11-03-14 WWE RAW 

A lot of double duties tonight on RAW….

-The Show started with Stephanie, Hunter… and Vince McMahon! Vince has a new hair dye job. He shills the Network and it being FREE for November, put over the Survivor Series and adds a stip to the Elimination Match where if the Authority loses, they lose their power. Hunter and Steph didn’t even sell this with expressions or emotions and just stood their like dummies. Dean Ambrose then came out and shook hands with Vince before they walked off and that was it for them, odd start to the show…
-After the break Hunter and Steph walk Vince to his limo, they smile and wait for him to leave before they say they are going to get to the bottom of this bullshit.
-Dean Ambrose took on Cesaro in the first match. Its like all matches now are best of three… This one started with good back and forth chain wrestling. Cesaro got busted open on the side of his head, surprised the ref didn’t stop things to clean this up. Bray Wyatt’s new video interupted before… then they went to break…? After they came back Wyatt is sitting on the stage watching the match. Cesaro ended up getting his head cleaned up during the break. Ambrose got the win with the double under hook DDT (AKA the new dirty deeds). This was a solid match. After the match Bray disappeared.
-Steph and Hunter give each other a pep talk about their team. Steph and Hunter don’t agree about Orton being on this Authority team.
-Jimmy Uso who had his brother in his corner took on Miz with his stuntman. At ringside Jay and MIZdow would basically mimmick this match on the outside. Miz and Jimmy worked a fast paced match, they work well together. A distraction on the outside set up for the skull crushing finale for the Miz win.
-United States Champion Sheamus is doing double duty tonight as he’s defending the US Title tonight on the Networks Backstage Pass show… talk about roster depth issues… he took on Tyson Kidd who had Natalya in his corner. This match got a lot of time for some reason. Kidd would use Natalya on the outside to get the count out victory. ODD that you would have Sheamus looks this match considering he’s putting the title on the line tonight…
-Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler came out for a match but got the Authority instead. Steph announces Seth, Kane and Orton on their team thus far. Hunter pokes at Ziggler trying to cause a rift between he and Cena. Ziggler isn’t buying it and just wants them out of power. After the break Ziggler took on Rollins with the tite on the line. This was a slow paced match to start but pick up as the match went on. Mercury and Noble run the distraction which set up for the curb stomp. Before he could cover, Randy Orton showed up out of nowhere and RKO’d Rollins for the DQ. Good match but got a lot of time and crowd was heavily behind Orton after that RKO.
-Steph and Hunter aren’t happy when Orton walks in, he wants Rollins tonight and teases switching teams. Hunter tries to calm Orton down by telling him over and over that he needs him. Hunter sets up the match tonight so these two can get this out of the way and concentrate on this match at the Survivor Series… oh boy.
-Weird video got shown focusing on some dudes eyes, I think it was Luke Harper.
-Titus O’Neil cut a promo in the ring before getting “fed” to Ryback. Titus tried to put up a fight but it was all for not. Shellshock put him away.
-Renee had Big Show in the back, he wanted to talk about the Survivor Series match and wanting to be on Cena’s team. He then goes off Mark Henry and the bullshit going on with him.
-Big Show and Mark Henry had their match next. I still think they could of found a much better reason for breaking these two up. Big Show manhandled Henry for most of the match until Henry takes the advantage and used the steel steps for the DQ. Show then took a world strongest slam on the steel steps.
-Steph and Hunter in the back… again. They are thinking about recruiting Mark Henry. Hunter asks Steph to trust him with this Orton and Rollins situation… hmm…
-Brie Bella in the back with Renee… this interview last seconds (thankfully) before Nikki tells her assistant sister to hit the bricks. After they left Erick Rowan showed up and touched Renee’s hair. He only said “pretty”… looks like he’s just going to be one big joke…
-Diva’s Champion AJ is on commentary for Nikki’s match with Emma. Nikki is now the #1 contender by winning a Halloween battle royal. Loud “CM Punk” chants started this match. Nikki squashed Emma… After the match Nikki sent Brie over to slap AJ which got Brie floored before AJ chased Nikki off.
-Rusev got a match on RAW as well before his match after RAW with Sheamus, it was just Zack Ryder… another squash. Lana and Rusev cut promos after the match which brought out Sheamus to go over their match after RAW tonight.
-After the break Stephanie confronts Lana and Rusev about joining the Authority team. The Russian’s are thinking this shit over.
-Fernando took on Stardust. Not only did each guy have their partner at ringside but Miz and MIZdow were on commentary…. could be setting up another Survivor Series traditional match. This was a mess. Fernando got the backstabber on the distraction for the pin.
-This is a long night….
-Finally the main event, Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins with Steph and Hunter on commentary and Kane, Mercury and Noble at ringside… Orton is outnumbered. Slow start to this one. Orton cleared off the announce table for future use. Superplex off the top woke people up. Match really picked up here. Rollins went for the curb stomp only to end up in a rolling powerslam. Shortly after that Rollins out of nowhere got the pin with a backslide. They celebrated after the match except for Orton who was still pissed. Orton then shook hands with Mercury, Noble and Kane. Crowd chanted for an RKO for Rollins… as Rollins offered his hand. Orton then RKO’d Rollins and was about to punt his ass when Hunter stopped Orton… Hunter looked to have had peace until Orton decked him. Orton then fought off Kane, Mercury and Noble. This ended up on the announce table when Kane and Noble held Orton for a curb stomp on the announce table. Steph played up that she enjoyed this while Hunter played up being pissed this all went down. Steph gave orders and Hunter reluctantly agreed… Orton was then set up on the steel steps by Rollins goons while Rollins hit a curb stomp off the announce table. Orton was bloody and sold the move while Hunter and Steph walked off.
-On the Backstage pass, Randy Orton was slowly carted out as Rusev made his second appearance in the ring of the night for his match against Sheamus. They got a decent amount of time for this one which I could only image made it a LONG night for those in attendance. This was a slow paced match with a lot of brawling between the two. Sheamus would power out of the accolade and hit the white noise for a close 2 count which would then set up Rusev landing 2 big kicks to the head and the accolade, Sheamus doesn’t tap out but passes out and Rusev is your new United States Champion! Maybe the US Title will mean more with Rusev. Sheamus did a good job holding the title but I think his run with it was underrated.
-Fuck, I am glad this night is FINALLY over…

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