11-10-14 WWE RAW 

Ryback is a face, no a heel, no really a face..?! Cena is back, same old shit… “where’s our network?!” chants… and these Survivor Series teams keep flip flopping…. sigh.

-Show started out with Mr. MIA from last week, John Cena. So much for his rants about “always being HERE”… He gets an assload of boo’s and the UK singing “John Cena sucks” to his theme song. He panders and goes over how he’s had a shit time trying to fill Team Cena. He announces Jack Swagger as part of his team… uh, ok?…. he also brings up Ziggler as being part of his team still. He then brought up Ryback and talked about him like it was 2012… That brought Ryback out, he got out 4 words before the Authority and the new goons came out to interrupt. They were then followed by Mark Henry who appears to have joined their team. The crowd chanted “where’s our network” loudly and over Triple H, oops… He went on about what could happen to people siding with Cena before shitting on Ziggler and Swagger. Steph and Hunter then talk up Ryback in hopes of trying to get him to join them at the Survivor Series. Cena then pleads his case to Ryback which of course leads to Ryback hitting a spine buster on Cena…. Interesting… Lets just see how this plays out tonight… I don’t see Ryback panning out for the Authority, especially after coming back as a face.
-Seth Rollins beat Jack Swagger with the curb stomp. Match was slow paced to start before Swagger made a come back. Crowd was mostly quiet for this one and broke out in chants for the announce team instead. Both ende up on the outside for Noble and Mercury to cause the distraction which lead to Swagger taking the ring post and the curb stomp in the ring for the win. This match, meh… Swagger took another curb stomp after the match.
-In the back Dean Ambrose cuts a promo in the dark about what he’s done in the past and how that was scarier than Bray Wyatt.
-Ryback was in the locker room when Kane came in to suck up to him about joining the Authority. Kane claims he’s going to be in the corner of Ryback, that doesn’t sit well…
-Alicia Fox took on Paige who got a decent reaction in her home country. She played face to Fox’s heel. Paige killed Fox with the rampage for the win. Much better reaction for Paige on this tour.
-Steph stops Rusev and Lane to congradulate the new champion. She is sucking up to them before she asked about joining the Authority. Lana says they are still considering it, this wasn’t good enough for Steph who pulls her dick out for Lana just to show she ain’t fucking around…
-the new gimmick for Xavier Woods is James Brown… hopefully they wont bury Woods like they did Brown… oh wait, he’s still in a fridge right??
-Steph and Hunter watch Vince’s decision from last week. They aren’t happy with Vince but peptalk each other about the Survivor Series match. Steph is still worried what will happen if they lose…
-Rusev got a victory celebration. They had some dude read a proclaimation… don’t know what accent he was trying to do… We got the Russian national, until Sheamus interrupted sending these representatives, Lana and Rusev to the outside.
-Sheamus got his rematch against the new United States Champion Rusev. The Irishman versus the Russian via Bulgaria fighting in the UK for the United States Championship… :\ Lawler would point this out later. Rusev dominated Sheamus, staying 2 steps a head of him all times. He fought out of the chest pounds in the ropes and hit a fallaway slam to Sheamus onto the announce table. This was the domination of Sheamus. Sheamus did have a comeback but it was all for not when the goons got involved and got Sheamus counted out. The Authority scratched they back of Rusev…
-After the break Steph ran into Rusev and Lana again… she’s asking again but this time Lana agrees… Steph cuts Lana off saying she doesn’t a fuck about Putin, just crushing Team Cena…
-Team Authority currenty has Ryback, Rusev, Henry, Kane and Rollins.
-Ryback is still in his locker room when Rollins now comes to suck up to him. Ryback ignored Rollins the whole time.
-Matadors took on Miz and Mizdow. Hornswoggle did a mini-Miz bit… this poor fucking little guy… Sandow mimmicked from the ring apron, as did Hornswoggle at ringside. Sandow got a massive reaction for the brief moments he was in the ring. Miz tagged himself back in cutting the steam out of the crowd. Miz would eventully get the pin while Sandow held the leg of one of the Matadores.
-Ziggler in the back when Cena walks in. They talk about their odds and how its just the two of them… guess Swagger was murdered with those 2 curb stomps. Cena tries to give Ziggler an out to save his career but Ziggler still wants in. Hunter stolls in, literally. He bans Cena from ringside for Ziggler’s match. Hunter was humorous here.
-A Luke Harper promo appeared before the Ziggler vs. Henry match. Ziggler spent the match trying to avoid Zigglers power… until Henry threw a chair at the face of Ziggler for the DQ… Ziggler was going to take a world strongest slam on the steel steps in the ring before Big Show made the save. Show then let Henry know he joined Team Cena.
-looks like Kofi IS part of Xavier Woods’ “new day”…
-Ziggler, Cena and Big Show have a pow-wow about their team. Sheamus walks up an joins the team as well leaving only one spot open.
-Diva’s Champion AJ took on Brie Bella with Nikki at ringside. Typical CM Punk chants for AJ… dude writes comic books now people, time to find a different chant… this dude don’t give a fuck. short match ended with the black widow for the tap out. Nikki attacked AJ after the match and posed with the title.
-Ryback in the back gets shit from Mark Henry… this isn’t going well…
-…Grumpy Cat is going to be on RAW next week… What the fuck am I doing with my life…?!
-Adam Rose and the rosebuds where out for a match with Tyson Kidd. During the match Erik Rowan in the sheep mask came out to ringside… he pulled up the mask and said “she’s not here”, then took off through the crowd… This fucking bunny cost Rose yet another match when he went up to the rop rope trying to jump onto Kidd. Bunny got a kick in the gut before being left behind while Rose parties with the rosebuds. Fuck this Bunny…
-Team Authority goes over shit, Ryback isn’t here yet. Kane claims he’s got an attitude which Ryback overears. Hunter calmed everyone down and peptalked Ryback for his match with Cena. mama bird, Steph wants everyone to get their shit together for Survivor Series.
-Bray Wyatt got his own backstage promo time who goes over Dean Ambrose. He claims he is real sin.
-We cut to Paul Heyman and Joey Styles at the WWE studios pushing the ECW Exposed special after RAW tonight on the Network.
-Main event time…. Cena came out first, once again the crowd sang a long with his song. Ryback was accompanied by all of Team Authority. Both spent the early part of the match showing off their strength. Cena would get sent to the outside but gave Ryback the same treatment when he thrown into Kane. Match continued to be back and forth before Kane ended up in the ring for the DQ… Ryback not happy about this ended up shoving Kane. Rollins then took a short before Kane knocked Ryback down… The Authority would beat down as Sheamus and  Big Show tried to help. Ryback then made a come back and cleared the ring of the Authority. He then hit the shellshock on Kane while the announce team sold that Ryback wouldn’t be on Team Authority.
-While Steph and Hunter watched in the back, Ziggler was thrown into the shot by Luke Harper who claimed HE is a team player…
-Never in the history of the Survivor Series has there been so much flip flopping of teams, fuck!

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