01-19-15 WWE RAW



I’ve been moving ALL weekend and have ZERO tolerance for bullshit tonight… OH! And now I have to do this shit on Pacific Time since I don’t have DirecTV anymore… :\

-WWE is what it is but they always do great video packages for days like Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Very inspiring.

-WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out to start the show. Heyman was going to talk but Brock stopped him to call Seth Rollins out. Instead he got Triple H who tried to calm Brock down and make sense of everything. Brock wants to know if Hunter is here to fix this or fight which sends Heyman into a nervous fit reminding Brock that Hunter pays the bills. This brings out Steph, Kane and Big Show to stand around as Seth Rollins shows up on the titantron… Heyman wants Hunter to fix this shit with Seth or Brock is going to… this brings Cena in a new color theme… he blows a lot of hot air about Sundays match. Steph was Cena lied to everyone when he said he would never bring back the Authority… when he did. She says Cena wasn’t the man he use to be. Rollins chimed in too and wants Cena to bow out of the match. Cena then wants Ryback, Rowan and Ziggler back when he wins the Title on Sunday. Instead, Hunter makes a match for tonight… if Cena wins those three get their job back but if Cena loses he’s OUT of the match on Sunday… Hunter is leaving it up to the WWE Universe to vote on the app for Cena’s fate… 23 minutes of yapping to start the show…

-In a rematch from last January, Bray Wyatt took on Daniel Bryan. Crowd was HOT for Bryan who would launch himself off the top rope onto Bray on the outside before Kane showed up… Bray focused on the recovered neck of Bryan. Bryan made a comeback until Kane got involved causing the returning Bryan to take the sister Abigail for the pin… this motherfucker best be winning the Rumble if you’re jobbing him out on week TWO of his comeback… after the match Kane chokeslammed Bryan and beat on him.

-Hunter in the back when Hall and Nash show up in nWo shirts, they want Hunter to ditch the suit tonight. HBK then shows up to give him shit as well. Xpac shows up but its MIZdow… he exchanges crotch chops with the real Xpac before Miz comes in the corral his stunt double in… Nash questions what kind of show Hunter is running…

-Byron Saxton lead the “Royal Rumble legends panel” with Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels… Hogan in a Hulkamania shirt and black pants… Flair decked out in a suit… HBK… looks like he’s ready to kill a bear… sigh. All three recollect about their own history with the Rumble before doing their predictions… HBK picks Wyatt… HBK and Hogan argue and joke about their SummerSlam match. Hogan picks Daniel Bryan… Flair picks Dean Ambrose. The Big Show was then out to pick on the three legends for not choosing him to win the Rumble… sigh. Flair got in Shows face, chopped Big Show only to get knocked out… Roman Reigns was then out to brawl with Show. Show retreated after taking a beating. Crowd was into this.

-Renee Young in the back with John Cena to go over the app vote… 85% say yes they want to see Cena wrestle tonight and put up his Runble match.

-Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett took on Dean Ambrose in a fast paced match and Ambrose actually got the victory! Decent but short match. Sucks to hold the IC Title…

-I love the “by the numbers” for the Royal Rumble.

-New Day come out, this time all on mics yapping about smiling and positive bullshit… they took on Cesaro and Tyson Kidd who had Adam Rose (and his rosebuds) and Natalya in their corner… quick match, New Day won…

-the nWo was out next. They shill the crowd before the Ascension show up to shit these three. This got a “you suck” chant. This came off hokey but got an nWo chant. JBL has had enough of this and takes off his shirt to show he’s wearing an APA shirt! Ron Simmons then shows up and all 5 surround the Ascension… we then got the New Age Outlaws (shilling the Dallas Cowboys) who then brawl with the Ascension. JBL then hit the clothesline from hell on Viktor to end the segment. The Ascension just looked like 2 goof balls.

-Steph and Hunter announce who Cena is taking on tonight… its Seth Rollins… Big Show… and Kane. They had a drummer and a trumpet player for this shit.

-Summer Rae & Alicia Fox took on Paige and Natalya with the Bella’s on commentary. Paige and Natalya looked impressive, they beat the other two…

-United States Champion Rusev took on R-Truth… I did a fast-forward job on this shit… Rusev wins.

-Brock runs into Rollins in the back. He hopes he takes out Cena tonight because Brock is taking him out on Sunday. Rollins pooped himself a little bit here…

-Jay Uso took on The Miz, both had their partners in their corners. Typical match that we’ve seen before from these two. Jay with the splash from the top for the pin.

-the main event was Cena taking on Kane, Seth Rollins and Big Show in a handicap match. Most of this match got a fast forward job, it was a Cena beat down for the most part and when he did take the advantage the Authority got involved. Rollins was then setting up for a curb stomp when Sting shows up on the Titantron! He then does the walk into the arena causing the distraction for the Cena rollup and pin of Rollins, bringing back Rowan, Ryback and Ziggler. After the match a furious Hunter yelled for Sting as a “we want Sting” chant broke out… instead Brock Lesnar came out pissed that Rollins didn’t take care of Cena and hit F5’s on Big Show and Kane sending Rollins for the hills.


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