Another solid special by NXT!

I thought the opener was good between Hideo Itami and Tyler Breeze. Was definitely a kick fest. Breeze coming out with a furry “selfie stick” was entertaining. Good to see he can hang with someone like Itami. One day Itami is going to hit that GTS and people are going to lose their shit.

Bully Dempsey vs. Baron Corbin was disappointing mostly because it was a botchy match. Plus, I don’t think they use the stipulation of the match being “no DQ” to its fullest potential. This stip could have been a good excuse to put Dempsey over in this match but instead he loses… again. So at this point why do I care about this character? The finish was bad, that End of Days did not look good. This guy will need a submission finisher if he’s going to be blown up after a long match.

The new NXT Tag Team Champions Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy defended their titles agains the former champions the Lucha Dragons. I couldn’t get past the fact that this match was sloppy for the most part. It’s like both teams wanted to work a really fast paced match but were ill-prepared to do so. I think the team of Blake & Murphy have promise as a tag team as they did have a couple of cool looking tag team moves but they do need a big of a make over before they ever get moved to the main roster or they are going to be grouped in as another “brother” tag team… not good. I do think its time the Dragons get moved up but that doesn’t leave much left in the NXT tag division which lacks depth.

Solomon Crow was teased shortly after the tag title match. It takes me out of the moment when they show Crow standing in a group of wrestlers in the ring after Sami Zayn won the NXT Title…

Here is where this card really picked up, Adrian Neville took on Finn Balor for the #1 contender spot for the NXT Title. This was a solid match! Both got a lot of near falls and hit a great series of moves. A notable one day Balor hit a running dropkick to Neville on the outside which send him through the ringside barricade. Neville is the MVP of NXT.

The Fatal Four Way for the Women’s Championship was another great match by the Diva’s of NXT. They have become a the staple of these NXT specials. I do feel that Bayley wasn’t in the match as much as she could have but she did have shining moments for sure. There is something that bugs me about Lynnch (I can’t put my finger on it) but she also had a good showing in the match. I think Corey Graves feels the way I do about Lynch, he shit on her the entire match. haha. Sasha and Charolette where great in this match and I look forward to MORE matches between these two for the Title.

The main even was a great piece of story telling. Zayne’s selling of his head after the dive to the outside and the multiple power bombs was perfect. Although I can see some having issues with the match ended I thought it was the perfect shock moment by ending the match with the ref stoppage and giving Owens the title. Overall another good night for the NXT Brand.

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