12-14-14 WWE TLC


TLC 2014 predictions

Way too much plunder…

Ladders Match for the Intercontinental Championship

-Harper spent most of the early match keeping Ziggler grounded. Harper took a STIFF dive to the outside where it looked like he almost broke his arm on a ladder that was laying at ringside, fuck. Even though he took that fucked up hit, he still kept most of the advantage. Ziggler got busted open but Ziggler stopped the ringside medic from tending to the cut when Harper was climbing up the ladder. These dudes beat the shit out of each other. The falls off the ladders were ugly. The finish saw Ziggler make his way up the ladder, Harper set up his own but got super kicked off of the ladder for Ziggler to grab the title for victory. Great opener and match of the night.

Tag Team Championship Match

-“we want MIZdow” chants were loud off the get go… IN Miz’s home town… typical showing for MIZdow, selling on the apron. Match was pretty decent. Miz used the Slammy award for the DQ. It was all about Sandow.

Stairs Match

-stairs were used a lot. Big Show got the knock out punch then used the stairs to keep Rowan down for the three count… odd finish considering they used a lot of stairs and the knock out punch got the victory…

Tables Match (if Cena loses he loses his World Title shot)

-Looks like Cena isn’t main eventing tonight, thank god. Its not long before J&J Security get involved and stop Cena from putting Rollins threw a table. This is basically a 3 on 1 match… Ref took a bump and Cena got an AA threw a table from the top rope but since the ref was down, he didn’t see shit and J&J continued beating on Cena. J&J did take a AA (at the same time) threw a table which was cool looking. Cena and Rollins went threw tables at ringside at the same time and the ref calls the match… the verdict is… that the refs are split and the original ref restarts the match.  Big Show ends up coming down to beat on Cena when Roman Reigns makes his return through the crowd to brawl with Show, super man punch him and spear him threw a table. Super man punch for Rollings into Cena then AA’s Rollins for the win… overbooked match.

-After the match Brock vs. Cena was announced for the Royal Rumble.

Diva’s Championship Match

-Nikki retains with hairspray to the eyes of AJ… sigh. Sucks to see shit like this after the Charlotte/Banks match on Thursday…

-Roman Reigns BOTCHED his big come back promo… god dammit! He’s not swiss and he’s getting pushed…

Chairs Match

-Fuck I forgot about this match… Ryback with the shellshock for the pin. Didn’t give a fuck and neither did the crowd who chanted “boring” and “Goldberg”

United States Championship Match

-I forgot about this match too… Notably, Swagger fought out of the accolade… well the first time… he passed out on the 2nd attempt. It’s really time to move both dudes to something else… please!

TLC Match

-Finally the main event. This was a huge brawl the entire match. Tables, ladders and chairs were used to the 10th degree. This was a really good match but there was too much other shit on this under card that it took away from the power this match could have had. Still good shit though. The end came when a ringside monitor “shorted out” in Ambrose’s face setting up for the sister Abigail for the pin. what. the fuck. Stupid ending.

-a few good matches in a sea of plunder.

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