I love a 90 minute version of RAW… 

-Show started off with Chris Jericho making his entrance as he was hosting tonight. Solid ovation for Y2J. He panders and goes over his Slammy win and how Fandango stole his award. He makes fun of his name before calling him out as he wants his award. Instead, he gets Paul Heyman who pleads his case on why he should be the guest GM and not Y2J. Best sign so far, “eat sleep disappear repeat”. They banter back and forth about ECW, owing Jericho $200 and Seth Rollins… who then came out. Heyman cowers at Rollins who got in his face before he was questioned about how he himself saw what he did to Cena at the ppv but how that victory was taken from him. He pointed fingers at Sting, Roman Reigns and John Cena who he challenges to a rematch. That of course brings HIM out… more banter.  Lame and long story short, the rematch between Rollins and Cena gets made and it’s a steel cage. Fuck this was a long drawn out segment… oh and Jericho sets a match with himself and Paul Heyman…

-The Jericho vs. Heyman match is a WWE App vote… the 3 options are basically the fucking same…

-Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler & Erik Rowan took on Luke Harper and The Big Show. Show and Harper kept Ziggler cornered for most of the match until Rowan got the hot tag. It was all for not when Show knocks out Rowan (again) for the pin. meh.

-Fandango is confronted by Chris Jericho who threatens him, he wants his stupid Slammy.

-Jericho is out again… he called Rusev and Lana out to The Highlight Reel. This was just a childish segment with Jericho poking fun at both of them. Bad. This segment lead to Ryback coming out, sending Rusev packing… looks like this is Rusev’s next program…

-Jericho and Heyman’s match is next. Funniest shit was Heyman saying he’s the “jew” in “ju jitsu”. Also, Heyman tried to write Jericho a check for the $200 owed to him… The match was a street fight… but it would be the WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar that fought Jericho. Y2J went for a code breaker, that was then blocked. He then took an F5 that ended the segment…

-Fandango was out next to shit talk what happened to Jericho… he was interrupted by Roman Reigns. Fandango took a spear before Reigns ended up on the mic… oh god…. Thankfully he didn’t get a chance to say shit before Big Show interrupted. He took a superman punch but didn’t go down, that just made him angry… he walked off… odd.

-The Miz with Damien MIZdow in his corner took on Jimmy Uso with his brother in his corner. The money is always on Sandow being in the corner and reenacting the match at ringside. Jimmy won the match…

-Renee Young had Seth Rollins in the back, he says Jericho got what he deserved but it wouldn’t have happened if the Authority was back in power right now.

-Main event time, Cena vs. Rollins in a steel cage… Typical steel cage match with both trying to escape the cage, Rollins more so than Cena… Rollins took an AA off the top rope but before Cena could escape or cover Rollins, Brock Lesnar was back out to deliver german suplexes to Cena before hitting an F5. Brock and Rollins had a brief stare down before Heyman and Rollins shook hands. The commentators questioned if this would be an alliance. They walked off leaving Rollins to curb stomp Cena for good measure. Rollins then walked out of the cage for the win.

-I have to say these HULU versions of these shows make RAW a much more watchable show! I might be switching to these versions to save years off my life…

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