12-29-14 WWE RAW



Biggest angle of the last 6 months ends quite anticlimactic…

-The show started with the retirement of Edge back in 2011. Such a bummer of a night. Edge is back tonight with Christian to host RAW, they came out to the ring to start to the show… Edge is wearing a Sami Zayn shirt, dope! They do a witty banter while going over what’s going on tonight. They were going to give the crowd a 5 second pose before they were interrupted by Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Heyman threatens both the guest hosts before John Cena then interrupts him… he says the same old shit before grapping Heyman which almost led to an AA to Brock before he escaped and hit the bricks with Heyman.

-Champion vs. Champion match was next with Dolph Ziggler taking on Rusev. Most of the match was slow paced with Rusev over powering Ziggler. Dolph made a comeback and got the fameasser for a close 2 count that the crowd popped for. Match picked up at this point but would be all for not when Rusev wouldn’t stop beating Ziggler in the corner causing the DQ finish. Rusev then put Ziggler in the accolade while in the ropes. Numerous refs then came out to peel Rusev off. Ryback then came out and cleared Rusev to loud “feed me more” chants.

-After the break, Ryback is still in the ring and wants to talk about himself… he goes over his love for the WWE and getting eliminated from Tough Enough in 2004, how he read The Secret and how that changed his life and getting resigned by the WWE and was in the Nexus back in 2010. He goes over breaking his ankle and knee shortly after which took him out for a long time. He then returned as Ryback. A promo video is then shown for Ryback putting him over heavily. He brings up Rusev then goes over how he eats negativity and negative people and turns it into a positive… (directed to CM Punk?) Quite possibly the most personality this dude has shown in his WWE career. BUT, lets see what they do with it…

-Diva’s Champion Nikki Bella with her sister in her corner took on Natalya who had Tyson Kidd with her. Tyson caught Nikki when she was thrown to the outside, Natalya didn’t like that shit and that set up for the rack attack and pin… lame match.

-Miz talking to MIZdow when Naomi walks in and hugs Miz for hooking her up in Hollywood. She wishes Miz luck tonight in his match tonight…

-Miz and MIZdow put the tag team titles on the line against the Uso’s as Naomi watched in the back. This was a really good match. Miz wrestled all of the match for his team which actually got a “Miz is awesome” chant mid match. This would be Miz’s downfall as the got double teamed by the Uso’s which led to the double super kicks into the splash from the top for the pin and the tag team titles! Naomi would come out to celebrate with the Uso’s while Jerry Lawler interviewed them after their win.

-A recap of the Shield is shown. I miss those days. This is building to a match between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins… tonight… what? Kind of premature don’t you think??

-After the break, Cesaro is in the ring sitting in the corner with a towel over his head. He goes over how 2014 should have been his year after winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and how “decision makers” say he doesn’t connect but he says he delivers every time he steps in the ring. He doesn’t care about connecting with anyone. He flubs saying there are 4 ropes, he meant for corners… Bad News Barrett then interrupts Cesaro returning after 6 months. Brawl started the match while the crowd chanted “BNB”… bed and breakfast… this one did see the return of the big swing but only went a few minutes when Barrett hit the bull hammer elbow for the victory.

-Jack Swagger took on Luke Harper… this felt long and it didn’t seem like the crowd wasn’t into it that much. Harper hit Swagger with a discus lariat for the pin.

-Cena, Christian and Edge reminisce over the feud between Edge and Cena… Cena thanks Edge for what he did for him in that feud. Suck up.

-Roman Reigns took on Seth Rollins at the 2 hour mark. Before the match, Big Show came to ringside. Gee, I wonder if that will lead to the finish… mostly a slow paced match with Rollins keeping the advantage. Reigns would make brief comebacks over powering his former partner. Reigns would get the superman punch but before he could get the spear, Big Show pulled him out of the ring and threw him over the announce table for the DQ. Michael Cole makes a big deal about the announce table being overturned onto Reigns possibly “injuring” his leg…

-Rollins, Big Show and J&J celebrate what just happened.

-Daniel Bryan came out to the ring to a great reaction. He thanks everyone for being behind him which took him all the way to the World Title at WrestleMania 30. He then talks about everything going bad after that like his father dying and his injury that has sidelined him. Bryan then seems to allude that he might be retiring before shooting that down and announcing that he is going to be in the 2015 Royal Rumble! Crowd lost their shit at this announcement.

-Edge & Christian were playing kazoos, it’s Bryan’s theme song. Miz and MIZdow show up pissed and want a rematch for the tag titles tonight… they get a match tonight but its not what they wanted…

-Miz and MIZdow were out for their other match which was… against the debut of the Legion of Doom… I mean, the Ascension…. Sandow wrestled all of this match. The Ascension made short work of him finishing him off with the Fall of Man. These guys had something already on NXT and this LOD make over is bad.

-Rollins is inviting John Cena AND Brock Lesnar to the final segment for a New Year’s toast…

-Edge and Christian hosted the “Cutting Edge Peep Show” with their guest Seth Rollins. All three bantered back and forth about shit going on in the WWE with Seth Rollins… Rollins then invites Big Show out with he comes out… he also invited John Cena but he didn’t come out… Rollins and Edge argue about whose better. Rollins then admits he wants Cena to come out because he wants something from him… Cena doesn’t come out so Rollins takes out Christian with the briefcase then Rollins, Show and J&J surround Edge… Show then holds Edge over the briefcase for Rollins to curb stomp. Rollins threatens to paralyze him if Cena doesn’t show up. Cena runs down but Rollins kept him at bay. Rollins then tells Cena to stay where he is and to give him what he wants… he wants the Authority back or else… Cena reluctantly agrees to this… Rollins went for the curb stomp still but Cena stopped him. Cena then gets knocked out by Big Show before taking a curb stomp. Rollins, Show and J&J then celebrate at having the Authority back in power. As Rollins and Show were leaving, Heyman and Brock came out. Heyman and Rollins shake hands… next thing you know Hunter and Steph are out with champagne to celebrate their return to power… Brock just looks like a goof here standing on the stage with these guys…

-They really could have come up with a better angle than this…

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