Who main evented and who is the new number one contender?

-The pre-show panel had Paul Heyman join Renee Young, Booker T and Alex Riley. Heyman didn’t even have to say much to make this panel dope. Funny that Heyman just sits there and eye fucks Renee.
-The video piece for the Rollins vs. Ambrose Hell in a Cell match was solid and made it feel like this will be the main event tonight.
-GREAT promo video on WWE rivalries until I realized it was for the Cena vs. Orton match…
-Paul Heyman on this panel is awesome. He needs his own show on the Network. He stares at Renee like his eye are burning through her, hilarous.
-MIZdowTV was silly. Sandow not only conducted the interview with Miz but mimmicked him when he talked. Miz and Sandow had a touching moment that was ruined by Sheamus. Heelish shit right there.
-Paul Heyman is the only person who could make anyone give a shit about “shucky ducky wack wack”.
-Mark Henry took on Bo Dallas on the pre-show. I’m ok with never seeing this match up ever again. Before the match Bo Dallas was funny, shitting on Texas having ebola, changing his name for the night to Bo Washington and how he’s going to Bo-Leave after the match.The was a squash and a half with Henry beating Bo with the world strongest slam. After the match Bo talked shit which Henry dealt with…
-Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro opened the show with a 2 out of 3 falls match for the IC Title. This match didn’t get a proper billing for this ppv which is a damn shame. This match started off awesome right off the bat with a series of chain wrestling into several exchanges of near pin attempts. Dolph would get the first fall after taking the giant swing then did a roll through from Cesaro’s pin attempt. This match picked up with Cesaro and Ziggler doing some never before seen shit! Ziggler would finish off Cesaro in the second pin fall with an arm breaker, super kick and the zig zag. This match was fucking awesome!
-The did a segment in the back with the Authority and Randy Orton who was looking for Seth Rollins. Stephanie tried to turn this aggression from Orton onto Cena. Hunter would point on that Orton and Rollins are similar…
-Nikki vs. Brie was up next… at least they are going to it now and getting it out of the fucking way… it looked like these two worked on the match before hand. Didn’t stop the crowd from chanting JBL… Nikki put her sister away after a 2nd “rack attack”. Wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. Now we’ll get a shit ton of stupid vignettes of Brie being a personal assisant…yay…
-Goldust & Stardust put up the tag team titles in the next match taking on the Uso’s. This started off slower paced with the dust brothers keeping the advantage. Match picked up after the hot tag. Uso”s got a double suplex off the top before Goldust hit the curtin call for the pin. Good match but they’ve had better.
-The WWE did the wise thing and put on Randy Orton and John Cena’s Hell in a Cell match next. Match started off quick with both guys going back and forth until Orton took the advantage back in the ring with a steel chair. Cena would have small bursts of a come back but Orton would shut him down. One spot saw Orton kick Cena while laying down only to spring up and hit the rolling powerslam. Cena also took a nut shot into the steel ring post on the outside followed but Orton’s back breaker move. Orton got a RKO out of nowhere during a Cena comeback with a shoulder block for a close two count. Cena would kick out again after taking a table shot in the corner. The steel steps where brought into the ring by Orton only to be used against him. Orton would fight out of the STF before having to run for cover when Cena threw the steel steps out of the ring. Cena  then got an AA which Orton kicke out of. Cena went for another only to have Orton turn it into an RKO in mid move, impressive! Orton would lastly take another RKO but from the top rope and through a table for the Cena victory… we’re officially going to the well too many times if we’re doing Cena vs. Brock yet again. Lame.
-Big Show and Henry had a segment in the back… they might have telegraphed a heel turn tonight…
-United States Champion Sheamus took on Miz. Sandow sold everything at ringside even the ten pounds to the chest in the ropes. I was offically watching Sandow more than I am this match. Sheamus would land a brogue kick on Miz who was coming off the ropes for the pin and the win. After the match MIZdow would lay next to Miz while and while Sheamus would move Miz another MIZdow would mimmick all of this… they did the YMCA…
-They didn’t wait to start on the Brie as a servant bullshit as Nikki ordered Brie around before pouring a smoothy on her slave sister… sigh…
-The “USA” chants where heavy as Rusev and Lana came out. It wasn’t long after his match with Big Show that he had the giant grounded. Show would make a come back which saw him put Rusev in his own submission move. Mark Henry then came out mid match to watch from ringside. Rusev kicked out of the chokeslam then rolled out to ringside. Rusev would then super kick Henry off the ring apron then give one to Big Show before putting him in the accolade where the ref called the match even though Show didn’t tap out or pass out…!?  After the match Henry would console Show and thus avoiding the turn everyone thought they saw coming…
-Ambrose did an interview in the back about what Rollins is going to look like after tonight… sounds lik a very creative Halloween custom…
-AJ put the Diva’s title on the line against Paige who came out with Alicia Fox. This on started off fast before Paige went to the outside to regroup. AJ would follow and would attack Fox, that lead to the Paige advantage of the match. This match ended up on the outside where it got botchy looking on the barricade. Fox threw Paige back in the ring so Paige wouldn’t be counted out, she ended up in the black window instead. AJ with the tap out victory. Paige wasn’t too happy and slapped Fox for this shit. This was all just MEH…
-And finally our main event of Seth Rollins taking on Dean Ambrose in a Hell in a Cell match. Ambrose showed up with a Kendo stick, like a straight up ninja. He filled the ring with chairs before the match. He then looked up at the cage and was like fuck it and climbed the cage! Ambrose had this crowd by the balls and the match hadn’t even started. Rollins came out with the new stooges Mercury and Noble. Rollins wasn’t happy about Ambrose being on top of the cage and looked like he was going to climb up before he sent up Mercury and Noble to get Ambrose down. Ambrose then beat the shit out of these two with the kendo stick before the brawl with Rollins broke out on the top of the cage. Mercury and Noble then held Ambrose down as Rollins beat on him with the  kendo stick. Ambrose fought off the stooges as Rollins called for them to throw him off the cage. Both then crawled down the cage mid way down they started brawling over the announce tables when BOTH fell through the tables! EMT’s were then called out to tend to both who put these two on stretchers. Ambrose then fought off his stretcher to pull Rollins off his and into the cage to finally start this match! Ambrose then took a steel chair to the back of Rollins several times, over and over. Rollins was drop kicked off the ring apron to the cage sending him crashing to the arena floor. Ambrose continued to beat on Rollins until Rollins hit a back suplex on the pile of chairs. Ambrose put Rollins threw a table set up between the ring apron and the cage with a flyin elbow off the top. Kane out of nowhere binded Ambrose with a fire extingisher which set up the power bomb into the table on the outside. Crub stomp in the ring got a close 2 count. Ambrose took several chair shots before he came back with a briefcase shot for a close two count. Clinder blocks were then set up in the ring by Ambrose…. everything went dark and there was a lantern in the ring with some sort of holigram… Bray Wyatt is in the cage and took Ambrose out before Rollins coverd for the pin and the win… well that made this match anticlimatic… guess Bray’s the Untertaker now… that was a bummer that main event could have made both guys…

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