01-25-15 WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2015



Well, they got it wrong TWO years in a row…

New Age Outlaws vs. Ascension

-Crowd was heavily into the Outlaws, this is going to be a good crowd tonight. Match was, “meh”. Ascension win with the fall of man.

Winners:  Ascension  

-Steph and Hunter argue about the Sting shenanigans from Monday. Paul Heyman walks and gets a massive reaction from Philly. He offers Brock as the solution to Sting…

WWE Tag Team Champions Uso’s vs. Miz & MIZdow

-If the crowd was into the Outlaws and Heyman, they were SUPER into MIZdow. As predicted Miz wrestled most of the match and teased tagging in Sandow. Uso’s got their highspots. Both teams got near falls toward the end of the match, one with Jay getting a splash off the top on Miz and the other with MIZdow getting the SCF for the Miz 2 count. Uso’s would finally pick up the victory after a super kick into another splash off the top for the pin.

Winner: Uso’s

-In the pack, Seth Rollins scolds J&J Security for playing iPad games and not focusing.

The Bella’s vs. Paige & Natalya

-this was ugly… botched Bella spots… Nattie and Paige forgetting they made a tag… bad.

Winner: Bella’s

WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins

-Not long before Rollins is running to the outside and Cena is taking a couple of german suplexes. J&J also took a german at the same time! Lesnar is suplexing both guys left and right. Brock got the kimora lock but broke out of it with the help of a springboarding Rollins. Brock then took a double suplex and an AA for a 1 count for Rollins who threw Cena out of the ring. Brock was then sent to the outside leaving Rollins and Cena in the ring. Cena went to his 5 knuckle shuffle when he took another german. All three would continue to switch places in the ring but no one would work together. Brock got a close 2 count when he hit an F5 on Rollins. Cena broke up the count just in time. The Spanish announce table was then cleared by Brock before he took three AA’s for a pin attempt that was again stopped by Rollins. Curb stomp by Rollins was broken up by Cena. Cena speared Brock into the barricade then sent him into the steel steps. Brock was then set up on the table and Rollins launched off the top rope onto Brock to break the table!! Cena and Rollins exchanged near falls while Brock was out and tended to at ringside. Cena got an STF (botchy one) but J&J made the save. Cena then took the super power bomb by Rollins and J&J but Cena kicked out… Cena then hit the AA on J&J at the same time… a lot of close near falls by both Cena and Rollins. Rollins hits a 450 but Brock is back in! Cena is thrown out! Brock takes a briefcase shot, Rollins goes for a curb stomp on the briefcase but Brock pops up, F5! 1…2…THREE! Brock retains! Great match!

Winner: Brock Lesnar

2015 Royal Rumble

#1 Miz

#2 R-Truth

What the fuck, is this really how we’re starting the Rumble with FILLER!?! Is this the WWE Superstars show!?


HOLY SHIT! There’s a fucking surprise!!! Bubba and Truth do the WASSUP spot on Miz! Massive ECW chants! Bubba does the “get the tables” spot with Truth. Truth and Miz do the 3D before Ray threw Truth and Miz out!

#4 Luke Harper

Dudley and Harper have a move for move exchange before the next entrant

#5 Bray Wyatt

Harper and Wyatt then double team Dudley. Wyatt then throws out Dudley, NOOOO! Harper and Wyatt then eye fuck each other until the next guy is out.

#6 Curtis Axel

Axel was coming out but was attacked by Rowan who then took his place! Rowan then attacked Wyatt and Harper. Wyatt throws over Harper and Rowan at the same time.

#7 Boogeyman…

They basically have a weird-off… Bray makes short work of him and throw him out.

#8 Sin Cara

Short work of Sin Cara and he’s thrown out after a sister Abigail. Wyatt then cuts a promo saying its Bray Wyatt’s year before singing until the next entrant.

#9 Zack Ryder

Both exchange punches, Ryder gets a drop kick, an elbow and his broski boot before getting thrown over.

#10 Daniel Bryan

Both brawl and the crowd is losing their shit. Bryan got 4 drop kicks in the corner on Wyatt before getting a hurricaneranna from the top.

#11 Fandango

Fandango goes right for Bryan while Wyatt finally gets rest time in the corner. Airplane spin by Bryan on Fandango before trying to throw him over.

#12 Tyson Kidd

Tyson goes after everyone before Fandango takes him into the corner. Bryan and Kidd finally have an exchange of forearms in the middle of the ring before colliding with splashes in the middle of the ring.

#13 Stardust

Stardust does the usual attack everyone when you get into the ring. Fandango and Stardust both tease throwing each other out. Tyson eliminated by Bryan! Wyatt is throw out threw the middle rope and Bryan dives between the ropes.

#14 DDP!!!

Good reaction for DDP who gets a diamond cutter on Stardust. DDP then hits a cutter on Fandango who was sitting on the top. Wyatt then took DDP down before taking a cutter of his own!

#15 Rusev

Bye DDP via Rusev as is Fandango… Rusev and Wyatt have a stare down before Bryan landed a drop kick off the top, Bryan with a series of kicks to both guys. Wyatt then eliminates Daniel Bryan…FUCK THIS ROYAL RUMBLE!!!

#16 Goldust

Crowd is deflated… Goldust almost eliminated by his brother but it doesn’t work… brothers then get into while the crowd chants for Daniel Bryan!

#17 Kofi Kingston

Blah blah blah…

#18 Adam Rose

Rosebuds save Kofi from being thrown out… Rose out by Rusev. Kofi out by Rusev.

#19 Roman Reigns

Dude got booed out of the building… He throws out Gold and Star. Its Rusev and Wyatt taking Reigns down.

#20 Big E

Big E, Rusev, Wyatt and Reigns are the only 4 in the ring right now.

#21 MIZdow

Crowd didn’t boo him… Miz is out and wants his spot… but it isn’t happening and hits the ring! Crowd is back into it but Rusev eliminates MIZdow…

#22 Jack Swagger

He goes right after Rusev.

#23 Ryback

He goes right after Rusev. Crowd chants for CM Punk…

#24 Kane

He goes after Ryback.

#25 Dean Ambrose

Crowd wakes up again. He goes after Rusev, Kane and Wyatt. There’s a “let’s go Ambrose” chant.

#26 Titus O’Neil

Ambrose and Reigns got rid of Titus fast.

#27 Bad News Barrett

About 9 guys in the ring at the moment.

#28 Cesaro

He’s got forearms for everyone. Rusev eliminates Big E.

#29 Big Show

Everyone goes after show and he pushes everyone off. “we want Ziggler” chant. Show and Kane get rid of Ryback. Show gets rid of Swagger.

#30 Dolph Ziggler

Super kick party for everyone! Tornado DDT to Show and Kane. Ziggler throws over Barrett! Big swing by Cesaro to Ziggler. Ziggler and Cesaro fight on the apron and Dolph eliminates Cesaro. Ziggler gets knocked out by Show. Kane and Show throw over Ziggler…. Show and Kane throw over Wyatt… final four Ambrose, Reigns, Show and Kane. Kane and Big Show throw over Ambrose… Kane and Show beat on Reigns… the crowd chants “bullshit”. Reign fights back and the crowd just boo’s… Kane and Show then argue, push then fight… Reigns then comes over and eliminates both guys to win the Rumble to massive boo’s… Kane and Show then come back in and beat on Reigns. Double choke slam…. THE ROCK IS OUT!!!  Rock cleans house of Show and Kane! People’s elbow to Kane! Rock bottom to Show. Rusev is out, HE’S STILL IN THE MATCH!… doesn’t matter Reigns throws him out… Reigns wins… Rock and Reigns then celebrate this win as the crowd shits on this… not even the Rock could change this crowds reaction… Hunter and Steph come out and are pissed with the Rock… who fucking cares…

On the Fallout show, Cena and Rusev have a pull apart over air time…


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