10-27-14 WWE RAW

This was a looong show for me… :\

-As usual the Authority opened the show gloating about last nights ppv. Hunter puts over Seth Rollins and his performance before he came out with Mercury & Noble. Rollins declares he is done with Ambrose and how he’s moving onto the guy who soundly beat Randy Orton, John Cena. Orton shows up and he’s pissed at this love fest in the ring for Rollins and is ranting about his anger management when he attacks Rollins! Both are separated while Hunter tried to calm Orton down and gave him the night off… Out of nowhere Rollins ate an RKO before Orton took off. Rollins was then helped up as he sold the RKO’s effects. And so the Orton turn officially begins.
-Goldust and Stardust put the tag titles on the line against Big Show & Mark Henry. How Big Show losing last night and Henry quashing Bo Dallas who’s not doing much leads to a tag title match is beyond me. Show and Henry spend a good part of the night dominating the champions. A sexual chocolate chant broke out which Henry played up in the corner with Stardust. The milk went bad with this team when they got all butt hurt on a blind tag that Big Show did… that led to the champions taking over the match. Show gets another blind tag which pisses off Henry. Although Show got the knock out punch on Stardust and all he had to do was cover him, Henry came in and gave Show the world strongest slam for the Stardust pin… After the match Show took two more slams… I’m not looking forward to this feud although I’m glad Henry’s a heel again.
-After the break Renee had Mark Henry in the back. He claims Big Show was jealous of him…
-Oh no we’re getting another Roman Reigns interview… but first we got a video package on him. He’s asked about his recovery and his former Shield members match last night. He claims he’ll be going after Rollins when he’s healed. A much better promo than the last time he was on RAW.
-Diva’s Champion AJ took on Alicia Fox with Paige on commentary which was distracting from this match. Not sure if that was good or bad though… AJ got a stiff looking DDT which was of note. Paige then distracted Fox which lead to the roll up by AJ… his is worse than a spanish novela…. Fox got her ass kicked again by Paige after the match. Its an odd visual seeing Paige beat on Alicia Fox in front of breast cancer survivors… Lawler stepped in for Fox to end this mess.
-John Cena was out next to suck up to the Spurs fans in attendance and to gloat about being Orton last night. This fool said it might not be the last time he fights Orton… fuck. Cena goes into the same old song and dance he did with The Rock, how he’s here and the champion isn’t… He continues to yap and brag until Stephanie came out for the second time tonight. She makes fun of Cena pandering to these Spurs fans which was funny. Steph wants him to join the Authority and help him get than World Title off of Brock Lesnar. Cena doesn’t entertain this idea which then brought out Hunter who knew he would answer like this. Triple H then pokes at how much longer Cena can do this and how he can’t fight the future. They then set up a traditional Survivor Series match for the next ppv, Team Authority vs. Team Cena… Glad they are doing traditional Survivor Series matches this year.
-Show’s only been on for an hour and 20 minutes and already seems looong.
-Uso’s took on Miz and MIZdow after the break. Decent back and forth match, just wasn’t invested. Uso’s pull off a “twin magic” switch-a-roo for the roll up on Miz for the win.
-Cena met in the back with Ziggler and both shook hands… we didn’t hear the exchange but you can assume he’s on Team Cena. After the break Kane confronts Ziggler about his meeting and makes a match between them.
-Hulk Hogan was out next. He sucks up to Cena before giving a shout of to the breast cancer survivors at ringside. This was basically the same promo he did a few weeks back. He did invite all these survivors into the ring this time.
-Bo Dallas issued an open challenge and got Ryback who looks to be a face once again.  And just like that “feed me more chants” had broken out. Bo took Ryback’s entire move set for the squash.
-Cesaro and Dean Ambrose where up at the 2nd hour. Before the match Ambrose climbed on top of the announce table to cut a promo on last night and Bray’s involvement. Ambrose then attacked Cesaro with the microphone all the way up the ramp. Ambrose went back to the ring and called Bray out but got him on the Titantron. Promo was a lot more focused and to the point. A few needed tweeks to the Wyatt character.
-Nikki who had her “slave” sister Brie in her corner took on Naomi…this got a fast forward job… Nikki got the win with Brie doing heelish things for her sister.
-Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler took on Kane because he MIGHT be teaming with Cena at the next ppv… Kane had the advantage early on keeping Ziggler grounded. The match was slow paced with a few moves out of nowhere from Ziggler. The finish would come when Kane went for the choke slam only to have Ziggler roll through and pin Kane. After the match the Authority showed up and beat down Ziggler before Cena made the save.
-Cena took on Rollins in the main event. Seems odd that after everything Cena did to try to get a match with Rollins, he got it the night after Hell in a Cell where he got a World Title shot… it pays to be a loser if your name is John Cena…  Rollins was taped up and would take his time starting the match consulting with Mercury and Noble at ringside. Both stooges would get involved behind the refs back to beat on Cena. These two would go back and forth in what would build up to a pretty decent match until Kane fucked it all up for the DQ. This brought out Ziggler for the assistance. That lead to the locker room emptying out into the ring for a brawl. At the end Cena would stand alone after landing AA’s on Heath Slater and Bo Dallas.

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