11-24-14 WWE RAW



-Even though Hunter and Stephanie “lost power” last night they STILL start the show… Steph shits on the crowd and their reaction to them tonight. She brings up the man who changed the face of the WWE… Sting! Steph then turns the water works on when bringing up Thanksgiving. Hunter was much more angry, calling the crowd bullies. He then states no one can run the WWE like they do before talking shit on Sting and questioning why he got in their business. He claims RAW wont exist without them and that we will all beg for them to come back. All of a sudden Daniel Bryan is out! He leads a massive YES chant before getting in Hunter’s face to chant. His taunts continued until Hunter and Steph took off… but he chased them up the ramp way to continue his chants. Funny.

-After the break, Daniel Bryan says he has been put in charge of running RAW tonight. He then brings out Team Authority who stood on the stage and heput them in matches tonight… he puts Rollins in a handicap match against Cena & Ziggler where Rollins gets 2 partners… Rollins got brave and yapped about being the future of the WWE which lead Bryan to announce that it’s the WWE Universe who’s going to choose the partners for Rollins… Bryan then brings up Kane and stips him of his “director of operations” title and makes him in charge food and will be known as “concessions Kane”, he is then handed popcorn to sell, funny. He then puts Rusev in a battle royal for his title or he can do the pledge of allegiance to get out of the match, they look like they choose the match. Harper is put in a match against Dean Ambrose for the IC Title… lastly, he puts Henry in a match with Ryback… This was a LONG talky segment to start the show.

-Ryback ran out and the brawl with Mark Henry started with Ryback getting the best of him. After the commercial break Ryback made short work of Henry by getting the pin on him after the meat hook clothesline.

-Hunter and Steph are leaving when they run into a disappointed Vince McMahon… he’s not happy and wants them to find a way to fix this. He’s also not happy he’s got to spend Thanksgiving with them, ouch. :\

-Dean Ambrose was out next for his match with Intercontinental Champion Luke Harper. Match start off slow paced with Ambrose working over the left arm of Harper. Something happened in the crowd during the match which distracted the crowd. Both went back and forth with this brawl that got near falls for both. Harper then tried to leave with his title when Ambrose brought him back into the ring. Harper then threw Ambrose into the ref for the DQ… oh well… After the match Harper took the dirty deeds on a steel chair. Crowd then chanted for tables which Ambrose brought out including a ladder but before he could do anything with them Bray Wyatt come out and beat on Ambrose at ringside. Bray loses his shit and buries Ambrose under a sea of chairs. A much more aggressive Bray Wyatt which his character needed.

-Santino made his return with… Larry the Cable guy… this fat fuck came out shirtless, with a Rey Mysterio mask on… fuck… they got stupid jokes… this mess gets interrupted by the Dust brothers thankfully…

-The Dust Brothers got a rematch against the new Tag Team Champions Miz & Mizdow. Mizdow came out with toy versions of the tag titles while Miz held both the real titles. Gold and Star focused on Miz until Sandow got the hot tag which the crowd popped for. Miz then sold an injury at ringside while Sandow wrestled on. Sandow went to tag out but Miz was still being tended to. Sandow got the figure four on Star before Gold broke it up. Miz then made a blind tag out of nowhere, his the SCF on Star and got the pin. Match was ok, it did serve to get Sandow over.

-Concessions Kane met his concessions manager. This kid brow beat Kane, she was kinda funny.

-Rusev and Lana were out to make their choice, do the pledge of allegiance or put the US Title up in a battle royal against the whole roster. They tried to leave when Daniel Bryan from the titan tron warned Rusev one last time before sending out Sgt. Slaughter to help supervise this pledge of allegiance… Rusev wasn’t having it but Lana did the pledge reluctantly. Rusev then stopped her before going on, he had her leave the ring and got in Slaughter’s face before Jack Swagger came out to make the save. Rusev hit the bricks after Swagger got him in the ankle lock for a moment. I guess we’re not getting a battle royal? Swagger stood in the ring with Colter and Slaughter as they lead the crowd in a “we the people” chant.

-Kane is still on duty when Santino and Larry show up to get food… Santino wears mustard that Kane squirted on him…

-Justin Gabriel gets a match on RAW!… against Fandango. A rematch from last night. This was a bigger squash than last nights match. The crowd didn’t care and chanted Fandango’s old theme song as well as for CM Punk… oh well.

-Big Show is in the back looking angry and shooing people away… After the break Show comes out smiling and waving at the crowd, he still got booed. He defends his stance from last night while trying to get a pity party going. He wants to be forgiven for this mistake and turning on his team… crowd wasn’t having it. Erick Rowan came out and Show made fun of him but Show got beat up for this. Crowd actually chanted for Rowan…

-Mercury and Noble walk into Rollins locker room. He basically calls them short… Ziggler walked in and pep talked these two for the match later tonight. Rollins didn’t like it…

-Brie, with Nikki who’s now the Diva’s champion came out for the next match. AJ shit talked both of them on the way to the ring. I could have sworn she said “lez be honest Brie”… I THINK Nikki and Brie are back on the same page…? Its quite unclear and odd… Nikki gets involved behind the refs back setting up for the roll up pin by Brie… after the match AJ shit talks the twins that saying “talent isn’t sexually transmitted”… ouch…

-Adam Rose and the Bunny took on Tyson Kidd and Natalya…!? Larry the Cable Guy thankfully put on clothes and was on commentary with Santino which was NOT good… Bunny tried to dance with them before Rose pulled him back into the ring by the ears… I’m too tired for this shit. Kidd ended up rolling up Rose for the pin when this fucking rabbit fucked shit up again… stew this motherfucker already…

-Ryback’s got silly jokes about being hungry and concessions…

-Kofi, Woods and Big E get another “new day” promo, this time all three of them together and they are re-debuting next week.

-Ryback and Kane did a goofy segment that ended with a brief food fight… so over this night…

-Renee had Cena and Ziggler. They go over what happened last night, Ziggler’s win, Sting and putting the Authority out.

-John Cena and Dolph Ziggler took on Seth Rollins and the poll winners who were announced by Daniel Bryan… Mercury and Noble who got 93% of the vote. This started off as a comedy match before Cena was cornered. Ziggler got the hot tag which got a good reaction. Not long after, he’s triple teamed. Cena and Ziggler would overcome this and get a double pin on Mercury and Noble. Rollins tried to escape only to have Daniel Bryan pull him back in. he took a Ziggler superkick and a Cena AA… they celebrate before we get the anonymous general manager podium…oh no… Michael Cole reads the email… Looks like the laptop is in charge next week… the show goes off the air with the fucking email noise going off over and over and over… can we get Steph and Hunter back already!?



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