Hell in a Cell Predictions




Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

Masacara De Fuego: Dean Ambrose. Ambrose needs this win AND to main event this pay per view if we are to see him as a main event player. This is make-it-or-break-it time for this character and its time to give other guys a try to see if they sink or swim. Rollin’s roll in this match should be to make Ambrose look like a million bucks! I’m hoping that this will be the match that not only stands out but gets high praise for 2014.

Great Puma: Ambrose. This is a full mark pick and I wholeheartedly agree with MDF’s argument. Rollins is already established as a big deal and the people have bought in. Ambrose seems to still be on the fence with a lot of the fans. I don’t think the Gallagher shenanigans are doing Ambrose any favors, but I do think he should keep the ketchup and mustard attack. I think a sick promo, a few great moments in the ring, and a win are exactly what Ambrose needs to be pushed into the main event circle.



John Cena vs. Randy Orton

Great Puma: Randy Orton. Like every FighterHayabusa prediction post, I have to go full mark on at least one match. This is it. Orton vs. Lesnar is the second most interesting option behind Rollins vs. Lesnar at the moment. I never want to see Lesnar vs. Cena again, but perhaps pay per view buys tell a different story for the rest of the masses. An RKO out of an Attitude Adjustment would be a sight to see. Please make it happen, Randy!

Masacara De Fuego: John Cena. Fuck this match, fuck these two fighting each other again and fuck this being a loser match leading to a title match”. I hate everything about this match, I don’t want to ever see Randy Orton vs. John Cena while I am on this earth. Move the fuck on! I DO NOT want to see John Cena win this match, I think it’s a fresh idea to go with Orton against Brock Lesnar but I don’t think that this company has faith in anyone else taking on Brock but Cena. Such bullshit.


The Uso’s vs. Goldust & Stardust

Masacara De Fuego: Dust Brothers. I hope this is the blow off match, its time for these teams to find other teams to feud with. Yeah, it will be a good but I am ready for a new program for both teams.

Great Puma: Dust Brothers. I just want this feud to end so the Uso’s will chill out for a while to work on their promos. It’s 2014, guys, you don’t have to tap dance any more. Why can’t wrestlers just come off as deadly athletes who carry themselves well?


AJ vs. Paige

Great Puma: AJ. Well, if Paige is going to be on Total Divas, then AJ has this match in the bag.

Masacara De Fuego: AJ. These two have been feuding since the Monday after fucking WrestleMania… maybe this could kill it for a while? Not that anyone can work as well as these two (well, Natalya) but its time to kill this feud off for a while too…


Sheamus vs. Miz

Masacara De Fuego: Sheamus. What’s there to say?? Sheamus will win and go onto more meaningless feuds with other guys over the US Title… Honestly, its time he goes heel and maybe joins the Authority if Orton is going to be out…

Great Puma: Miz. Miz is just too damn entertaining right now to lose a meaningless feud with a superstar that the powers that be have no idea what to do with. As MDF said above, a heel Sheamus is a lot more compelling than a Jokey Smurf face Sheamus.

Big Show vs. Rusev

Great Puma: Rusev. I feel like Rusev will barely win and still get knocked out at the end to keep the crowd happy. Get ready for epic USA chants.

Masacara De Fuego: Rusev. I feel this will have the most crowd reaction except for the main event… people apparently love a good ol’ Russia vs. US feud. Rusev will win this one while Big Show will either go back to his tag team with Mark Henry or go off to feud with him. Either way, Rusev is done with both these guys.


Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella

Masacara De Fuego: Nikki. Don’t fucking care. This will just lead to a bunch of stupid skits.

Great Puma: Nikki. This is the Total Divas portion of the PPV which doesn’t count in the main WWE realm of storytelling in my book.

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