I fucking love NXT.

-Kevin Owens starting the show by making his NXT debut against CJ Parker. To stay the crowd was into Owens is an understatement.  They even went through familiar chants for him. At one point Owens is busted open, possibly hard way from a Parker palm thrust. He put away Parker with a stiff powerbomb. Good shit!

-Corey Graves looks to have hung up the boots because of the concussions and is officially part of the announce team. Such a bummer, I liked that dude.

-The Lucha Dragons took on the number one contenders the Vaudevillians for the NXT Tag Team Titles. Early on, English and Gotch kept Kalisto grounded and cornered until the hot tag to Sin Cara. This is where the match picked up with double dives to the outside. Match didn’t last long after that when Kalisto hit his finisher to put Gotch away. Decent match.

-Tye Dillinger got squashed by Baron Corbin while Bull Dempsey watched on from ringside. They eye fucked a little to end the segment.

-They show a split screen for Sami Zayn, in one screen its an interview and in the other its Zayn in the locker room. They pan out only to show Kevin Owens sitting a couple of bleachers away… this was WAY too underplayed…

-The Ascension finally had their tag team match against Hideo Itami & Finn Balor.  Not only did Hideo have new ring gear but we finally got the question answered if Balor would be doing body paint in the WWE… the answer was FUCK yeah! Awesome ring entrance! The opening brawl before the match got a “marking out” chant! Never heard that one! Haha Itami was cornered early on by the Ascension. Itami finally tried to make the tag only to have Konnor sweep Balor off the apron. Balor finally got the HOT tag. Itami teased the GTS which got a massive reaction. Crowd didn’t like that he didn’t get it. Double diving foot stomp by Balor and Itami onto the Acension for the pin and the win. Good shit!

-Renee Young had Roman Reigns in the back. He’s asked about his Superstar of the Year award and why he’s here tonight. He wants to be the first guy from NXT to win the WWE World Title. Promo was ok, he’s had worse.

-Charlotte is getting ready in the back and Ric Flair is here to watch his daughters Championship match against Sasha Banks. Crowd was split for these two. Both got into a chop fest. Banks took the advantage and taunted the champion with Ric Flair-isms. Charlotte made a couple of comebacks and would hit Banks with stiff moves like a spear. This even got a “this is wrestling” chant. Fuck man, Charlotte did a moonsault from the top, landed on her feet when Sasha moved and his a senton! Charlette would finally get the win with the natural selection from the top! When the WWE wants to do great women’s wrestling it can really pull it off. Great match!

-Its main event time, right off the bat we’re getting heavy Ole chants. Crowd is heavy for Zayn and booing Neville. They let the chants sink in for a bit before actually starting the match. A chain wrestling exchange started the match as both got into it cautiously and slow. Both would trade off taking lead of the match while hitting moves like Sami’s springboard moonsault onto Neville on the outside. Neville showed frustration when he wasn’t able to pin Zayn. Solid german suplex by Neville followed by a sit down power bomb. This match is stiff! Zayn got the knees up when Neville hit the red arrow then locked him into a submission until Neville got to the ropes. Zayn was on fire when he went to for the kick in the corner. It looked like Neville pulled the ref in the way. Neville then tried to use the title belt when Zayn stopped him. Zayn then was conflicted on if he should use the title against Neville when Neville tried to roll him up for a close two. Zayn would then hit the exploder suplex in the corner before hitting the kick in the corner for the pin and the NXT Championship! Great main event!!

-After the match the locker room spills out and Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn emotionally hug. Roster then lifts the new champion as they celebrate. Zayn and Neville then have a brief stare down. Zayn offers his hand but Neville kicks it away and hugs Zayn.

-Such a dope night of wrestling, I fucking love NXT…

-OH SHIT, as they are going off the air Kevin Owens TURNS on Sami Zayn and power bombs him on the ring apron!

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