10-20-14 WWE RAW

apparently its Royals night…

-The Hell in a Cell cage is hanging over the ring tonight. What a bitch to put this up tonight for just a visual.
-The Authority started the show with typical propaganda recap banter about the Hell in a Cell pay per view on Sunday. Rollins said he’s the future, Orton claims HE is the main event and Hunter kissed both their asses by proclaiming that Sunday has a double main event. Also the winner of Cena and Orton gets a title shot at Brock Lesnar… uh what??
-How many times have we seen the Uso’s and Sheamus team up against the tag champions and a players choice partner?… this time being Miz. Well, Miz put Sandow in the match instead. That’s ok, Sandow is still a better Miz. Sheamus got the hot tag and joined in on the dives to the outside even though his as not good. Sandow got the roll up out of nowhere for the win for his team. Miz proclaimed HE won. Match was fine, not as good as their other 6 man matches.
-Orton and Hunter had a chat in the back about Cena, Hell in a Cell, beating Brock and going to WrestleMania. Hunter tells him that it was the idea of Rollins to make this a #1 Contenders match… who’s running this dog and pony show!?
-more Wyatt family promos this one got a lot of time.
-AJ took on Alicia Fox who had Paige with her at ringside. This match seems like it got more time than it needed. AJ tried carry this fool. Paige looked like she turned on Fox when it worked against AJ for the roll up victory. Paige and Fox acted like it was a devious plan on their part… whatever.
-Seth Rollins and Randy Orton banter about Rollins coming up with the stip for Orton’s match, the World Title and the briefcase carried by Rollins… they breaking up yo.
-Apparently he’s not gotten enough TV time, Orton came out again to the ring to yip yap some more about Sunday and the million times he’s taken Cena on… this crowd didn’t give a shit to the point Orton had to get the cheap heat by crapping on the Royals… he got heated trying to get people interested in this program. Cena finally showed up to retort this yip yapping and suck up to Royals fans. We got “ghetto” Cena tonight by the way… seriously is this about Sunday or fucking baseball?! Paul Heyman is here and interrupted  this mess to remind these two that it doesn’t matter if its 2002 or 2014, Brock is still the champion. Cena got Heyman up for the AA only to put him down… this got him an RKO… Heyman took an RKO too…
-Rusev took on Big E. They got some time and Big E got some moves in but it was all for not when he tapped to the accolade. Lana had a hard time keeping her accent going tonight. Instead of the Russian flag coming down it was the American flag. Rusev looked like he was going to pull it down when a “military” guy came out to stop him. They made it seem like he was a fan. He got kicked in the face for this shit… I guess this the next big thing to do if you don’t want to take heat for pulling down the flag. Big Show came out after the break to get all emotional about what just happened with this “soldier”… This went long… Show went to find Rusev.
-In the back Big Show found Rusev’s dressing room and stood in the middle of the room… before walking out…?? This went no where and it would be the last we would see of Show tonight.
-Dean Ambrose was watching See No Evil 2 when Cena interrupted to get Ambrose on the same page for their match tonight. They got in movie jokes. Ambrose is money, that’s all I gotta say.
-Brie Bella took on Summer Rae… forward DVR job… Brie won.
-Dean Ambrose came out to the ring with big duffle bag, in it was a dummy made to look like Seth Rollins… Ambrose the cut a promo on this dummy while ripping off its limbs. Not sure if the crowd knew how to react to this segment… he took a hammer, a screw driver and a saw to this thing… this dummy then took a pile driver, isn’t that outlawed?… his was an odd segment… Rollins with Mercury & Noble came out to shit on this segment and ask if Ambrose was going to go on to comedy after his wrestling career… Rollins rambled about being somebody and not like these mid-westerners. Out of nowhere Mick Foley was out!?! That woke the crowd back up. He put over the Shield and what the Hell in a Cell does to men. Ambrose says the only person who can get him is Mick Foley and HE knows he’s ready for this match. Foley did a lot of this match just now.
-Cesaro took on Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler in the best match of the night. Cesaro put Ziggler down with a STIFF uppercut for the pin and the win. Can’t wait to see more matches by both. Ziggler took a neutralizer after the match.
-more arguing from Kane, Rollins and Orton in the back. Hunter makes Kane the leader for tonights match.
-why the fuck did they wait unti the LAST minute to do a “By the Numbers” piece on the Hell in a Cell match!?! So stupid to wait this long…
-Kane, Rollins and Orton took on Cena and Ambrose in a handicap street fight in the main event of the show. It wasn’t long before this spilled to the outside. Orton and Rollins played up the tension between them while keeping Ambrose cornered. Cena got the hot tag that lasted until he took a chair shot in the corner. He was then taken apart and put threw a table set up in the corner. Kane then asked for the Cell to be lowered which led to an Ambrose hot tag and a lot of weapons used. This was a pretty good match although I don’t think I would have had Ambrose take the fall after and RKO for the Authority victory. After the match Rollins hit Orton with a curb stomp out of nowhere. Rollins celebrated on top of the Cell while everyone was laid out…
-This felt like a disjointed go-home show. Too many things were put into place at the last minute like the title shot for Orton or Cena in their match… this from two guys in the “losers match”… odd booking.

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