11-17-14 WWE RAW

Just not a great go-home show…

-Guess who starts the show… Team Authority which included Rusev, Mark Henry, Kane, Seth Rollins and Luke Harper. Hunter goes over the stipulation for the Survivor Series and how Vince doesn’t rule the WWE, they do. He then brings up WCW as a place where the “inmates” ran things. They go on before announcing a contract signing tonight. Steph then runs down the list of guys on their team. Ryback then interrupts this love fest and cuts a promo on wanting what’s best for him. Steph then cuts to a Cena promo video from like last year where he sit talks Ryback and makes fun of him, she’s stirring the pot. He walks off as Hunter makes a match with Luke Harper and Dolph Ziggler next.
-Ziggler took on Harper after the break with Seth Rollins on commentary… this was turned into an IC Title match… oh no… Mercury and Noble the attacked Ziggler before the match followed by Rollins with the briefcase… Ziggler still asked for the bell to ring which lead to Harper beating on Ziggler. Ziggler did fight back and got a close two count after the fame-asser. This ended up being a good (but short) match. Harper would get the lariat clothesline for the pin and the Intercontinental Title! Rollins then hit a curb stomp after the match for good measure.
-Fuck I forgot Grump Cat is on this show…
-Kofi’s “new day” promo aired.
-Miz cuts a promo about being in a movie (as Sandow acts it out)… Miz was talking to Grump Cat. The cat is presented by a stunt cat…
-Here comes the rose buds… Bunny stage dives before Adam Rose, that shits a no-no. Rose took on Tyson Kidd in a rematch from last week. Michael Cole actually needed to remind us this is a man in a bunny outfit… This was a short match with Kidd getting the submission victory with the sharpshooter. After the match the Bunny tried to hump Rose before he hopped off… what. the. fuck.
-Bray Wyatt was out for a promo, a wordy affair as usual. Something about Dean Ambrose. Ambrose cut a promo from the back… well it was a pretape to distract Wyatt for the attack.
-Fuck you WWE for putting Larry the Cable Guy on next week.
-Cesaro got fed to Ryback. Such bullshit.
-Cena cut a promo about eveveryones future after the Survivor Series… he’s the only one taking this shit too seriously…
-Lana and Rusev come out, she came out and made fun of Kim Kardashian and showed off a topless photo… of Putin. Heath Slater came out all decked out in the red white and blue. Slater got squashed.
-more Miz and Grumpy Cat… Erik Rowan came out and said he wanted the cat… he took the plush one and walked off… what. the. fuck. FYI, the cat slept through this shit…
-Big Show came out for his match followed by Stephanie McMahon who got real about his career. She teases him with a Hall of Fame induction next year if he jumps ship. Before he could answer Sheamus came out for this banter… She then makes a match between both of them right now with the winner getting a championship match. The match felt slow and long… During the match Rusev and Mark Henry attacked these two dummies for the DQ/no contest/whatever… Sheamus took a world strongest slam through the announce table while Show took the accolade in the ring by Rusev…
-Brie came out doing her best AJ Lee impression. Nikki then came out to wrestle the faux AJ… the real AJ came out to watch this mess… this got a forward job, I just did not care… AJ beat both these fools up after the match.
-Big E finally got his own “new day” gospel promo.
-Ryback in the back when Cena walks in to pep talk his ass to join his team… He isn’t happy about his insults and isn’t having this shit. Cena lays the guilt trip on thick.
-4 on 4 match between the Dust Brothers, Miz and Sandow against the Uso’s and the Matadores for a forward job… Stardust pinned one of the Uso’s.
-Grumpy Cat is sleeping through this fucking show, wish I was too.
-Sheamus has been written off the Survivor Series after taking the world strongest slam through the table… pussy.
-Well, we’re at the end of the show and its time for this contract signing… Team Authority was out first. Hunter goes off on how we have no idea how much this means to us and how its all and everything they know. He keep repeatng that “they can’t lose”. He threatens Team Cena one last time before bringing them out… Cena came out on his own to cut a promo on taking the Authority out of power. Steph and Cena go back and forth about “what’s best for business”. Cena the claims he’s picking 4 people out of the crowd for his team… it was mostly kids. Cena then went down the list of who’s losing in what order. This was the usual Cena goofy jokey bullshit. Steph had enough and slapped Cena which prompted Cena to clear the table… Ziggler then joined Cena followed by Big Show… then Erik Rowan…??… uh, what…? The last guy was…. CESARO!… nope…. he sided with the Authority… christ. The last guy was Ryback and the brawl breaks out! The ring clears and Hunter and Ryback have a stare down before Cena lands an AA on HHH through the table to end the show.
-The build up to Ryback was good through the show but it was a lack luster go-home show. I don’t see Rowan making it all the way to Sunday…

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