographs at ringside… He want on to throw merch into the crowd while Show and Bryan went at it. Bryan was then thrown into Reigns, they bickered before Bryan sidestepped Show and Reigns ate a spear… oops. The match would go on until Reigns came into the ring and superman punched Show for the DQ! Bryan got a dropkick on Reigns for costing him the match. Reigns and Bryan would then go at it with Reigns getting booed for this. The refs had to pull both these guys off each other. The crowd chanted for them to “let them fight”. Both ended up shaking hands but right before they ended up brawling again. This went on and on and all over ringside until the road agents came out to separate them. End of show.

-Well, they tried to push these two into this ppv but is either of them hot enough for the WrestleMania main event right now… I think not…

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